Ability to Inspect PPL Anywhere

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by UltraElite, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    If your going to give us the ability to inspect ppl

    it makes no sense to restrict it to area close players.

    u should be able to inspect ppl ANYWHERE

    What reasons is there to have u have to be in the area of the person to inspect them? what was the underline motivation for this instead of being able to do it anywhere
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  2. Poo New Player

    I agree actually. That is quite annoying. That way we could inspect someone in shout.

    Could we also add a find player option?
  3. Spoofer New Player

  4. IIJetfire New Player

    Lol inspecting people near you is better than inspecting whole world, because it will be more confusing if the list of people would be so many.
  5. Spoofer New Player

    I guess he means we'd use the actual lists nearby, recent text, recent voice, league and group.
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  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Not a bad idea, but the hurdle is likely technical. As your toon walks around the virtual world, data is being cached based on proximity. Not all data is available immediately because it would be too much for most connections. Maybe it can be set based on something else, but it has to be limited.
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  7. IIJetfire New Player

    Indeed it's better to keep the limitation of inspection at certain point to avoid some lag.
  8. tukuan Devoted Player

    At the very least league members, if not everyone.

    I suppose this could be a resource issue as the game likely just checks the loaded assets for your current zone which would include other players but I would think it wouldn't be a dramatic performance issue to grab a player object that doesn't exist in your immediate area. I would suspect there would be a significant pause but I don't think most would have a problem with that.
  9. tukuan Devoted Player

    I would like to add to this though that I would love to see the name of the style (perhaps in brackets) for each area when you inspect someone.
  10. Anima Committed Player

    I actually don't agree with this, sorry.

    LFG is already bad enough. There's still those players that demand 100 CR on everything all the way down to Kahndaq and Sanctum. I can see people asking for roles for these raids, and inspecting everyone that sends them a tell asking to join. While it might be convenient, there are too many elitist players in this game with insane standards. I don't trust their judgment.

    No expert mods? Can't join this Paradox.
    Wearing one green 83 piece? Can't join this Nexus.

    The player's skill means so much more than their gear, and these raids where good coordination is mandatory, prove it.

    I don't want people having more ways to filter players. There are not enough on the villain side as it is!