[AFiii] Review of progression by Oly.

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by VV, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    Yes i do use replays a lot but I also have 5 characters, All Dps and Ice is fully geared an modded tank, then Atomic is mostly Tank played with 2 sets of gear for Tank, Tank as wall and Tank with damage modded. I also have HL that is both roles, now that character has been neglected an troll only has 7480 vit or so.
    Yes.....players like me think this system for gear is great because we do spend the money, I can see why you don't.
    I would still be ok with it if the cost for gear was higher but then players that don't have or want to spend the money would be even more upset.
    I think this is a great system an cost for all players
    I've been playing this game for 5 years plus an have seen all types of players come an go but game is still going. First it was weapon mastery was going to kill game then it was Am then clipping nerfs, or CR base. There has been so many people saying it's going to kill the game if they do bla bla bla.
    Simple fact is.......this how the game is and if you don't like it don't play......others will come, fill your spot and enjoy it the way they make it.
  2. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    You still haven't told me what you win for spending money
    What do you win?
  3. TiGGeR.TSK Well-Known Player

    1) I do not replay, doing content normal way, doing everyday 3x daily, solo, duo, alert, weekly 2x raid, weekly mission. Salvaging all the gear I got, never miss any day farming that. 3month later I have all feats except for OP items (1 SP), Elite gear. I do not have full best gear at my main role, furthermore on second. I do not have best mods on my second role.
    2) I use replays. I've got feats at my main at week 1 (cuz I don't wanna do everyday job, I'd pay INSTEAD). I'm one of those peeps who started getting OP collection pieces in the very beginning of Episode.
    I've sold duplicates and made hundred millions ingame cash. I've collected 2x elite sets, normal set, OP items, all the feats.
    I have more stats (cuz I've paid).

    Feel OK if I (not a replay spammer) got same things (XPT for OP pieces, which is reward for replayers. Sad is we have feats assigned to them) in DLC time (3 months). But I'm not even close.
    P.S. there's something really bad with payment model if you're trying to force peoples to spend replays to fit everything attached to DLC in DLC's timeframe.
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  4. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    It's our choice to replay
    Still how do you win by paying more money? even with better stats....what are you winning? You don't have to have them, that is our choice.
    Better stats or not, still gonna carry other players through game. How is that winning? Pve is a team play style
    P2W is not a factor for this game.
    You mean score chaser.....aahhh I got you
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  5. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Ah, I see. You are one of those who think that p2w only applies to pvp. The meaning has evolved a bit to mean any significant advantage that can be gained purely by throwing money at a game. The new progression system just might cross that line via replay badges.
  6. rawlings42 Well-Known Player

    I know this I do not have the time to GRIND the amount that it will take now. I hope they change it. I am a casual player and if this game can not generate a loot system that gives people a chance to be competitive even if they don't play everyday then they will loose people. The devs have made several MAJOR MISSTEPS lately with there ideas designs, timelines, and not fixing current content (like duplicate loot choices, non-role loot drops, pushing back Water, scrapping Serums, and announcing the SP reboot.)

    In the end I don't like getting kicked just because I can't spend day in and day out to get the best gear. So I am not sure if that is the system they are implementing is meant to drive players away and make it less fun for everyone........but hey I am sure they will listen their CLIENTS in about a year or so.

    I pay a monthly fee to play this game and be 'legendary' but if they cut the game off through horrific grinding and gear sets that aren't even good enough to wear in the content they drop in then it will affect my choices on games. I want a challenge and to be rewarded when I play.........but if their idea of gear progression is like this it leaves me out because I can't/won't play that much and so not only does it hurt my ability to play it makes it harder every time I PUG since I won't have best gear......but I will be damned if I pay for a game I don't play.
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  7. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    HHmm i guess 1 level an very small amount of stats for vendor gear over drop gear is a significant advantage in your eyes.
    As of now with CR, one CR is not a significant advantage.
    This is not going to make much difference when stats matter goes live. Your going to have 165cr with 260 sp out performing 185 cr people with 130 sp.
  8. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Keep telling yourself that.
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  9. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Actually that isn't true, we only get 150 replay badges and in a way another 150 from the SC/Loyalty, so that's just 300 replay. That lasts us about 3 raid runs so even with our membership we would still have to spend a lot on replay.
  10. bmce84 Loyal Player

