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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Sandman XI, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Sandman XI New Player

    Just ordered the Ultimate Bundle. My account says it's there but it wants an activation code. Where do I find this?
  2. Sandman XI New Player

    An update, of sorts: It will let me make characters from the expansion packs, but it hasn't bumped me up to legendary. Weird. Maybe that's what the activation code is for?
  3. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

    I'm not 100% sure but I would guess if you go here:
    and log in, you will want to put your activation code into the "Redeem your code" box on the lower right.
  4. Sandman XI New Player

    No, my problem is that I don't know where to get the activation code. I've bought the Ultimate Edition Bundle through the website. I got the expansion packs it offered, but I did not get the upgrade to Legendary.
  5. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

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  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The ultimate edition does not come with Legendary access.
  7. Sandman XI New Player

    Oh ain't that great. Not only did I buy the wrong thing, I got called on it by one of the head guys. :(

    Is there a way I can switch the order or am I stuck with this?
  8. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

  9. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    If you were looking to do the 3 months for $29.99 rather than the ultimate edition... I would put in a support ticket or call SOE support. I've found them to be accommodating. Explain that you bought the wrong thing....
  10. Sandman XI New Player

    Thank you all for your helps! :)