Add the Shaded comic material to the game shop?

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  1. nawanda Loyal Player

    That might be a solid rationale for future BB stuff, but you’re asking for the Shaded Comic Material, which hundreds of players have spent money opening BBs to obtain/try to obtain just this past winter. What is your proposal for those players who willingly spent money for a chance to obtain this particular item? It is your proposal that they just have to suck it up as long as you have a chance to get one on the marketplace? I’m asking for a clear answer on this because it’s the biggest problem your request would create, but you so far have only told us what you want, and it’s a fair and important question. They thought they were spending money to obtain a very high quality item with very limited availability and might feel a little bit cheated. Telling them they didn’t have to open the boxes isn’t an effective solution.
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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Account wide sales do limit if not eliminate DI's ability to gain repeat purchases though, but appreciate your view.
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  3. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    However, my point is at the beginning of the sentence, if people spend on lootboxes it is because they want to and even most buy them to be virtually rich.
    I don't think that as a result of this type of decision made by some players, should necessarily remove the possibility of obtaining items by other means, other means that they could have claimed themselves too.
  4. nawanda Loyal Player

    So your solution for these players is you offer no solution to their likely grievance, players wanted to open the loot boxes so that’s on them. Even if the thing they opened the loot boxes for is available just to buy not even three months later. You haven’t considered that they opened the boxes because that was one of the two ways how the item could be obtained, the other being on the secondary market from someone else who had opened the boxes. They’re just sh*t out of luck for wanting the item in the way you do now.

    My final question is if you were Dimensional Ink and you had just run a really, really profitable Booster Bundle campaign, would you be stupid enough to slit the throat of the goose that lays the golden eggs by putting the item at the heart of the sucess of that campaign on the marketplace to please a few forum complainers who want what other people have and don’t offer any solution to appease the players who took part in that campaign by spending money? Or would you spend time developing more highly desirable rewards and look to repeat the trick? Just from a bigger picture business perspective.
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  5. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    We don't know their financial numbers on it but I'd assume that this last Booster Bundle was their best selling one yet based on it having the very popular and sought after Comic Material. I don't think they going to put a stationary price tag on it anytime soon.
  6. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I wonder if a compromise would be in the future for Dimensional Ink to release BBs that have all past rare rewards in them? Maybe at slightly better drop rates than before? That way more players would at least get other chances to get the rare items I guess?
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    If I were Dimensional Ink I'd be maximizing profit from every single item I could,

    FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) sells products, people buy booster bundles not sure when or if it'll ever come back again.

    Re releasing the Shaded Comic via another channel only increases DI's revenue from the item, not releasing it again means they earn nothing more from the item.

    There is already a precedent of Booster Bundle items being re released, cite, colored plasmic auras.

    If you buy these things as some sort of "long term investment" or think you're going to forever be unique then you're doing it wrong, in fact the games terms of service run entirely contrary to that sentiment.

    The Shaded Comic was not sold as exclusive, you have no rights to exclusivity.

    If they were to re release it, I don't think it would impact future booster bundle sales because people have a "must have it now mentality" "don't know if it'll come back or when" so I'll spend, spend, spend and they'd continue to do it, regardless.
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  8. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I got lucky and got the shaded comic material but i would still love to see it in the market place because i would like to have it for my alts as well. I think they should put it in for like 20 bucks or something and make it redeemable for all characters on the account just like the royal chromas.
  9. Kaegrin Well-Known Player

    Being in the minority is irrelevant. It doesn't change the facts.

    Furthermore, you're wrong. I paid for that mask with my personal information being compromised. Feel free to post all your personal information here to everyone if you want to talk like I didn't pay anything for it.
  10. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    Is there any exclusivity difference between cosmic mat or black smoke aura and shaded comic mat?
  11. nawanda Loyal Player

    You’re claiming that it’s a “fact” that most people who opened the last Booster Bundle weren’t bothered whether they got the rare item?

    You didn’t pay anything for that mask. It was a free gift. People who opened Booster Bundles pursuing that rare item did. They got their credit cards out and handed over money. You are as cavalier with the definition of a payment as you are with the definition of a fact.
  12. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    But, one thing I don't understand in your reasoning, you complain for those who have spent money with loot boxes to get this material, but I propose to get this material with real money, so everyone remains equal in the end, however, you don't say anything about the players who get their materials only via the game's currency, some of them don't pay real money to get this kind of item, in the worst case, others go through sites selling gold to get gold or see a material directly, there on the other hand, it doesn't seem to bother you? strange!

    On the other hand, I'll tell you one thing, when you buy a 60€ video game, it doesn't bother anyone to find it available for free through any service or even sometimes free without any restriction to obtain it, yet, the society has gotten used to that.

