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  1. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    My last post was way too long, had some of this in it. i will make it short and just stick to the ask and main subjects without going off on a tangent.

    The movement style tab is great. i love the addition of the Light streams, ideally used for lanterns and what ever anyone else wants lol. but for me it's lanterns and for now using the red for Reverse flash i modeled after the CW Harrison Wells Reverse flash, and the blue for my Zoom hunter zolomon from The same show.

    i like the other additions of the smoke colors, haven't found a use for them yet, but this is another tab that has amazing possibilities for stuff they couldn't do initially for the reason of being allowed do to IP restrictions.

    is it possible that we get a Bat stream "trail of bats" so we don't have to use the "speed metal" back pieces" the aura is awesome but a movement stream of bats would rock.
    As well as the obvious "Reverse Speedforce Style" Addition to the game with the armor and most importantly the back piece to that and Accessory conduit. Since the Speedforce and Reverse Speedforce are now official styles in the game, and the speedforce has a different look then the standard vanilla lightning, which don't get me wrong, i like and would like to see a red version of that, or blue, and w/e other colors, maybe mirroring the Light stream and Smoke stream movement styles.
    A Speedforce style or maybe another name... for speedster cosplay it gives the player almost everything but a speedforce power itself which is another topic, or at least a speedster skill tree revamp. i was curious what people and the Devs have to say about that.

    i know there are people that don't like Lanterns, batman, or the flash, this post isn't really about why you wouldn't want anything like that, its about if you think it could be added and if you would be interested in it, or not.

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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    They need to fix the movement styles for superspeed on consoles before adding new ones.
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  3. Grim931 Well-Known Player

    I think just opening up the super speed lightning effect to be tint-able would be a huge start. Similar to how the flight trail is based on a few colors in your pallette, make the lightning use one of those. If not, just make villains use the negative speed force lightning. That makes the most sense and we already have a few styles with it in the game.

    But yes, we need more movement styles and variants. Doesn't even have to be as complex as skimming was, just different poses during the movement mode animation itself. Someone posted a great thread asking for just that, they had pictures and everything. For example, flight had a pose with both hands forward, both hands at the side, and hands crossed over the chest I think. Acrobats had something similar for the glide animation, and I can't remember if SS had anything. Still, would've been nice to see some feedback on that. I think a lot of people were interested.
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  4. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Font changing cause tiny font:p

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  5. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    A collection of Power-based styles would also be neat. Snowflakes for Ice, embers and smoke for Fire, purple pulsations for mental, runes for Sorcery, etc...
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  6. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    i agree, i said, they should fix the animations in the superspeed tree and other movement trees, to match/go with the Movement style chosen, as of now, if u have say, blue or red light stream, and have super speed, you see the default animation with the 3 most important moves in the superspeed tree, Dash, Reaction Tap Melee Dash, speed vortex, and gyroscope spin or w/e it is, but with every ability in ANY movement style u see the default animation, not the changed to, light stream ,

    but i do think adding more styles doesn't effect or hurt that, now adding a new movement type, that's a different basket of eggs,
    they really haven't added a new one, the mr miracle Disk flight or w/e it is uses the Flight Tree and all it's abilitys, so it's essentially just picking a different movement style animation for the innate flight look to the disks. "i just woke up, i forget what the disk movement is actually called so just stating that LOL"

    i don't even know what they could add as a movement type if they made a new one , the way the game is, yea there is swinging or spidy type swinging, could they add it obviously it wouldn't be webs, it would be called something different due to IP, but there are ways around that by making it a different material then web.. but it would look like the Avengers game, "probably better honestly" fortnite did it cool. with the pin point directional choice of where you fire the web is awesome, but other then web type swinging,

    i don't see them even doing that, there isn't anything to add, just styles/skins /auras to what we have already. aka a negative speedforce looking style, which doesn't change your movement type just the lightning to a speedforce type is mainly what i want
  7. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    that was one thing a lot of us asked about years back, that was off the table back then, due to how many different colors not sure what they would say about that now, they could do that with powersets too,

    Black Fire, or even a set amount of tints would be cool, i could still rock that, but , that would make the style tab useless , but i would still like it lol. i believe it was along the same reason they couldn't do the Green aura back then, but now that the game makes good money and has a healthy player base, also with the ps5 update coming, there is room in the games memory to add more stuff like that, so We will see :)
  8. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    see i wasn't sure my other post i was told it was to big... lol, so i said ok, ill scale it down, but i always figure bigger is easier to read if its a longer post, but everyone has there own preference and way they comfortably read stuff, i don't read books that much, and im a horrible writer,
    "just haven't really tried"
    but i do take notes and kind of write down what I'm thinking with bad punctuation most of the time, but imo the point in idea forums like these that aren't turned in to be published, is just to get the message across , that is a reason i don't worry too much about my punctuation , spacing and structure LOL, i just wing it, and space to another "paragraph" when i feel like the sentense count is becoming large.

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  9. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Trying to well a well constructed and properly written thread is a skill to me lol. I write out things more like a thought when not having to write in a formal manner, so im prone to "drifting". As long as i can get the idea of what you're saying, its fine to me.

    Also, nice seeing that sig again!
  10. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I don't think you understand, the movement trails are completely invisible for superspeed characters on console. We paid for a product that suddenly stopped working 2 years ago.
    They need to fix their broken products first before trying to sell us new ones.
  11. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    ohhhhh, the missing animations/effects, i'm sorry, i over looked that, in your message, missread it, yea, i figured since they shut down the ps3 version, of the game, the ps server client would get little stuff like that fixed, that sucks, i remember back before even auras, there was a bug with the Light powerset ring glow, not showing up, and the trail from that as well, it got fixed within a month but, the movement style trails should be fix patched, dunno whats up with that.
  12. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    i watched this, from 2020... i know the pandemic kinda took alot off in a different direction, someone said in that forum thread there was a patch or seomthing? did they say it was fixed? ever? or was that post from mepps the last of it?
    i play on Pc, i am just curious, some people say it works, some say it doesn't, i have a feeling it is more on the not working side as you said. but i wonder.... im going to log in my ps5 and see what shows up, do you use, ps4, or ps4pro, or ps5? just curious
  13. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It was fixed for PC but not console.
  14. RavNoc Well-Known Player

    I've suggested Shadow Bats movement and Autumn Leaves before and even Ghost too