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  1. Atlas017 New Player

    Hi! I have a question about the PVP gear.
    I'm actually in PVP T2 (i think) and i'm kinda concerned if i'll be able to buy the T4 by being free, and how much tiers it's there? 'Cause i been reading that there is a new tier 5 it's that correct?
    I'm actually buying a tier that i suppose it's the tier 3 but i don't really know..i bought a tier for only money, then 50 marks for piece (valor) then 100 marks for piece, now the pieces cost 250 marks in wich tier am i?
    Thanks from now on, sorry for the terrible english.
  2. Yallander Loyal Player

    PvP gear goes 0 1 2 3 5. Tier 4 does not direct exist just like next season it will be 0 1 2 3 6.
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  3. Atlas017 New Player

    Oh, now i understand, but that means that i'm actually in the PVP T2..
    And can you please tell me if i'll be able to buy it only by Marks of valor and money? Or will i need a DLC in order to buy it?
    Thanks for the reply! I understood!
  4. Maxx_Watt New Player

    All I know is it feels like I constantly have to rebuy sets Ive collected long ago, maybe because thats exactly what the update has done.
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  5. Atlas017 New Player

    Yeah, it's tiring, i was about to complete the T3 (best for free players) when this update comes out! I didn't understood anything or why should begin from the begining! Haha, but..whatever.
    Thanks for the reply! :)
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  6. One_Man_Army New Player

    Currently, there are only 4 Tiers in PVP. T0 is the basic, cash only Archangel set. T1 is all the old T1 set plus Avatar Bombadier. T2 is Aeronaut. T3 is Logistics Officer. T4 is Vengeance. At the moment, there is no T5 set. Also, you should be able to get the gear just fine as a free player.
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  7. Atlas017 New Player

    Oh, now i get it! So i'm buying the T3 again..
    And there is no T5, it's really good to know that i must no buy legendary in order to get T4.

    Thanks again, now i clearly understand!
  8. thoughtpatern New Player

    Lots of confusion on the tiers I see. Nowadays I feel like its just easier to say what your pvp cr is and just forget the tier
  9. One_Man_Army New Player

    Not really any confusion at all if you actually pay attention to the posts made by the developers. It's clear from their statements that PVP has 4 tiers. Archangel, being the basic cash only set it is, isn't actually a tier set and can be considered T0 because of it. Developers said Vengeance will be the highest Tier PVP set. Seeing as it comes right after the T3 Logistics Officer set, there must only be 4 PVP tiers. There is no Tier 5 PVP set, at least not at this point. Will the devs make one later? Maybe. That's up to them. But as of now, T5 PVP doesn't actually exist.
  10. thoughtpatern New Player

    I personally am not confused, but it seems a lot of folks have different view points on the subject. I have seen argument in the watchtower about it so now if someone in game asks me anything about pvp tiers I now only refer to the cr of said gear to alleviate any confusion
  11. Superskull85 Loyal Player

    No, S1 tier 0, S1 tier 1, S1 tier 2, S1 tier 3 and S1 tier 4 are different compared to a new season but there are still 5 tiers: tiers labeled 0-4 each season.
  12. Mr_Punch New Player

    All I know is I'm burnt out on buying PvP gear and I'm just starting the purple set, in so many ways they have sucked the fun out of PvP to the point I ask myself why i even bother.
  13. Yallander Loyal Player

    The game developers themselves have called Vengeance and Punchline T5 gear...that was from them not me. You can call it anything you want in the end but Vengeance and Punchline are the new sets and the others are steps up from Checkmate. Next season will have a new final tier and the sets leading up to it will be better than the best this season.

    All gear is gained by Marks of Valor EXCEPT T0--which is purchased by cash. Marks of Valor are CURRENTLY gained via winning matches HOWEVER with GU27 everyone will get 1 mark for participating, daily/weekly marks for doing a map (AKA--loser marks) AND daily/weekly victory marks for each map. Future seasonal gearing should be a lot faster than it is currently.
  14. One_Man_Army New Player

    LOL Where did they call Punchline and Vengeance T5? That is NOT from the developers. That's from a few in the player community. Check their post in the Announcements section. Says so.
    Here is what is stated in that announcement, which was meant specifically for the PVP seasons, you know.
    • Gear Sets:
      • Tier 4 (item level 84): Punchline (Villain), Vengeance (Hero)
      • Tier 3 (item level 83): Logistics Officer
      • Tier 2 (item level 82): Aeronaut
      • Tier 1 (item level 81): Avatar Bombardier and all 6 Existing Iconic Sets (3 Hero, + 3 Villain)
    Now, where's the confusion? The game developers themselves stated Vengeance and Punchline were T4, NOT T5. Only some in the player community consider it T5. The developers are the final word, though.
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  15. Superskull85 Loyal Player

    The vendor in-game also shows the tiers as 2, 3, 4 in the Hall of Heroes with tiers 0 and 1 sold from faction vendors.

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