Abilties like quantum tunneling

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  1. Clothez Level 30

    I think there should be more abilties like quantum tunneling for other powers. That ability is soooo useful in so many areas of the game, and only quantum has one like it. Other powers could easily pull an ability like this off in their theme, such as sorcery teleportation (Circe does it in LPvE) water and many others as well. I think it's very useful and also super fun at the same time. I go quantum all the time and would love to stay there, for that sole purpose, but I'm a main healer and hate having to be a troll for that. Any opinions on adding more movement like abilties to some other support roles?
  2. Isif Well-Known Player

    All trolls (or roles designated for pickups) should have a "dash through combat" maneuver. Agreed that other powers such as Mental could thematically accomplish this goal.
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  3. Godtr0n New Player

    Yes take one of the only cool things about Quantum and give it to everyone else. While you are at it give all the cool stuff other powers have such as turning mobs into spirits, holographic decoys, combo powers to Quantum as well!

    Give sorcery teleport, and give quantum heals. Why stop there? Give controllers tank role as well. Just roll all the powers into one.

    Great idea!! .... *claps hands*
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  4. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    No, quantum tunneling is unique to quantum, and it should stay that way for the purpose of diversity within the game. Powers shouldn’t have the unique abilities of other powers, never!
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  5. Clothez Level 30

    Ok, dont be naive, quantum tunneling is literally the only movement ability in the game that is unique to one power, that serves the purpose of just movement. Every power has shields, a 35% ability, and shield/healing/support supercharges, and have abilties that are different in how they are used, but serve the same purposes(giving Healing, Debuffs, PoT, Pulls, or Damage.). In terms of balance, it's just not fair that quantum is the only power that can just TELEPORT away from danger or towards objectives. Secondly, giving other powers a singular ability, that serves the sole purpose that quantum tunneling does (pure movement), is not changing the roles of the powers in any way, so no, it's not giving trolls healing or healers the ability to give power back to the group. It's the same exact scenario of flight vs superspeed. Both movement modes should be equal in the amount of damaging/movement/clipping abilities, but they arent. *dusts off hands*
  6. Clothez Level 30

    I agree with ya friend!
  7. Halvard New Player

    Quantum Tunneling is a legitimate form of pure invulnerability and you cannot be killed while doing it. You can be killed before and after use, sure; but the point remains it's a genuine invulnerability ability.

    I've personally seen someone use it to avoid mechanics in Elite raids, whereas everyone else is forced to do them, and it's such an advantage and honestly an oversight.

    They fixed the invincibility frames of rolling back in SM, well this is the same thing. Every power deserves one for it's pure utility for pickups and flow of content.
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  8. Clothez Level 30

  9. Godtr0n New Player

    While we are at it can you think of any other ways to make this ridiculously easy game any easier? I personally think AoE heals should be twice as large and twice as spammable. Then we wont even have to picked up KO'd people and we can all just stand still and battle for top DPS numbers!
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  10. Clothez Level 30

    So what you're telling me is, only quantum should be able to have be able to have this thing that makes the game so easy? You must work for the devs with those balancing ideas my friend. You dont have to make it as far as quantum tunnel, or even give it the shield that it gives when using the teleport. Just some sort of movement to help other powers come into line with that sort of movement. It would even give devs something to bring the raid difficulty up on, because people are able to move more, so there could be plenty they could do with that. DCUO is lucky PvP isnt a thing anymore or it'd be one of the biggest arguments right now for that area. It's just pure unbalance. Also, you bring up a fantastic point about the AoE healing abilities. Please do explain to me why sorcery has to deal with a targeted AoE heal, that they have to literally turn their cameras down into the floor to place on their teammates, that is twice as small as waters, who can have two of them out at different chosen locations, and you also cant leave it or you dont get healed (unlike before the nerf). I'd say I'd be interested to hear your sarcastic answer for that one as well, but I didnt make this post to argue, I just wanted opinions. Thank you for sharing yours friend!:)
  11. Godtr0n New Player

    Isnt Grandeur the mental skill essentially an invulnerability deaggro?

    Aa well as invisibility which is a deaaggro. Which can be combined with stealth enhancement tactical mod to make you invulnerable temporarily while you use it.

    Gadgets has stealth and decoys.

    I mean my god this thread is dumb.

