Account Actions Taken Today

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Account Actions Taken Today

    Today we indefinitely suspended over 800 accounts for egregiously exploiting a bug introduced in Game Update 119. Pending further investigation, we expect to convert most or all of these suspensions to permanent bans in January.

    This action is not comprehensive. Also in January, and again pending further investigation, we expect additional accounts to be suspended or permanently banned. We also expect to address at least some of the ill-gotten or even accidental gains for everyone, regardless of suspension or banned status.

    We will provide updates as we have them in the new year. No suspension appeals will be entertained.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Exploit

    The launch of Game Update 119 came with a significant bug and exploit impacting all systems in the game that utilize fortification. This bug and exploit are now fixed. We do not expect to need to disable the fortification system going forward.

    Many players reported this issue. Many players discovered it and refrained from using it. Many players helped us real-time track down the problem. Thank you!

    This was one of the most obscure and challenging bugs / exploits I have personally seen in these past (nearly) 12 years. The team worked all hours and vigorously to find the problem and get a fix out. Even so, the issues still took nearly a full week to resolve and that was too long. I apologize for this delay - we apologize for this situation - and we will work to prevent similar events in the future.

    On that note, we have a development update scheduled for January with our anniversary, and I expect we will at that time provide greater insight and transparency into what happened.

    Account Issues

    Resulting from or related to the primary bug and exploit, a few other bugs appeared that could have put characters into a bad state - missing feats, missing Origin Augments, and the like. These characters will be fixed up in the new year.

    For situations that prevent you from playing the game, please open a ticket with our support team at For lesser issues, please refrain from opening tickets and know that we will correct the problems.

    Thank you again for your patience. Please accept our apologies. And please, let's get back to saving the world.
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