    I....I.....yeah I'll just ignore you as clearly you are on a whole other level of who knows what.
  11. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Since English is your second language I will give you a pass on what a "s" will do to a sentence.
  12. TiGGeR.TSK Well-Known Player

    article "a (an)" means abstract raid. Not a single restriction towards its being THE ONLY raid available for you.
  13. dresserball Dedicated Player

    What's next, if I say l saw an air balloon, really can mean 2 or more. You are silly.

    I respect your opinion , but not your English
  14. TiGGeR.TSK Well-Known Player

    Do not cut a words out. Do not add your own thoughts.
    Statement was like "Finish an elite raid - get a reward box". That doesn't means "Finish an elite raid - get a reward box. If you finish another elite raid you will get nothing".
    You should generalise instead:
    Finishing an elite raid (not concrete one, also no restrictions on how much raids you can go thru, u can have, etc) will grant you a reward box. Of course that means if you will finish X elite raids you will get X reward boxes.
  15. Thorgodwin New Player

    I agree that the price for the vendor stats should be taken down as it takes too long to get the gear.
  16. dresserball Dedicated Player

    That is true. But he said raid and not raids. You see how a "s" makes the difference?
  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I am ok with a little grind. I am not ok to be forced to spam RB (i am using them to buy over feats to alts) while i pay legendary, pay for alts, pay for armories, pay for this, pay for that, pay and pay and pay even more, while playing alts is not even an option for modding is becomming almost a must in the future, while modding is not even possible for them because i dont have the money for TRK. But yeah, mepps already sayd they dont care for ppl using alts. Because normaly, having alts would keep ppl away from RB spamming, no matter how much money you put into alts for feat RB, its not as much as ppl with one character put into replay spamming for raids... THAT IS WHAT I THINK IS GOING ON, and i am not ok with that!
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  18. King Smoker Well-Known Player

    imo sweet spot 6 weeks one set of gear with mods. 12 weeks for both roles. if you want quicker progression use rb. ppl cant do the ld t3/t4 grind anymore the community isnt used to it. most of the people that are from that era in the game are long gone. most player only know quick progress. the community needs to stand together an decide what they want. the only way i see keeping the majority of players happy is by cutting down the cost. this way you get best gear in vendor but are able to finish it in a reasonable amount of time.
  19. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    these people have spent their time in test server and you guys just bash them for what they have felt was too much, then when it hits live and you dont like it, then u comeback to forum and cry o_O

    i support this to be checked by the devs, its a game where i escape work and stress not log in and work and stress more.
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  20. Off Side Well-Known Player

    In general, I think new system is crap...

    My question: we already (have) had a crafting system, why not make it better?

    Crafting system has been implemented in a wrong way, but that system put the best gear in vendor... yeah, not the elite one, but seriously, elite gear is worthless... remember that elite gear don't give feat points, and it look is just shine... honestly, how many people wear elite styles? All people I know in this game don't wear it, and most people who I've seen during gameplay, either.

    Elite gear also don't give any progression to our characters; has the same stats, and elite mods are not the best stuff ever... also, because only A and B mods are "good", it increases your stats, but only for 1 role...

    even more with this CR king, those extra stats are worthless... C and D mods are just bad, and don't worth spend 25 marks for them...

    Crafting system deserved an update, so we could get best gear without this ****** new one...

    And what really piss me off about this is not just the high prices for gear, also that I have to pay to get mods, gen mods, plans, op gear... holy molly...