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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Lately a lot of acknowledgement in this game has gone on the part of the support roles.

    I have read many of us love supporting the team, for me as a Tank, with a troll, i am nothing. I can pop as many sodas as allowed, they dont replace the the controllers.

    Healers also, without the healers, I cannot do my job.

    So my question is this.

    Why do we run DPS's?

    Everybody who plays a support role has been griefed. Every player who knows what to do are being treat like idiots, and yet the idiots who DPS are the ones walking away grief free. I know, I have gone DPS myself, all I have to do is tap Y on an Xbox pad, do decent damage and im good.

    The tanks get great aggro, but if one gets away, he sucks.

    If one DPS runs out of power, its the lowest vit controller off he goes.

    Or if anyone dies at all, rubbish healers.

    This thread is created for us support roles. Enough is enough. DPS, do damage from now on or you are booted. If you grief and are DPS, you are booted, in general, if you offer nothing to the team except /kick then your name will be on the end of it.

    DPS, FFS, get good or be booted, us support roles know what we are doing, if you idiots cannot even do the basics in this game, you shouldn't be playing it.
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  2. Solutha New Player

    Where have you been? If a dps doesn't put up acceptable numbers in a pug they are usually the first one to go. You can usually tell if you have a bad/inexperienced dps a lot quicker than most of the other roles by the amount of time it takes to burn bosses and adds. If you are talking about carrying a dps or 2nd troll thats usually done because the ones at top are doing enough to make up for them and no one cares. Doing this for a tank or healer isn't viable because they are usually soloing it.
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  3. Ghostof91 New Player

    I'm sure it's hard on everyone regardless of role giving that new raid bosses have high HP which means more burn, more power and of course more healing.
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  4. MARK2099 New Player

    Only if group wipe, i remember been in some t6 raids were i was pretty much the only dps next to 3 doing less than 1/4 damage yet there were no kicks because were no wipes, but really unpleasant long runs.
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  5. Kharhaz Committed Player


    Get a support role failing and the first thing is /kick
  6. WonderValkyrie New Player

    another holier then thou support role threah acting like they are victims while bashing dps players and trying to pretend they ont treat dps like second class citizens. I seen plenty of "support" roles that are outright horrible (especially trollers in my experience) not giving out power in t6, REALLY??? Get good support roles
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  7. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I put a like to this, it explains the problems I and many support roles are having.



    plys who cnt spll
    dat annoyz me 2
  8. WonderValkyrie New Player

    or just typos, one of the two, and personal insults? c'mon now you're above that i would hope.
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  9. the solowing Steadfast Player

    tell that to the tank healers and trolls who lost their secondary spot to dps, and still hear people still complaining about burn too low
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  10. Captain Domino Committed Player

    Someone who has to make a thread bashing Damagers (a topic which has been exhausted mind you lol) probably isn't above it. Apparently he/she can't grasp that it isn't the whole Damage role communities fault, it's individuals from all 4 different roles.
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  11. WonderValkyrie New Player

    yes quite right. I agree completely. I guess it's just easier to blame one role for the game's problems after all. TY Cap'n
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  12. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I liked your post, the reply shows an intelligence. I will put that down to typos, but many are not, its always down to idiots.
  13. Captain Domino Committed Player

    Yup, no matter what happens it's ALWAYS our fault lol. My pleasure! *salutes*
  14. Kharhaz Committed Player

    The DPS's are easy to spot, they are the ones who find the most difficulty in hitting range.

    Or range. Melee then die, then go back to range.


    isnt it funny how you DPS boot the healer, or controller, or tank when you fail.

    YES IT IS YOUR FAULT when it fails.

    You cannot block, you cannot survive one hit. YOU ARE THE ONES THAT RUIN RAIDS.

    you have no concept on survival. Every support role understands this, but the one "lets bash damagers", its you DPS' that are ruining it !


    Every time I have to pick up a DPS, I am destroying my troll, I am destroying my healer, all because you have no concept of blocking, all because you expect to be immune.


    you are not, you are the weakest link in an otherwise perfect team.
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  15. Captain Domino Committed Player

    I like you, you're funny :)
  16. LoArlequin Well-Known Player

    Well... to be honest I mostly block/secretly hate the majority of the "I'M ONLY DPS". I only have selected few dps's that I trust in just being DPS. Come on, get both gears, it's funny as hell.
  17. Solutha New Player

    I tell you what run Lockdown without any dps and 3 -4 hours later get back to me on how it went. Every role has a place in the group. Also the reason you are picking up dps is either they are bad or they get unlucky. You can not survive a one shot in dps or troll role most of the time when blocking. You can avoid it as dps but you can not block it and live. Trolls have easier ways to avoid as well.
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  18. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

  19. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Its not funny though is it?

    I have played many times as a DPS, and all I have to do, is stand back, keep tapping Y on my pad and do damage.

    I have even passed my role on to my son during a mission while go for a coffee, go to the toilet or roll a cigarette.

    My point being, I can do none of these when I am a support role. When I play as tank, I get grief. When I play as a support role, I know the entire team is dependent on me. And if I make one mistake, the hassle I get is unbelievable.

    However, if I go DPS, no hassle whatsoever. All I have to do is pop a power now and again for the 60% buff and just tap Y.

    For me it makes a change, I can literally half-*** it through levels. As a tank, I am doing best, and getting grief for it, but when I go DPS, just tap Y, and its all good.

    I find it funny how all the DPS players are mocking what I am saying when I can bet ALL of those players are the ones knocking the support roles for making their job so easy.

    Just tap range. Its not rocket science.
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  20. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    If all you are doing is pressing Y then you are not a good DPS :).
    Managed to Solo heal veng at CR 70. How? 123. Pretty much it, throw some few long ranger in there and spam one heal power. If everyone lost a chunk of their health 1 > 2 > 3.
    Support roles make it sound like its extremely hard to do... in reality its not.
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