About Earth 3's Change To The Superman Model

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrMigraine, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I was thinking, "Who is this imposter?"
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  2. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Honestly? I think the new Superman face is Butt-Ugly (I wonder if that'll be cen.sor.ed?). It really doesn't look like Superman to me. The original Superman face was fine, and seeing the new Superman face in the communicator on test made me feel like leaving the game for a few hours. It's just ugly. It doesn't look like Superman. It looks like a teenager cosplaying Superman badly.

    I have never understood the need to "refresh" things just for the sake of making it look new and shiny. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Superman wasn't broken.
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  3. TestReporter Loyal Player

    Completelly agree, the only explanation i have for they changing the communicator is to not need to make the characters mouth move, it's just bad, terrible just like this new superman and in my opnion should be reverted before it goes live. But i doubt they'll do it, they never get our feedback anyway, unless it lets them get more money... Sad.
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  4. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I think Plastic Man is currently doing the Superman halloween mask already, and he does a better job in there than the artists did with this Superman.
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  5. inferno Loyal Player

    That's a shame i actually would prefer different versions of superman throughout the game.
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  6. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I thought he was Earth an 3 Character that was a Superman Imposter; and I thought he was evil.
    I didn't have the sound on; so I felt something was terribly wrong.
    With the quality of these graphics; you can bring back the PS3!
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  7. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    Hate the refresh! Bring back the iconic/classic Superman!
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  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    New superman looks like a plastic doll.

    They all look like plastic dolls. I really hope with the ps3 dropping it frees them up some time and space to update the character and NPC models to look a little more realistic. Otherwise they can refresh as many characters as they want, it'll just go from one plastic doll to a slightly polished plastic doll.
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  9. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Let us just hope that that is the case... wait, posing as which Superman? o_O
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  10. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    How can you all be so calm, talking about the new Superman's face when there's that giant white wall of anti-matter behind him, threatening to consume the universe?

    Crisis on Infinite Earths Confirmed! :D

    For the record, I don't think the new face is bad at all. Just doesn't look much like a Jim Lee design any more.

    And ever since the New52 launch, I've always thought that the trunkless-outfit makes him look too much like Ultraman.
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  11. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Yeah this thread got so focused on the suit, I forgot about how bad he looked.

    I in no way want to insult any of the devs who work on graphics like this, I believe they do really great work on the game but this looks like a large step back in quality. The Crime Syndicate in the promo pic is also not looking so good, maybe that's just to emphasize how evil they are.
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  12. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    They do get all our feedback, Mepps is a very good CM, he makes sure the devs see all of what we have to say, all the good and bad of it. Now them actually fully listening to our feedback is another thing.
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  13. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Yeah, they read all our feedback, whether they do anything positive with slash about it or simply laugh is another matter...
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  14. TestReporter Loyal Player

    You think this new superman is bad HAHAHA, bad for you, we've spent too many resources making Superdoll. DEAL WITH IT. Thats the first thing that comes in mind when i think about them reading this.
  15. William Campbell New Player

  16. Megzilla Developer

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  17. light FX Steadfast Player

    I like the suit but i agree with ya on the face. It looks strange. Idk whats going on with those eyebrows.
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  18. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    I think he's almost fine, I don't like Michael Keaton's eyebrows on him (creepy) but I'm glad his underwear is in a right place. ;)
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  19. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    I don't much care about the suit, but the face is awful. The eyebrows and the puffed out cheeks bother me a lot. In the communicator it's even worse.
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  20. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i know drag queens with less arch in their brow.

    the hairstyles nice.

    superman is the most iconic comic book character in history. even subtle changes in his look bring down media attention.

    might seem trivial but people take these things very seriously.
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