About Daily Login, Exceptional Recovery Kits and a concept to address those (and more)

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    before starting with the details. What is this thread about and why had I posted it?
    It's about feeling the motivation to log in after some time when you basically gotten everything on your char done until the next episode drops and also addressing a problem we facing since a longer time with missing Exceptional Recovery Kits in the loottables. I do not know how far the process is for re-implementing last but at least want to bring in a solution with the first issue combined to it.

    Mission Concept

    This is a Daily Mission that can be picked up either from a console or is an alert call from Oracle. Completion is purely optional and when you reach the Loot Concept you will understand why. This should be not enforce players to have to run them.
    As those daily concept should be available to everyone we going to face the first problem: Different amount of available content to access.

    Right now we have in the On Duty menu:

    18 Solos (T1-T6) + 2 T7 Solos
    22 Duos (T1-T6) + 8 T7 Duos
    34 Alerts (T1-T6) + 3 T7 Alerts
    24 Raids (T1-T6) + 8 T7 Raids

    So the daily mission itself cant be very specific described since everyone needs to be able to participate regardless of his Combat Rating. The concept should open up when you finished the level 30 Mentor mission and talked to your mentor after.

    Now to the draft of how such a daily mission could look like and this is very rough written cause this is a one person input only.

    Option 1: PVE only Dual mission

    Have it look like to complete 2 missions interchange it with a chance of either of the 4 options between a Solo, Duo, Alert or Raid. People could then decide what specific mission they want to pick. Lets say your daily task is to do a Duo and an Alert, it will be up to you what Duo or Alert you wanna run to finish these.

    The Problem: People will always use the easiest way to finish those and its clear that some content is faster than others, especially when you are closer to the endgame.

    Option 2: PVE and PVP mixed

    Open up two options out of the selection available:

    PVE: Tells you to run either a Solo, Duo, Alert or Raid. Appearance for daily resetting content (Solo, Duo or Alert) should be higher than having to run a raid (weekly content).

    PVP: Tells you to participate in either an Arena or Legends match (it doesnt matter if you win or loss). This might also be a chance to add the Metropolis Ring War or the Gotham Diamond Heist to the list but due to Hero/Villain ratios I'm unsure if thats really such a good idea. This could be also a dual option that could read as follow "Participate in a Legends Match or Win a Gotham Diamond Heist".

    The Problem: The PVP interested playerbase in this game is low and pure PVE players might be annoyed quickly by the PVP task.

    Option 3: The Relevancy Window

    Based on your Relevancy Window of accessible content the game will pick 2 defined content options (there are 12 options) you have to run this day. Same as in the option before: Appearance for daily resetting content (Solo, Duo or Alert) should be higher than having to run a raid (weekly content).

    The Problem: Technically possible without spending crazy amount of ressources on it?! I don't know.

    Reward Concept

    It uses the classic Loot Picker with 4 options to pick from.

    1. Rare Base items in normal content like Aquariums etc.
    2. Out of relevancy choice: Compound Omega, Mark of Victory, 100 Mark of Victory Consumable, Token of Prestige (see 4. why no exobit bundle)
    3. Purple Item: Metalloid Scraps Token (contains one of the scraps materials equal the amount of whatever chance a purple item could give; 6 or more), Purple Item: Lochelite Scraps Token, Purple Item: Spordium Scraps Token. Can be extended over time whenever a new Scraps Material is being added and the current one is "outdated" to allow this as a kind of small catch up mechanic.
    4. Rare Exceptional Recovery Kit, Rare Purple Exo-Bundle (contains 5 Exobits of each color), Uncommon Blue Exo-Bundle (contains 3 Exobits of each color), Common Green Exo-Bundle (contains 1 Exobit of each color)

    Thats just what came into my mind without messing over active endgame progression.

    If we use a terminal here as questgiver this could be used as a free option to reset as well. Since its a personal mission it could use the solo replay value of 12 Replays to reset. Thats still for discussion if useful but at least want to point out the option is there. Much more awesome could be also that the questgiver is your mentor in the Hall of Doom or Watchtower.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. iron Well-Known Player

    Agree with all except PVE/P mixed.
  3. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

  4. Elusian Crowd Control

    In a positive or negative way? Just trying to figure your position here neither agreeing nor disagreeing ;)
  5. Ully Committed Player

    Bump. We need answers from devs regarding the Excep rec kits.
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  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I support this thread
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    Yes why is it taking so long to add something to a loot table? I will say it again, i will not be forced into buying TRK. If this isnt fixed by the time ep25 drops i will 100% ubsub. I would rather spend my $ elsewhere then be forced to spend it here. No t7 syn mods when we are entering t8 really makes me question whats going on. Hoping its just a coincidence.

    But i support this thread 100%. Hopefully a fix/change happens soon.
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    Again. The Devs said they are looking into it concerning the ERK. Yeah right!! Think about it. Stats will matter again and everyone wants to mod gear so Devs will have the players buy TRK and there you have it, more money for the Devs. For everyone that says they will not spend any money buying a TRK, well then see you around.
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    Basic idea good, but not enough outside our current box. Counter idea:

    - specific content designed to be a "daily".

    Because elsewise the idea adds just another grind and that is exactly what the upcoming generations of gamers are tired off. That is one of the reasons the population shrink, it is one of the reasons why the population on the Xbox may shrink dramatically once the "new" factor wears off.

    Daily missions should be done a) fast and b) without obstacles. That is why I suggest to make them a) solos, b) instanced so no other player can mess with it and c) scaling to have them always in the relevancy window. To make them "interesting", devs could finally invest the time to automize maps to be re-used/re-textured and randomized for "population". Example: the base map is a warehouse or high security area. If you're going to face Mr. Freeze, the environmental textures and obstacles will be of a "frozen" type and the adds the typical henchmen of Mr. Freeze; if you're going to face Poison Ivy, obstacles and textures will be of a "plant" style and the adds will be Ivy's plant type minions etc.

    Villains may have the better end of this content because they could be sent after fellow villains (like in the Mr. Freeze story arc) or heroes, while attacking other heroes rarely makes sense for heroes.

    Rewards could be like described by the OP; these dailies also allow for (weekly resetting) random-mini-story-arcs, for example, while working for Batman, the player could work up, facing Gen. Booms on day/map 1, Harley on day/map 2, and Joker himself on day/map 3 (or Batwoman on day/map 1, Robin on day/map 2 and Batman on day/map 3 when working for the Joker, think you got the idea).

    Key point is that adding just another grind for different loot on the same, re-used maps will not help with the motivation to log in.

    Thanks to the OP for starting this discussion.
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    Love the sig btw.
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