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  1. Cable Girl Active Player

    I did a little searching and couldn't find a post already but I think it would be awesome if Artifacts were account bound even after being Integrated so our alts can get some love and run elite content too. Would make running alts alot easier.

    A few days ago I ran my atomic tank through TSWR which now is pretty easy and imho didn't require top tier Artifacts. During the first fight the Controller who made the group must've inspected me and started going off in group chat "bad tank has low arts" (yes my arts were horrlible a 59,0 and 0 :O ) and other not so nice things (i'm not phased on the comments) however he refused to do his job then so i had to tank the whole first fight with no power while he just sat their spamming group chat.... It wasn't till the 2nd boss we wiped the 1st time because i ran out of power because the ****** was still just spamming chat even though i was clearly capable of tanking it.... He got his own and was vote kicked from his own instance and we got someone else in and were able to finish.

    This isn't a post to complain about that though just highlighting another difficulty for running alts. With a heap of people requesting art levels when shouting in LFG getting alts through content outside of league is hard and to the point i'm starting to not bother logging them in. Allowing us to put ranked artifacts into our shared bank would make this problem null and void and allow us to run Alts so much easier.

    I know alot of people out there have done the hard work or bought all the mats and ranked up arts on their alts but as a Returning player I love artifacts and just dont have the funds to be able to sit their and get 18 other arts apart from my main up just so i can get latest content done.

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  2. Brit Loyal Player

    I've said for some time that this should happen.

    In it's current state, I just consider most alts to be a write-off where I don't actually try to seriously gear them, because I know the artifacts will never get to the point they need to be.

    If they were account bound, I would level far MORE artifacts, because I'd start wanting to have one of almost everything, so that they can get passed around to outfit each character with their proper set-up.

    Artifacts mean that my main is always a Healer, because I'm not going to level 3 more of them to build a DPS alternative. With account-bound Artifacts, I would have, because I could use them on my main... or pass them along as needed.

    With Account Bound Artifacts, I would be more inclined to give new Artifacts a chance, instead of just sticking with what I already have at rank 200.

    I would spend far more money on Artifacts if the Artifacts felt more useful, but when pinned to a single character, they simply don't give enough of a return to be worth leveling more beyond the initial build. Similarly, if I felt like Alts could actually be endgame viable, then I would spend more money on those characters. I mean, why use Replay Badges to unlock 400 skill points if I know the character will still bomb since they don't have Artifacts?
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  3. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Just get rid of them and give us the upgrades already. We didn’t ask for an ‘additional’ to get some upgrades. Instead, they nerfed the powers and their buffs and placed them inside these bricks they call artifacts.
  4. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Making artifacts account bound would eat too much into their revenue model. Doing so would force them to have to make up the revenue loss somewhere else.

    HOWEVER, I do think we should be able to salvage artifacts into an account bound nth metal equal to 50% of the salvaged artifacts XP. It maintains the current status quo as far as supply/demand and transferability but gives more flexibility for already acquired resources to be utilized between toons on an account.
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  5. Cable Girl Active Player

    I don't think it would really eat into revenue that much honestly, Like brit said it would be more incentive for people to level up more arts for different roles and loadouts. With 16 slots for members, 4 roles and different variations of roles there still leaves alot of artifacts for people to spend money on if they want. Their current revenue model if heavily based on artifact and catalyst sales seems very P2W if you ask me. - Just my opinion
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Not that I disagree (though I'd say it's more pay-2-win-NOW), but we gotta pay to do something. If we don't pay them money, they can't keep the servers running, pay their employees to continue development work, pay DC Comics for the continual use of intellectual property, pay Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft for the use of their platforms and marketplaces, etc, etc. What would players pay for instead of artifacts, allies, etc?
  7. ALB Dedicated Player

    It definitely needs to happen. Allies too
  8. Evanhhs Well-Known Player

    If this happens they would need other sources of money. Like allies and artifact, the business model is more or less the same. Say if artifact is made account-wide (which I support btw), there would be new features (for instance to have players farming stuff in lower content open world to level pets and breakthrough with catalyst from T1 to T3 etc) after allies with the same business model. In addition I think this game have some turnover at the moment, so I don't this they would do big changes in the near future.
  9. Dark Suzumebachi Well-Known Player

    Thats the problem right there. You don't need arts for anything in this game. Yes they make stuff easier but not a necessity. Its a shame that there is enough players in the community that make other players feel like they need these arts to be apart of the game Players like this guy are whats wrong with the game. Sorry you ran into such a you know what, but its plenty out there. Go back to the days where it was skill, knowledge, skill points, and your load-out see how much they would cry. :p

    Making the arts account bound would be nice but like others said the profit loss may be an issue. If you have alts to level you would basically level the same arts twice or how ever many alts you have vs just leveling one which definitely would cut their profits.
  10. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    You definitely need arts for elite, maybe not reg, but elite definitely asks for them
  11. DontCare97 Well-Known Player

    I agree give us the choice to also duplicate our arts to our alt characters only and allow players to be able to duplicate their unlocked styles and give them their alts without wasting replay badges and also other players and just copy and past warframe trade system it would completely be very hard to scam players with the warframe trade system especially if the game gets and new trading and selling tos that allow players to duplicate all styes arts and share to their alts other players and also market place cash