Advanced Stats for Scorecard?

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  1. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    Do you think it would be good for the Scorecard to show advanced stats?

    I've been playing around with my Buff Troll spec and I'm certainly starting to see some dividends as my artifacts and skill points increase. I do see the increases on my stats and I can see how much my damage increases. But I'm pretty curious about quantifying it on the scorecard. I wonder if it'd be difficult for the Scorecard to show the Damage difference due to Debuffs and Artifacts and what not. Presently, I just have a general feeling of "Hmm, this burn feels stronger", but I sometimes wonder if we'd burn things faster if I went DPS instead of controller.

    For Healers, I think it'd be nice if the Scorecard showed the amount of damage mitigated by Shields.
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  2. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    I would love (for at least solo content) if the scorecard showed stats for our pets, allies, and sidekicks (or whatever). While I kinda hate the scoreboard to an extent for all the scoreboard chasers, I am a numbers and stats person and would be interested to see the damage done, or even the healing done if you are using watcher.
  3. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I just want there to be a “times mechanics were done” counter. That way maybe scoreboard chasers would try to do mechanics lol
  4. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I got the same feeling, which is why i'm even more willing to go controller role from armory after I enter a save the universe alert with 3 dps roles whereas they'll sometime change to tank or healer vs the boss, or raid with sometimes double roles present and until fellow pug'n characters feel out the group (check the scorecard periodically or inspect a few characters).

    Mental... i'll hit one npc and effect 4 others nearby, transfer them into spirits with horrific visage, then defense debuff and damage debuff. To get the 3 debuffs applied buff from Parasite Artifact. 40% stronger debuffs from Amulet of Rao. Then repeatedly debuff them for applying a DOT against them repeatedly. I've not quite watched numbers of hits from my weapon attacks, but I know I spent some skill points in controller tole into crit chance and crit damage in recent month. I'm using debuffs as attacks more these day. Whereas I previously might have maintained the debuffs and gone with weapon attacks to proc a weapon mod (Replenishing Adapter V) to gain more power.

    Of course, I maxed Vitality, crit power chance and crit power magnitude.... I've in recent weeks spent SPs on max'n crit attack chance but have not yet maxed crit attack damage. SPs went from 385? to 401 in recent weeks. Using Amulet of rao at 162, Parasite power harness at 151, and Strategist card at 122. Origin Augments are all Vital maxed at 302. Adaptive Augments are Vital Speed Force maxed at 23. Allies Cyborg attacks rank 4, support allies Cal bot rank 5, House of Legends bot rank 5.

    Setting up trash mobs with a controller abilities feels fun currently. Shirley, the rolls are not always favorable to stun or transform all of the group of npcs into a not attacking spirit, but the Phantom Flames or Cryokinesis might stun them. Meanwhile doing damage as well.

    "Tip: Staying in combat and chaining weapon attacks and combos together without pause raises your hit counter. Keep your hit counter high to increase your power regeneration, so you can stay in the fight longer."
  5. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    COGS (console or object) interacted with quantity stat

    sidenote: I just finished watching from season 1 through to season 2 ending of See on ATV+, i dig it. nicely done and interesting story so far. 1/2 of FireStorm from CW Legends is in there. Dude from Farscape too. Cool support role actors included. cool.
    Rewatched the original Matrix movie the other night, and got major D&D vibes. Neo is the new player that realizes he can do much more in the game than the abilities sheet. :p An acknowledgement of oh! i'm now I'm through the looking glass and here we go. :D