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  1. Pults Loyal Player

    Survival Mode is not part of the regular progression, it's a benchmark. If you fail to see why players may prefer to take part in it instead of grinding through the same raid all week then it's completely on you.
    SM offers a challenge, regular instances at some point become easy, SM does not as it offers 20 rounds in total which only few manage to overcome.
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  2. Dibrie Committed Player

    oh lord biiitch fight in the morning with my coffee, giiglles and a shiit later ^^

    opinions opinions, i got banned for far less then these dudes.

    Grabspopcorn any ? michael coming soon.
  3. light FX Steadfast Player

    Ok so thats their choice. U cannot tell people how to play the game and what they should be doing. Unless of course u are going to pay everyones sub.
  4. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    Go and eat a Snicker!
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  5. Korlick Loyal Player

    If you cant find a group to run content, then you are clearly not trying hard enough. I see shouts for the last raids every time. Sometimes takes longer, yes. But its not impossible.

    And i see a few people in this thread camouflaging the "carry me please" cry and blaming SM.
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  6. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Do u use LFG chat? Ppl have been shouting for raids more than sm.
  7. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    Now forgive me if wrong OP this is just a theory, shoot me down if BS, I'll accept defeat.

    I've pieced together your slightly contradictory statements made throughout this thread, and it seems you either got kicked or refused from an SM group. Hear me out, this is just a theory.

    You start the thread dragging it through the mud and then in a later post go on to say
    "If they could limit SM so only people with a certain SP or only the highest CR can que into it......that might help as it would get people to actually run the content with others who need it so they COULD get into SM."
    which leads me to believe you aren't geared enough, high enough cr (for the groups liking), or have the sp (for the groups liking), which then lead you to rage here.
    Just a theory ty
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  8. Avian Dedicated Player

    So what?

    Do you want the DEVs to stop making SM so people like you can have other people join your group?
    Do you want the DEVs to add gear and marks to SM so it becomes worth it for people like you?

    Do you realise that your actual complaint is that you can't do the things that you want to do in game because the DEVs have given everyone something else to do for a limited period of time which they then choose to do, instead of running the content that is there to stay, which they probably have allready run to the point of which they have practically everything they need from it?

    In other words, your complaint is completely selfish. The fact that some other people share your opinion doesn't change that. You are litteraly just mad about there being alternative content that you aren't interested in doing which gets in the way of what you want to do.
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  9. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    Wow! Just Wow, I am not running SM but that is because I can't seem to cue for it. As for people playing the way you want? Really? I mean I actually agree with someone else who posted I would live to know what your screen name is but I will go one better mine is the same as my name here, please add me to your ignore list because I am pretty sure that I would not want to run the content with you. In the last week I have see too many people who think it's all about them, people who go into instances and get mad when they get knocked out like a fly swatted from the air or mad because they weren't picked for the team. You do realize that SOME not ALL of us don't run raids but once a week if at all and at least 25% of us who run them run with our leagues not pug groups. As for FEATS? Look if I am pugging an instance with people who can't stay alive, (Taking PZR as example), been through it almost every day and now I keep hearing please let's not kill the turrets, that like this thread are annoying at best. If you can't stay alive don't blame me, I don't heal anyone but me in game, that is why I DPS. Sorry I got so far off the rails but this whole issue with "YOU" is just that with you. Survival Mode comes out once a year always has and will unless god forbid the game folds. No different than any other seasonal. Sorry if you feel left out but look to the bright side in another couple weeks people will be back to spamming RB with you :)
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  10. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    Oh no not coffee from the nose that is a wake me up to be sure
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  11. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    Lets try this from a different approach I personal hate SM, every time I have ran it the only drops I get are for gear I won't wear or base items I'm just going to delete (Soggy Trash), on top of that the groups I have ran it with always have that 1 person who inspects everyone and spew hate toward people who don't have a full set of elite gear. Its just not that fun.

    Now lets address those who are spamming RPB, its mostly them who are always on the forums calling for SM. Lets do the math. Without replays you have only 10 attempts with PB to get a 4 pieces of elite gear or 11 attempts for non elite. PZE you have had 6 attempts. I can say with great certainty that most people have not been lucky enough to get a full set that a lot of groups are now requesting to run SM. If that was not the case than why is there so many forums post asking for best gear in the vendor?
  12. Fies Committed Player

    Overvaluation of
    resulting from a questionable entitlement mentality.
    Cant really help you with that one but you ll maybe grow out of it eventually. Regarding your more specific issues I can provide some useful info though.
    ->The new Raid is beatable with a PUG. Find 4-6 remotely decent players in LFG and you ll be able to finish.
    ->SM is still "new"- in a few days lots of payers will lose interrest anyways
    ->Socializing is the key to improve your overall experience. No "fix" to the game like the one you are seemingly looking forward to (#stats matter) or getting rid of SM will ever solve your issues for you. Build up your friends-list and try to join a decent league. Look for familiar names shouting in LFG. If you did well the last time around chances are high that you get picked up again.
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  13. ChromeWarriorXTC Loyal Player

    Oh my, I haven't rode the bus in years but there are certainly many characters that get on them. I am picturing the bank robber scenario as we speak.
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  14. Controller Devoted Player

    SM has a niche following.

    I rarely run it due to time constraints and lack of interest, though.
  15. Shifty Committed Player

    Sm is getting continuously disappointing every time it is dropped, the challenge SM gave is gone. Between adding checkpoints, to needing the heck out of everything. There is literally nothing hard in SM anymore.
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  16. Rigel Cygni Well-Known Player

    Fortunately I found a great and friendly league and no longer need to pug raids, but I don't get why you have a hard time puggin cause some of my league mates do pug it and they always have a fast q, and I'm talking about now while SM is on.

    You can share whatever thought you have about sm, but know that SM isn't about progression it's one month thing for players who want a challenge and know that a lot of them like to collect styles and what not. Sometimes I don't get the players, cry because not enough content and get bored fast, devs gives them something extra and now complaining about it.
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  17. VV Dedicated Player

    Go home.
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  18. Elusian Crowd Control

    Why do I do SM?

    Styles, Base Items and a different classical experience of where you gonna need support roles and coordination unlike the faceroll episode content (that includes elite content aswell).
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  19. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Wanna run some SM? lol
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  20. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    And thats why you dont pug
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