    If anything QUANTUM should be the one getting buffed because its literally only has ONE utility skill which is its teleport.

    Give quantum stealth or decoys like the other powers! Dont give other powers the only thing Quantum has that makes it unique.

    Ive got hit while teleporting before so I honestly dont believe what you are saying and I landed from teleport ib KO stance.

    If they did this I would just reroll from quantum because quantum may as well just be removed from the game as it would have absolutely no appeal anymore when every other troll type had 5 times more utility than it.

    Good way to balance.... Im done here.
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  12. Clothez Level 30

    Go on naming off powers that give off stealth/detaunts, do go ahead and tell me what stealth/detaunt/movement/second entire shielding/invulnerability ability that hardlight has. Quantum tunnel is not only the only movement ability in the game like it, it is also a detaunt, and a shield in one ability!! Yes, Quantum needs the buff, sure bud. Do go on proving my point of imbalance. You need an attitude adjustment, and not going around calling people liars. Dont worry we can tell you're a quantum main, if you didnt like it that much, all you had to do was say you dont think it's a good idea and leave, if you do or dont read this, have a good day anyway.
  13. Halvard New Player

    Yeah good thing im Gadgets, and guess what I get? I get a small "shield" and de-aggro. Guess what Quantum gets? Two shields, de-aggro, and a teleport that makes you go farther than a full Tumble Master roll in about 1 second.

    You honestly just sound terrible and have literally 0 idea what you're talking about. GG, get off the thread .
  14. Mazahs Loyal Player

    I love Q tunnel, but I also like things that make powers unique so I don't think all powers should have something like that.

    Atomic also has a teleport too just FYI (not aggro dump+ shield or dump)

    A few examples: Atomics pulls are LOS. All other tanks have to jump pull if anything is in their way. Also the only tank with 8 man shield.

    Sorcery has Guardian as its own mini tank and its great for alerts. No other healer has that.

    Gadgets same thing with Holo Decoy

    Light has no aggro dump

    Electric has best SC generator in Tesla and its not even an actual SC generator.

    Etc...I could go on, but my point is Q tunnel isn't some anamoly.
    Id prefer they kept powers unique.
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  15. Clothez Level 30

    You bring up a great point with the gaurdian. The gaurdian is truly amazing, especially (pretty much only) in alerts, but in terms of overall usefulness and impact to overall gameplay, it doesn't compare to what quantum tunnel brings, and the impact it would deliver if everyone had access. I mean its not like i dont understand that its unique to quantum and that's all fine and dandy, but I do think other powers should have at least an ability for movement of some sort. Great points though! Thanks for having a much better attitude than the last guy lol.
  16. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    No one going to mention Munitions with Survival having the lowest BSM of all the shields? TK shield and Time Bubble have the highest BSM of all controller shields because they have no other effects. Quantum Tunneling is a shield in the way Distract is a shield, because they are both detaunts. There is also a hand mod for Stealth as well that used to give invulnerability. Plus with Stealth you get your second loadout. So Gadgets technically actually has access to 2 shields plus 2 detaunts with shielding. No power set has anything like Decoy. And everyone has access to Hard Light Shield.
  17. Mazahs Loyal Player

    I wouldn't mind a consumable teleport, heck name it boomtube.
    While not as good as Q-Tunnel, maybe just teleports you similar distance in which ever way you are facing. We already have aggro dump in mass concoction and shields consumables.
  18. Isif Well-Known Player

    Obviously, there is a mobility advantage that helps with a teamwork aspect. Using detaunt with Mental will physically waste more time by slowing the movement mode, but Quantum will propel you across the screen. Since the current tendency is toward consistency, maybe we should make all trolls or (insert role here) equally as viable. Invisibility is not as uniquely viable for trolling as you are touting.
  19. AV Loyal Player

    Aside from the detaunt, Swoop Attack is an option that can work for every power. Doesn't have the same flavor you're looking for but still provides a potent movement effect. Same with SS/Acro dashing to a lesser degree. Would be pretty broken if every power had a detaunt temp shield though.
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  20. Halvard New Player

    So, in case you weren't aware; Stealth is not the Gadgets Troll self shielding ability, its Distract. Stealth is for DPSing exlcusively. So yes, Gadgets only has 1 shield for itself whereas Quantum has 2.

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