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    So yeah, I lurk a lot on here and I read a lot of complaints about the pay to progress, time capsule money, not enough benefits to membership, so on so on complaints. I'm not defending or agreeing. I don't mind spending some money to speed up and I don't mind grinding either. Depends on my mood but I digress...
    Would players be for or against in game advertisements? Sort of like mobile games. Maybe a 30sec one after an alert, a min long one after a raid, banners on some load screens type of things.
    F2p people could then get membership benefits without paying for membership and people that don't want to see ads can continue to pay their monthly/ yearly fees. Like Hulu/ streaming apps.
    Also opens up the possibility of sponsored gifts/ cash into development, help offset costs that devs need players for to keep the game alive. Seems like a lot of possible ways of doing things that gives players the option of truly being f2p if that's what they really want and maybe gets more monthly "freebies" into paying members hands.
    I'm bored, it's just a discussion. I am not a dev or have any ability to make changes to the game. Feel free to agree or disagree and see how long we can go without getting angry at strangers
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    man it's acording to the economy from everyone country live style my case i am f2p becuase i can't afford to spend between the game and my university materials after been fired and added that the devalue of my country money. i am fp2 for 1 market coin
  3. Brit Loyal Player

    I have a subscription on five separate accounts, covering for myself and the kids.

    My only complaint is that the Legendary Membership had a price increase last year, but did not see anything new added to justify that value. Instead, we actually LOST paid features that are part of our subscription, like the ability to mail currency.

    I would be anti-advertisements in game. They already forced in-game pop-ups on us in the way of their "Player Tutorial System". It is not appreciated.
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  4. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I would be fine with in-game ads if it is something like bilboards, or posters on the walls, but no popups! But I would hope they would just do this and not change the pay structure of this game.

    This is an MMO, If you want to get the most out of an MMO, you need to be a paid member.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    New players already get pop up ads while playing...
  6. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I would not be for something like that. However... back in the early days of the game a few of us posted (on the old boards) about why couldn't DCUO have ingame ads along the lines of converting billboards in the open world zones to ads for real-world products (or at least add new billboards specifically for these), change the graphics on the vending machines to advertise a real-world product (example: the Quark vending machine next to Booster could have the Doritos logo) or maybe even have some NPC's out in the world wearing logo apparel with v/o's (and closed-caption text) favoring some product.

    Waaaaaaay back in the old days of EverQuest (for a little while, at least) you could type /pizza (in select markets) and a pop-up window would open to allow you to order from Pizza Hut.

    Nowadays you can't even buy Station Cash through anyone but them (to the newer folks, SOE/Daybreak used to sell Station Cash cards through Walmart, Target, Game Stop, etc).
  7. myandria Item Storage


    Simply.. no.

    There are enough advertisements flashed in our faces from other sources; even outdoor train station platforms are littered with advertisement billboards, signs and posters. PC, console and handheld games (not mobile) are sources of respite away from constant advertisement torture.

    Why would I want to pay a membership for an MMO to block advertisements when the main reason to pay for an online subscription is to have access to as much of the game as possible? The price of the membership would surely go up because of that; thanks but no thanks.

    Why should FTP players have access to membership perks if they are not paying for the membership? You are basically saying that members should fully bear the cost of the game and also pay to stop advertisements so that non-subscribing members can enjoy the same benefits. I'm sorry, Boobookins but that doesn't work for most MMO subscription-based games, if any.

    The only way for all players to have the same access to the game is for this game to return to the subscription only format. So far, Final Fantasy Online is 10 years strong in doing this and has no future plans of fully allowing free-to play.
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  8. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    You either didn't read OP's post, didn't understand it, or are being intentionally obtuse.
  9. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    From the OP:

    That's a statement that's tough to misread and is open to some very valid criticism.
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  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Well, I did say spitballing ideas here. Doesn't have to be full benefits for f2p but maybe no cash cap or more bank space. People paying could also get more for their money if we aren't the only "cash cows" while still not even seeing ads.
    I get that we don't want to see ads but people love to say "want this gimme that those should be free" without actually giving viable money generating ideas.
    Would I cancel my subscription? Probably not but if I was broke yet wanted some perks from the game and could get them by seeing a banner ad after an alert, yeah I'm game. Gives me time to get up and use the bathroom or reply to a text and saves me $15 a month.
    Again, what's included in either f2p or paid would need adjustments but so far the only comments are people that already pay don't want to see them. And they wouldn't anyway.
  11. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Think of it like this for the ads paying members would see:
    Walk into metal pt2 duo. Fighting your way thru the movie theater and theres a poster on the wall. "Birds of Prey, in theaters now". Would that be soul crushing? Turns out that and the twizzlers sign in the hallway gave paying members an extra seal of completion for free that month. Really that terrible??
  12. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    in my country the membership cost 1030
  13. The Con Dedicated Player

    We already have advertising in DCUO.

    How many more of those "Cheap DC cash for cash" posts do you need to see?