Advance to CR100! Happy 6th Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player



    Anyone? :confused:
  2. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    Um, I never said damage is determined by CR. I said that a damage multiplier is determined by CR so if your differential is 5 or more, it does a ton more damage. That is a near direct quote from the video. I tried googling up a transcript but could not find one. Otherwise I would give you the full quote. Yes, I understand that the base damage is determined by the DPS of the weapon/power, stats, crit bonuses of both types, and so on. All of that is going to stay and be tweaked. It is just the CR differential that is getting laid to rest, and therefore CR itself is being nerfed. Not weapons, skills, etc. Just CR differential.

    In fact, the SP are going to be boosted in two ways that they have clearly laid out already. 1) the first SP spent will get WAY more stats. 2) You won't need to burn CR to drill down to what you want/need. You will be able to drop SP into what you want, when you want. Oh, and it looks like Iconic Powers are now going to be SP based, so SP will get another boost there.

    One of the other things it looks like they were unhappy with in the video was the affinity bonus. Getting a +2.5% crit chance just for doing a beta mod was not intended, but that does exist. So I expect, but do not know for certain, that they will change all those affinity things to something else. Perhaps a multiplier on the mod. Say say you have a red might mod on a DPS ring and right now it gives you 2.5% crit chance. It sounded like that is going away because anything would give the crit chance. What they could replace that with is say 10% more out of the mod, so a +77 might mod would become a +85 might mod in an affinity slot. However, a lower end mod would give less of a bonus. Now, that is speculation on my part, but it sounds like the sort of change they would do with SM because it puts more on stats and less on a particular slot color.
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  3. Broccolius New Player

    None of my characters will log, you guys have got to fix this "link dead" character thing, it's waisting time.
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    It doesn't matter how I spent the time whether I spent the time in small amounts over years or grinded it out they still took what we earned, spat I our faces and handed them for free to players who did not earn them

    That's like me saying drop the legends pve feats although from a selfish perspective that benefits me I can totally see why someone whose spent the time to grind those out would be a little pissed about it.

    Same thing happened when they dropped pvp feats.

    It seems the developers and clearly some players as exhibited in your attitude don't give a **** at all about the effort someone else puts in to achieve something.

    At the drop of a hat you'll quickly piss someone off, diminish their efforts and discourage them from ever putting in the effort again the moment you see an opening for you to gain something from it.
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  5. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Off the top of my head I'm not sure what you're referring to... but I've never used the advance to 25 options so I don't know what you miss out on.
  6. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I remember people saying that jumping straight to Level 25 skipped over Feats, and Missions, and Styles gained from that content, and those players weren't able to go back and play/replay that content to get the things the game didn't give them. There's topics about it that other people posted over the last few months.
  7. inferno Loyal Player

    The reactions are really strange for me. Whenever I gave someone a gift, I don't really expect that person to slap me in the face as a result. Regardless of whether I gave them a game system and the next year they expected something similar and I ended up giving them a greeting card instead. At the least, they would politely accept and put it somewhere but I'd still get a smile and a "thank you".

    I'm trying to understand and remember that people are different in their own way, and would react differently than how I would or how I would expect from my personal experiences. Maybe I'm reading some of the posts incorrectly or reading too much into them, maybe there's been a lot of bitter and angry posts that I have come across in the forums but some of the posts here feels almost like a "spit in your face or slap your face" kinda feeling. I just don't understand....

    Anyway, It's the sixth year of the game. I have enjoyed it since late 2011. Happy Anniversary to DCUO and my fellow players. Thanks for the anniversary gift.
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  8. The Marlboro Man New Player

    Happy Anniversary and thank you very much.
  9. matibeyu New Player

    I can't skip the tutorial anymore... Can you please tell me why???
  10. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the 1000 treasure chest feat :D. That alone is enough for me, thanks :)
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  11. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I'll ask this - do you think you own anything you've built in this game? Whether you paid with time or money, it's all on lease - the game will shut down someday.

    Your lease on 60 sp wasn't renewed. That's all.

    Honestly, would any of you be griping about all your "hard work" going up in smoke when the game finally shuts for good? Do you think you're owed until you die?
  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You have an active imagination. Okham's Razor suggests they are their own sufficient justification.
  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I'm disappointed. I had about 679 or so, and I was closing in.

    Now I can never get it. It's just done.

    Now I have no reason left to duck into the intergang penthouse and a few other locales each day.

    Once again, DBG has successfull cut out part of my daily routine. Once again I'm spending even less time in game.

    Uh, good work?
  14. light FX Steadfast Player

    Idk how this response has anything to do with what he said. He didnt say anything about owning anything in the game. And how was a lease on 60sp not renewed? Did someone earn those sp and then they were taken away? And i think its pretty clear some people simply want things handed to them or want to throw money at the screen to get items instead of ya know playing the game and getting them ;) And where did he say he was owed something? :confused:
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Just because I don't "own" it on a permanent basis doesn't mean I don't have a level of pride in the fact I've earned what I have in game.

    ownership is irrelevant, the effort put in has still be diminished and given away to other players for free.

    your argument is so ridiculous it's laughable, when the game shuts down I will naturally be disappointed, but such is life.

    Just because something negative happens, doesn't mean I have to just roll over and say woohoo because you think I should.
  16. Fies Committed Player

    DCUO needed sth like this. Gj. I d have chosen (partly) different feats for this and increased the overall SP number to ~75 though.
    To the people complaining this isnt half as bad as TCs. These "handout" feats are truly f2p and can be achieved without having to deal with lock-outs or time/money-gates also.
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  17. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Because I wasn't going to use alts anyways, and it'd be too late for me to use the boosts on a toon at this point in time, I tested what happens if you delete boosted toons. If you delete your toons, you don't get back the boost, so be sure to finalize what toons you want before the opportunity escapes.
  18. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Let's talk about ridiculous arguments. The argument you and your friends make is basically, "It's nor fair! They're giving out the 500 duo feat for free that I worked so hard on!"

    Really? What were you going to be doing over the past 6 years? Turning on DCUO and leaving it running as an elaborate screen saver? You worked hard on jack squat; you got it because you showed up. It's like an "also ran" award given out to the guy in last place so he doesn't feel bad. You feel pride in that? Pathetic.

    The other feats? Either from content people aren't running anymore or are roll stomped by practically anyone after minimum effort. Again - a reason for "great pride" on your part today.

    You got the feats when they meant something (if they ever really did). They don't now. You don't get congratulated for knowing how to use carbon paper in a iPhone world.
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  19. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I understand why some people are upset. of course I do. but, with the direction the game's been heading in, is anyone really surprised?

    at this point, surely, you all realise that, for the most part, those in charge are not listening to you? we can all come on here & decry the evils of big business 'til we're blue in the faces, but this is the direction that DCUO is taking now. at this point, you need to make a decision whether to play the game that they have made or not. if not, make your stand, do it, delete the game & never look back. all things pass. you'll find another game. I've decided to stay. because I still enjoy the game, even if I don't play it as much as I used to. & I'm happy with the gift. I had a couple of alts that have been languishing around CR75 for yarons now, so I boosted them. that doesn't mean I'm gonna go rushing into CR100 content straight away, there are still plenty of feats, in particular styles, that I want to get on the way there. all the boost really means, to me, is that there's a whole bunch of content that I've already played on my main that I'm gonna have an easier time with on two of my alts.
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  20. PStopper Active Player

    The only complaint I have is I think 60 skill points is a little low. By CR 100 I had at least 85-90 skill pints. But I'm glad we got this gift cuz now I can finally have an alt!!
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