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    So in case you weren't aware, Distract, Quantum Tunneling, Grandeur and Survival are all detaunts. Part of the detaunt abilutt is a shield mechanic with a BSM, Base Shield Multiplier. If you say that Quantum has two shields, then Gadgets also has two shields in Distract and Neural Neutralizer.

    But Gadgets also has Holographic Decoy which is not a full detaunt but draws aggro and mitigates damage.

    Penryn and Obsidian Chill have conflicting data on the BSM of the Improved Stealth white tactical hand mod but that hand mod makes the ability into a much stronger shield. If Penryn is correct at his 2.25 BSM, it is still stronger than any shield that the other controllers have. Chill has it much higher.
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  2. Clothez Level 30

    You are correct in all your points, but the main point of this thread was that quantum has those abilties you mentioned in one single ability, but also with the ability to be able to teleport insane distances instantly. That's what makes it op. You are correct in saying that mental, gadgets and munitions have all have shield-detaunts (which all trolls have, except hardlight which has no aggro dump), but you'll need to use multiple abilities, unlike quantum tunneling, in which you get a shield, a detaunt and the ability to instantly teleport across your screen, in one single use of a button.
  3. Isif Well-Known Player

    The ability to get to downed teammates is the benefit in question. Not that anyone wants to co-op a particular skill set from another power, but my quantum alt is highly effective at pickups due to the QT ability. It would be nice to have an ability or consumable that would allow players to aid in the pickups of others. That's the gist.
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  4. Clothez Level 30

  5. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    Quantum Teleport is not completely invulnerable damage, you leave behind essentially a ghost image so if you are being tracked by an enemy npc and their attack strikes as you teleport or even a fraction before it will track you to where you teleport-ed and kill you, as long as it does enough damage to pass the BSM, which in elite content is not an issue. It's a great utility power but don't think of it as you become invincible once you hit the power.
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  6. lieutenant New Player

    the point is you can teleport and that causes it to be unfair to other troll powers because you'll never be able to pick up as fast as someone with quantum tunneling who knows what they're doing. It's kinda frustrating because it makes it so that some powers are all together a complete waste of time playing as if someone chose a better power than you. If I'm wrong, name some ways that munitions can out troll any of the other troll powers.
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    There's always power change tokens available in the marketplace
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  8. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Out troll? Are you serious here? Trolling at this point has gotten to be a complete copy and paste of each other and you want it to be even more of a copy paste? Sorry but not picking up is not difficult at all. Not enough to warrant changing abilities for. The 2 main priories for trolls are giving out power and debuffs.

    Power are pretty much skill-less since they removed double ticks. Keep line of sight, hit your power dump often and there you keep the group powered. Yes there are a few other slight factors but primarily this is it.

    Debuffs are the only difference powers have. And by that I mean that HL has the short end of the stick (objectively). Hit a power and get the debuff up. They even made it so you don’t have to hit the target to get the debuff (thankful for HL). Big difference here is what debuff is set for the sc generator.

    But pick ups? I’m sorry but as stated by many people let’s just copy paste every power. Give everyone a decoy, give everyone a teleport, let everyone transform adds to harmless ghost.

    EDIT: if anything give them more uniqueness. Bring back HLs shielding ability. And give munitions it’s own thing. Don’t just give them more copy paste.
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  9. Isif Well-Known Player

    I guess they just need to leave Bastion at 60 seconds then.;)
  10. CandySlinger Active Player

    Sounds like some of you are jealous you aren't masters of time and space.
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  11. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    If you think that’s the same thing than you are delusional
  12. Isif Well-Known Player

    Since we are making things the same lately, I figured we were going all out. My bad.:p I was trying to support the OP because I think the request is reasonable, just like a 30 second Bastion tweak. If a Chrono Emitter can exist as a consumable, why not a QT consumable?
  13. L T Loyal Player

    Hard light gets its combos. Mental and Gadgets get stealth. Munitions gets mobility and extra shields. And quantum gets to teleport. It's all good.
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  14. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Line of sight teleportation is useful and a cool power. One which we see in a superhero universe. Holographic decoy is another one of those utility moves. I'm ok with keeping them unique to the Quantum and Gadget powersets.

    But what about adding/adjusting some moves for the other Troller powers.

    Hardlight - Second Light
    A construct (pet) where you can send to revive a teammate. (10 seconds duration). Useful situations: rez a tank near a deadly boss, if personal shield not off cooldown. Two teammates can be picked up at same time; one by the troll and other by the pet.

    Munition. - Drone assist.
    Similar to gadgets mines where you place and then activate. Put marker at a starting point then a destination spot. Third button press drone activates and carry an object from starting to destination. Basically an extra person to carry an item. (Only one out at a time)

    Mental. - mental disguise.
    Target an NPC, power cleanse proximity aggro off of a non tank who's chased by that loose add and redirect to nearest tank.
  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Shielding should have been reworked for the stat revamp. It should have been something that you could use to safely rez someone and protect them from damage when they get up. That would have made it really useful.

    I have never seen anyone use Rocket Jump and Rocket Retreat from Munitions. I need to look into them again.
  16. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    Mental, Gadgets, Earth, Fire, and Ice all have a similar ability.

    (I think Munitions and Rage do too but i'm not 100% on that)
  17. lieutenant New Player

    Pick ups aren’t the main thing I wasn’t getting, just like you I also want troll powers to be more unique I just don’t want it to be unfair to other powers , while at the same time giving them their own mechanics, like they did for the tanks and healers.
  18. JeremyRodger Active Player

    .... you cannot be serious.....
    No troll uses stealth as a de taunt/ invunerable state because it doesnt work in that way. Thats what distract does.
    Tunneling provides an instant teleport as well as a shield.
    Youre ignorant on the uses of all of the things you just named. Cant be doing that around here. Its unforgivable, and you lose all credibility.

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