    If I were D INK, I would not make the mistake of limiting products that make money, if they are products that make money they would be available for sale in the shop 365 days a year, as there is a very willing clientele, look at the LFG there are still people who.

    Yes, I think it's worth complaining to make some things more "honest" and thanks for highlighting your selfishness!

    An MMORPG is constantly innovating its consumer service, so the process is already natural.
  13. nawanda Loyal Player

    Thanks for answering my post in such detail. In response to your first comment, people who open Booster Bundles are the focus of my comments having handed over real money to obtain Shaded Comic Materials because either equipping or selling the item are the two options baked into it. They’ve paid real money and have the right to sell it if they choose to. If you take people who didn’t open BBs out of the equation then there’s nobody for the BB openers to sell to, sure, but these guys won’t have been royally shafted were your proposal to be implemented. There’s nothing remotely “strange” about that analysis.

    Look, we just disagree and that’s fine. I don’t want your suggestion to be implemented and I think your argument is weak. I also think you demonstrate a genuine naïveté about the economic model DI uses with Booster Bundles. They blatantly made an absolute killing out of putting the Shaded Comic Material in a BB, and will do so again if they come up with another item as sought-after. Your proposal is they they put the item on the market place, communicate to the people who opened bundles to the effect that they were stupid for opening them, severely weakening what’s clearly a successful little area of their business by undermining player confidence in the limited availability of the rewards, and you would claim to be doing this in the name of customer proposition development.

    I say you’re doing it in the name of you, personally, wanting a Shaded Comic Material. Which I do sympathise with. Thank you for answering my questions about your proposal. I’ll leave it to others to draw their own conclusions about whether you’ve presented your request in a way which takes into account and addresses the commercial impact it would have on future BB sales.
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  14. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    They could just put the item in the marketplace for set amount of time. That way ppl can buy it directly (Idc for other items in BBs) and also it can be account bound which would be nice to have for alts.
  15. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    An idea that could be considered as a bonus for purchase via store, buying it in store, could allow you to be claimed for free on all alts, I think it could be a good argument for motivating the purchase!
  16. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    OR!.... $300 a pop! lmao.
  17. Kaegrin Well-Known Player

    No, I'm claiming it a fact that people got their money's worth without the bonus item.

    Also, can't help but notice you didn't post your personal information. Guess you must feel there's some value in keeping that confidential. That's the value I paid for that mask with.

    The one being cavalier here is you, putting words in my mouth and twisting what I'm saying. Chill, homie.
  18. nawanda Loyal Player

    Let’s walk back what we were discussing -

    Me: people paid to open BB to get SCM
    You: I opened BB but wasn’t bothered about SCM
    Me: I think we would agree you’re not typical
    You: it doesn’t matter because it’s a fact

    My whole point here is that people don’t open Booster Bundles because they want to buy replay badges at a premium, or because they want 4 nth metal detectors - they are chasing the rare item. Otherwise DI wouldn’t market the bundles the way they do, and wouldn’t go to lengths to put a desirable item in on a short term window of opportunity. So I don’t think your point about the other stuff that comes in the bundle really washes. While it is true the bundles contain these items, it’s not going to placate someone who opened bundle after bundle until they got the material (or worse, opened more than they perhaps should have done and still didn’t get it) to point that out when it appears on the marketplace for less than they spent on the bundles.

    It doesn’t really matter to me what the motivation was for the free gift. It was a free gift. You just happened to be playing DCUO when the servers got hacked. I was playing GTA Online. My details were at the same risk as yours at the time. It was a free gift provided as a token of goodwill for an inconvenience, an inconvenience that the developers of DCUO weren’t responsible for. Now, you clearly value that (sacrifice? loyalty?) quite highly and that’s your perfect right, of course. I don’t think measuring a free gift being made available again against something people have paid real money for as comparable is correct. Again, your perfect right to differ. But you took issue with me stating that you didn’t pay for that mask and that’s just a statement of bald fact.

    If, in making these points in the way I have done, I’ve given you the impression that I am distorting your words, that is not my intention and I am happy to apologise.
  19. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    The Void Material is a Time Capsule item, that is specifically set up to be acquired with Quarks from the second chance vendor. The Shaded Comic Material on the otherhand is a Booster Bundle item that was not intended to return in the second chance vendor, much like EVERY previous Booster Bundle cosmetic.
  20. L T Devoted Player

    They haven't done it yet. That doesn't mean it can't happen. It's been a long time since the Dev Team has used any language implying exclusivity in Booster Bundles.

    Personally, I'm expecting a lot of Booster styles to return in some way, shape, or form.
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