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  1. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    We need more iconic styles like the Red Hood's jacket, Lobo's chest, Batman's hat from Red Son, Black Canary's jacket, Wildcat's mask, Power Girl's cape, Pandora's trench-coat, Owlman's cape, Old Jay Garrick's helmet, Silence's trench-coat, Silence's mask, Blue Beetle's back... Don't forget the weapons, Penguin's umbrella riffle, the Sphinx's staff, Huntress's arbaletes, Harley Quinn's hammer, Joker's crowbar, the Guardian's shield, Stargirl's staff... Any ideas are welcomes!
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  2. The Owlman New Player

    The Owlman supports this idea.
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  3. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    There's 2 possibilities to implement this iconic styles in game.
    1- In the marketplace, in form of a full set iconic style for a price of 1000SC.
    2- In the promethium lockbox with a feat involved.
    They can add one new in each update or two on the release of a DLC.

    The weapon styles can be sold in the marketplace for 150SC or 200SC each
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  4. GregDawe New Player

    As much as people cry about MP purchases, the DCUO MP is fairly empty.

    I support an influx of iconic and inspired gear in the MP, especially if it helps with any issues DC have with Licencing.
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  5. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    Ra's Al Ghul cape is all I'm asking for. the cape already in game or? If so someone please tell me.

    Anyways I +1 this idea.
  6. Multiverse Creator League

    The cape is already in the game. But it is lacking the colar that Ra's Al Ghul's cape should have.

    If you want the high collar,,,, you may have to settle for The Miraculous cape instead.
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  7. SinestrosTaken New Player

    Yep i support this. +1
  8. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    I'm hoping for Brother Warth's Waist style in WoTL 2.
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  9. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player


    Or Nigthwing´s hair. Lyssa drak´s dress (female chars could use it good) Guy´s coat when he´s in Rage mode, some Manhunter armor...
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  10. JustARTificial New Player

    I'd much rather they add a new area to explore or even one that's already been used (The Batcave or The Fortress of Solitude) as an explorable zone with iconic characters that roam these areas. Too many things are luck based given through the vault or bought through vendors as is. Accessibility is where DCUO prides itself from other MMO's, but it would be fun to actually have meaning to world bosses again.
  11. GregDawe New Player

  12. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    I definitely agree that more iconic and iconic inspired styles need to be added to DCUO!!!

    For starters, you could update the styles that’re available in the Promethium Lockboxes as its been some time since the second wave of styles were introduced.

    Also, it would be nice if more iconic styles were introduced in the new content, especially if the content recycles existing styles.

    That said, I would’ve rather had the original Fourth World style be the drop from the HOP1 “alerts”.

    In the end, while I understand there are limitations, now that content is being released a lil’ differently, I hope this means we’ll see a better variety of styles introduced in the future.
  13. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    SGT Rock's helmet and blouse/top.
  14. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Jay Garrick's hat and Indigo Tribe's staff.
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  15. John Brawler Committed Player

    well, this is more for promethium lockboxes. the big three have alot in the game already, but... maybe something based on their new earth two costumes? (before their deaths and replacements that is) i mean, that way we've got wonder woman's more armored appearance, (but still in a way that you can definitely tell it's her unlike hera's wrath set) superman's earth two isn't that big a deal, (but personally it's better then half the slimelines we already got and i could use it to get very close to my original character concept when i started this game), and last but not least (well, least in my opinion but different strokes for different folks) batman, it's obviously batman, but unique enough that they might let it slide compared to the problems we've had with other batman gear that people ask for.
  16. GregDawe New Player

    I'd like the iconic gear to be actual sets.
    Preferably not in Lockboxes as I have no trust in their "randomness" at all, at least not while there are base items in them.

    And I am still all for them being in MP.

    But I would like Iconic sets to come in chest, leg, hand, feet, belt, back, and if necessary, weapon.
    And more than one for each character would make it great for the Dev's to put them in bundles as well.
    Make them costly, but make them worth it.

    I would love to be able to mix some iconic sets together.

    Even if they got the art team together and made up some of their own stylesets for iconics.
    2 or 3 styles for several of the big heroes/villains.

    Like I have mentioned with the Lanterns for Example, even if the chest doesn't have the GL symbol, make the Shoulders and Belt don the Symbol and have it be the "deputized" style, but make a couple so we can mix and match.
    One being the slimline style, the other being a runic style.

    Same for Batman, have 1 style be a slimline, LoA Batman style, the other very tech heavy, even The Dark Knight Returns juggernautinspired with their own twist.
    Come up with their own DCUO Bat-Family crest that is separate to all the others DC have released.

    WW can have a "front line" set that is very heavy armor-like, sholders being big, metallic WW symbols ect.
    The 2nd can be a slimline style, or even a runic style, like "god-of-war WW" (i think she becomes that in the New 52)

    And this can be done for villains as well.

    Obviously with the Lantern Corps, Red and Yellow.

    But with LexCorps. A slimline suit with some metallic trimming and the LL symbols on it.
    And then like Batman, a more tech heavy one, but more like the slim version of what the in-game Lex wears that you sometimes see in comics.

    Deathstoke can get a slimline LoA inspired kit, like out of the Son of Batman movie, and then a more Arrow, chunkier kit, with the look of grenades and knives attached.
    With him as well maybe include a belt with gunholsters and a back with a rifle/sword.

    General Zod. Give him a greyscale Superman suit with the House of Zod symbol.
    Then a Phantom Zone kit.

    It isn't hard for them to start painting their own picture for the characters.
    Instead of saying no to the ones we already know, why not have a competition for the fans to sketch up some to release for purchase?
    2 for each iconic?

    Licencing will be easier to get if they aren't yet fully licenced.
  17. Blight KOBRA Commander

    That would be nice. There are certainly a lot characters from DC comics whose styles players have been waiting for to emulate in game. The recent announcement of the new pvp styles have given me some hope in that regard, but there's certainly plenty more source material waiting to be used.
  18. Gold noodle New Player

    I don't if it actually happened or not but I think I remember seeing a player with a Jay Garrick helmet. Might've been a mod
  19. Captain Neos Committed Player

    Its a reward for completing the briefing in The Flash Museum Burglary.
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  20. TheOtherLeague Well-Known Player

    I just want newer, better logos. There's got to be better art that can be put together than what's on the defaults right now.