Again with the speedhacks...

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    There certainly is a lot of speedhackers out there running league mates and friends through things for free. Not all of them are out there charging for the service. But your point still stands.

    Personally, the feats, while still an issue, is the least of the problem imo. It is the speedhackers that run certain missions and bounties collecting all the rare drops. They may not be the only reason, but are a big part of the reason why the economy will never be fixed in this game.
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    Take a look around, this the direction our world is headed. Everyone gets something for nothing and just getting something isn't enough, that something has to be the exact same as someone who worked years to get what they have. No such thing as hard work or perseverance. Anytime you hit a bump in the road, you point the finger at someone else for putting that bump there and wait for someone to come along and help get you over that bump lol
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  3. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Read the OP Its a slippery slope at best. He saying he saw speed hacking in LPve and sees people completing elite raids 5 months into a dlc so there must be cheating. This is the second post this week where someone has made a thread suggesting theres hacking with no solid evidence. The thread that the green responded in said “ there are people planning to speed hack sm” not there are people hacking sm. Like i said in that other post last week, in response to what the green said, running in a mission w a speed hacker shouldnt hold the same weight as actually being the hacker. So your telling me u get into a mission and see someone killing boss fast and u just supposed to go to settings and disconnect your player or youll get looped in w the hacker? Is that really the type of regulation that you want to see.

    I studied the constitution at the university level for 4 years and actually teach political science, I can assure you im not telling you anything that the STATE doesnt tell me to teaching your kids. Looking at history in anything life, videogames, media I can assure you that once you give up a freedom that you’ll likely never get it back. I 100% actually 300% do not understand why people are pushing so hard for these new mechanics when they probably dont even understand the consequences.

    In the other thread i used ranked smite as the example. To get away from cheaters or que duckers, they made it where when your picking your god even if the whole lobby disconnects at the same time all of you take a loss on your record even though the game hadnt even started, this makes playing ranked extremely risky after they update the game because likely there will be disconnects and if you submit a ticked they basically say to bad. A loss in qualifying games can be the difference between bronze and silver, gold and platinum. So alot of people dont even play the first week after a update because of that stupid anti cheat system.

    It wasn’t always like that though. People cried and cried for a anti duck system to get put in, when they finally did people cry and cry about losses on their record for games they never even played.

    In my 9 years of playing dc ive never ran into a speed hacker. Sure they’re out there but theres always hackers in games. I dont think sweeping regulation should crack the community because ive already seem what witch hunt mechanics do to players that dont cheat.

    3 pages on this thread and what 5 ?on the other one and neither one brought solid evidence to the table, just witch hunt talk and hypothetical situations as to what might happen in survival mode 3 weeks from now.
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    If you see a speed hacker, which is an obvious thing to spot, say something in the chat. Let everyone in the group know that that person is using an explot and cheating. Kick that person from the group. If the kick doesn't go through then leave and report it.
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    I find surprising that an university law teacher cannot understand the difference between blind queueing and finding a speed hacker and purposely building a group with one to do multiruns in a specific piece of content.
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    I found 2 speed hackers in OW legion today, recorded them and reported them. CR111s, barely any gear. If I had to guess, someone is testing their speed hacking parameters and getting ready for SM. Reporting these jokers do nothing, so @devs, address the speed hacking. How is this NOT a priority?
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