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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Little Sister, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Little Sister New Player

    When you beat an alert or raid, all of the communications that you get from Batman, Martian Manhunter, etc are popping up once you leave the instance. It's really weird.

    For instance, I just finished the Inner Alert and got like 5 communicator messages in a row while in Gotham.

    Happens in T1s, T2s. Probably all of them.
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  2. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    yeah. this is happening on some i have noticed too. it does not always happen though.

    when playing Soul Alchemy and you are in the first area where you have to kill the spawners. if you exit to Metropolis before Felix Faust finishes he speech then you will miss some dialogue between your next objective and the final boss fight. (sometime you don't miss it and it gets repeated at the final boss) (also sometimes like the first heard dialogue after going to metro can sometime be heard while maybe the 2nd won't play. it is rather random which dialogue plays and which does not play) when you enter the room for the final boss fight all the dialogue will play out all at once in sequence. (the dialogue from the first room before going to Metro is not played. only all the dialogue after that and all the dialogue before entering the final room for final boss.) and the originally intended dialogue for entering the room or w/e does not play. to get the original to play the team must wipe and activate the object for a 2nd time.

    however if you wait in the first room where the spawning things are for the NPC to finish their dialogue this problem does not arrive.

    i know what i mentioned above is not quite the same as what is described in the original post. but i have also encountered the same mentioned bug. either when you play the alert you get zero dialogue and after exiting it is all played out. or you do get the dialogue and after exiting it is all repeated. both have occurred.

    also there have been occurrences when dialogue from a previously played instance is played in the next instance you queue into.
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  3. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    This is always happening after every alert instance. Good thing I have voice turned off. The most annoying one is Oracle after Strykers T3 Alert.
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  4. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Happens on villain and hero side alike. Only way of fixing it is to do a relog, Zoning does the trick some times.
  5. Dogzday Dedicated Player

    Happens to me as well! Thanks for pointing this out. Happens in any content where you queue up and most frequently for me in T3 Duo for Heroes, Shady Nightclub. Very annoying.
  6. Bloodartist New Player

    This is happening to me particularly in soul alchemy. Faust's radio communication doesn't trigger after exiting the tomb of Isis, and will play out all at once only in the final boss room. Similar bug has also happened in other raids and alerts. It is so consistent it is starting to tick me off even if it doesn't hamper actual play.
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  7. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I think it happens with all the communications, even leveling stuff. T O Morrows hideout for example.
  8. AllanPage Committed Player

    Happens especially with T4 alert Soul alchemy for me. Kind of annoying when you are fighting the boss and faust keeps talking.
  9. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    Happens to me every time I do Hive Moon base. WT containment, and Strykers, I'll be in my lair and all the com dialog from start to finish replays.
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  10. AudMike New Player

    Thank you for all the reports. I've encountered this one once myself, but wasn't even able to reproduce my own case consistently. I'm looking into it and will let you know when I've made some headway in tracking down the cause.
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  11. Delta795 New Player

    Every time I get done with Inner T4 and Wayward. I'm already out of instance I get these
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  12. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    thank you!
  13. GreenDrakkon Well-Known Player

    I don't have this happen to me all the time, but recently it has happened on some of the alerts after I leave the instance at the end. I'll have several pop up right after each other.
  14. TrueMarvel New Player

    It's happened almost everytime I play Khan. if that helps any
  15. Aiden Warren New Player

    Me Too, Oracle spams me after the duo or alert, saying it all over again for each boss and objective
  16. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Martian Manhunter did it last night after we finished Khandaq then zoned out.
  17. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Happens every time in Khan
  18. Motive New Player

    Happens for me with Khandaq too and quite often so you should be able to reproduce this by running it a few times.
  19. Mad9 New Player

    It's been happening for ages on EUPS3. People don't report bugs as often as before coz we never get to see any of them fixed as a priority. I could describe a few more bugs:

    Mail Icon Bug: My mail icon is always up whether I have received any new mail or not. I even wrote a ticket but nothing even happened.
    Soda/R&D/ any other vendor: If you visit any of them and want to close your instance with them, the window will pop at least three times before actually closing.

    I could write about more of these but then again, it's generally no use; the developer team will take their own sweet time to fix any of this.
  20. Little Sister New Player

    Thanks for all the Thumbs Ups ! This is still happening, but very randomly.

    Any word on this?
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