Add 25 Aether marks at reset and mark to orion

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tsavorentless, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Like the title add 10 to orion n the aether to Trevor.

    To help with the grind.

    Wut do yous think?
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  2. spikeat Well-Known Player

    The Aether marks already accumulates fairly quick. You can get 36 marks in one cycle every half hour and 46 marks if you have 2 augments leveled up. I've only gotten 6 marks as top tier reward from the Greek bounties without augments, not sure you there is a higher tier.

    I know a lot of players getting 500+ Empyrean Marks a day. If you've been grinding these past 5 days, what are you still missing from the vendor?
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Not everyone grinds at the same pace and it does feel like a pointless boss.

    I agree Tsavorentless, they should put some marks on Orion.
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  4. FiremanMac85 Well-Known Player

    Are you serious? Grinding for the past 5 days and you know a lot of players who make 500 marks a day? First of all no you don’t. Secondly, not ... no... most people have to work and turn off their system like normal people. So no they can’t sit there for 12 hours all day doing the same thing like you’re making yourself do.

    This entire DLC’s approach towards the open worlds boss fights is insane. 25, easy. 50, gonna take some work, 75 would be a good grind, but 100 PER BOSS is ridiculous.

    Yeah I’d say an increase in marks may help with that. And would be totally justified.
  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I'd definitely enjoy some marks from Orion. It's nice and all that he has the chance to drop a Mother Box/Father Box (can't remember which one it is) but I would prefer some kind of guaranteed reward, especially since you have to defeat Steppenwolf and Kalibak quickly enough to actually make him spawn. I also wouldn't say no to Steve Trevor giving us 25 every day, but I don't think it's needed.

    Going into this episode the notion of having to accumulate 1725 marks for the catalysts for the OP helm was a bit daunting, but in practice over the weekend it wasn't as bad as I had feared. I've already gotten the first catalyst for 250 and I think I have about 300-ish marks towards the next one. Is it a long, boring grind? Yeah, but not as bad as I had expected. That being said the only reason I got that far is because I was able to dedicate a good few hours to farming the bounties because it was a three day weekend here. Now that it's back to work and I have limited play time in the evening it could be a very different story. In that case I'll have to rely on days off/the weekend to get the bulk of my farming done, and even with that there is still the worry that a week from now the hardcore people will already be finished with their farming and the amount of people farming it will dwindle significantly.
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  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    What is everyone in such a rush for??? All indications point to this being a long DLC like JLD was. If it’s a 5-6 month DLC, is it really that much more rewarding to have everything maxed out in week 1-2 versus week 6-8 or even longer? Can trolls not keep groups powered without CR321 stats. Can healers not heal without 321 stats? Are you tanks getting clapped without those stats? You shouldn’t be, and if you are, that’s a problem no super-grind is gonna solve, believe that.

    Conversely, if 12 hour-a-day mega-grinds are the epitome of what you call fun, then by all means, grind on. But too many players are talking about this the same way you hear people talk about working double shifts at jobs they hate. If it’s not fun, then SLOW THE HELL DOWN. If it’s still not fun, stop and find a game that is. Nobody is forcing you to torture yourself via playing a game in a way you don’t like when it’s a perfectly reasonable option to play it in a way that you DO enjoy.

    Man, the devs give yall a field of carrots ripe for the plucking extending as far as the eye can see and all y’all can do worry about the whereabouts of a stick and a string. Down-shift, pop cruise control, chill out and enjoy. Or don’t and try your hand at masochism. It’s all in the hands of the player.
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  7. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Eh, there's a feat attached to taking out Orion and the possibility of the rare. It's a stretch goal. If you don't want to fight him, warp on...
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  8. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    People that work don't grind 500 a day n the 999 cap needs raised.
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  9. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Let's not mention alts n if ur stuck on a shtty phase losing during the instance
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    I agree the cap should also be raised as well.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    So what, there's feats attached to the others as well, it's a boss it should reward some marks, even if its as low as 3 bonus marks.

    The trouble with your approach is that eventually people that can't be bothered with the 0.001% chance of a motherbox and have already done the feat won't even bother with him and any people playing the DLC later in the cycle may struggle to get it done when everyone just runs for the hydra portal if at all.

    The more rewards motivating a player to farm something the better.
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  12. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Agreed. Adding maybe 2 marks +1 for each Augment won't change much/anything in the grand scheme of things but would incentivise players for a longer period of time to defeat orion.
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  13. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Oh yeah, about that - I think it'd be a good idea if they made the currency account bound if they do a system like this again in the future. At the moment the way it is it's even more alt unfriendly than normal, because a lot of people don't want to risk even going to their base in case they can't get back into a "good" phase, let alone actually play their alts.
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  14. Schimaera Devoted Player

    True. Except from the occational Nth(Vault)-Ticket, I'm super glad I took proto-bots from Promethium Boxes almost all the time this year since I don't need styles/omegas anymore.
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  15. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Not necessary. Since Thursday I have accumulated over 1300 marks total.

    One of the ideas behind the structure of this DLC was to extend the time that players are invested in it. Past DLCS literally go dead two months before a new one drops. The attempt here seems to be to make sure that this DLC stays relevant as long as possible.
  16. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    I think it would be more fun to attach a style drop to Orion. Maybe even some old rare ones? PVP styles that people don't have because PVP....well...dead :p

    Marks drop like rain in this DLC.
  17. spikeat Well-Known Player

    I'm stating 500 as a possibility, I only get 100 a day myself. The cap definitely needs to be raised.

    If they do add marks to Orion, it would be 6 or less, due to the fact that Steppenwolf/Kalibak gives 6 marks.

    The devs intention was to give you something to work on when you've finished your solo/alert/raid. This piece of the content is not loot locked and doesn't require any replays. The more time you put into raiding the bounties, the more marks you accumulate. But if the devs wants to hand out free marks I wont hesitate to accept them. :cool:

    Bounties are definitely grindy, but I'm going to reserve my opinion for the next few days to see if there are any changes. Then I'll post my thoughts.
  18. August Moon Well-Known Player

    at best add 4 to orion to make it an even 50 total gained . adding 10 for a boss that goes down faster than athena and has a chance to drop a rare item seems excessive as well as adding 10 just by walking in every day
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  19. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Yeah, it sounds too "handout". He takes 20secs to beat, make it round them off to 50 per rotation and let's not get greedy
  20. August Moon Well-Known Player

    One it takes less than 5 hours to get 500 marks so people steady grinding for 12 have way more . it is more than possible to get 500 a day

    Two not everyone grinds the same but i get 200-400 a day even with the 2 jobs that i have. if you stick to your guns and manage your time it isnt that hard . literally have all aether currency elite pieces on my troll and now working on my tank

    Three this dlc was meant to be a grind. not a month grind , not 2 months , but 3+ . grinding isnt meant to be fast , and knowing this why ask for an increase when you know a doubles weekend is like 4 weeks away tops