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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Red Raptor, May 29, 2019.

  1. Red Raptor Active Player

    Is anyone else having issues with acrobatics?

    Sometime last week I noticed that all my acrobatics characters were not always facing the direction they were traveling when climbing horizontally on a vertical surface. Animation has character's left shoulder always against the wall whether moving forward or backward. in the screenshot the character is moving away from the camera. He's facing his "dust" trail.

    At first I thought it was something on my end. I made sure all my drivers were updated. Tried a different keyboard and mouse. Uninstalled/re-installed the game. Nothing worked. I tried logging on with different devices and had the same issue on all of them. I figure its probably a problem on Daybreaks end.

    I tried to go to the issue tracker, but the link wasn't working. So I created a support ticket explaining my trouble with the link and the issue I'm having. The ticket was closed and the response suggested that I create a ticket on the issue tracker. Support does not have the "expertise" or "authority" to resolve the issue.

    Afterwards the issue tracker links began working but I was unable to log in to my account. After several attempts, I was finally able to create a ticket. Today Lady Lightning (title said DCUO Project Administrator) replied, " This has been an issue since launch. Marked as reviewed."

    The ticket is still open, but feel like this is the end of the road. Been playing since launch. Until last week, have not experienced this particular issue EVER. The moderator's response shows that I can't be the only player experiencing this. If the issue has existed since launch, I'd say it's way overdue for some attention.

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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Yeah Acrobatics has been buggy for a long time.
  3. Luke© Well-Known Player

    I've experienced this bug also for superspeed. Sometimes (that doesnt mean rarely!) my character runs to the opposite side i wanted to run. Happened also in block'n roll a lot of times, that the character rolls into wrong direction. (Especially after a break out like in the Throne Sea Beast fight, after he pulls you)
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  4. Red Raptor Active Player

  5. SilkyPawz Bunny

    This really needs to be looked at it's been a bug for soooooooooooooo long. I hope a Dev can shed some light, please, Thank you;)
  6. SilkyPawz Bunny

  7. Wallflower Level 30

    The bug seems to be tied to the new skins. Are you guys really gonna launch on the Switch with a buggy travel power? Especially since most people will be picking the new skins. This has been mentioned before and still no dev response. Would really appreciate one.
  8. Red Raptor Active Player

    @Batuba Wallflower is absolutely right. I started using the new human skins about the same time I first made the bug report. I switched back to the youthful skin just now and Acrobatics wall-climbing works the way it's supposed to. Please help. The new skins are really nice, I'd hate to have to stop using them.
  9. FunkyLee New Player

    Just letting you know you’re not alone Raptor. I have this exact issue on the Switch.