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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by dresserball, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Years ago the pc players had game cards that we could give each others as gifts, during the holidays. PS players have ps cards still.

    I would like a way to gift MP cash to friends again. It was a nice thing to do and it was great to help out league mates that had issues with funds in the past.

    What do the rest of the community think?
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  2. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I'm up for it! It can be one of the best features added. I know I have friends I want to gift to but I can't.
    Gifting Membership should also be an option in my eyes. I used to play a game called IMVU (still logging in from time to time)
    You can gift VIP (Membership) & Credits (Currency) or even items. Anyway, You have my thumbs up on it.
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  3. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Gifting memberships at the very least would be great. Sometimes you get league members who for whatever reason can't renew their sub and it would be great if we could gift it to them
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  4. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    I would rather want to see giftable items from the Marketplace than being able to gift MC/SC, otherwise all you'll see in trade Chat soon will be: "Wts Void mat. 8000MC or something like this".

    With giftable items this wont be as bad, since there are not many/no items in the Marketplace worth that much.

    (At this Point, the economy is so broken that rare Time capsule items are kept or bought cheap by wealthy Players and resold for a higher Price. If we would add giftable/tradeable MC/SC this will shift, since the already wealthy Players would rather get MC/SC than ingame currency of Course, wich they already have loads and loads of... )

    Thats why i would go with Giftable Marketplace Items and not Giftable currency.
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  5. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    But isn't that kind of penalizing the many for the actions of the few? There are people who for one reason or another can't afford to buy membership or mp cash and a friend could offer to help them out. Maybe someone just needs a loan until their next payday at the end of the week. Maybe they just lost their job. Maybe they got injured and can't work.
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  6. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    I get your Point but thats whats going to happen. However they could include gifting Membership ofc (if they would Change the way of how to acquire Membership from Real Money to MP/SC)
  7. dresserball Dedicated Player

    This already happens in the form of PS cards. When items are traded that way Daybreak does not always get a benefit from it as the funds can be used in other playstation items. This would allow Daybreak to gain the value from the customer if you were to use it in that way.

    Also lets not be coy people buy cash off of the spam sites to buy over priced items also. This may help with that also.
  8. Psycho Tech Committed Player

  9. dresserball Dedicated Player

    The point is getting a discussion about it. Daybreak won't change things unless we shop the idea around and give them a reason to believe it would benefit them.
  10. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I miss being able to buy dc game cards, would love to see a general daybreak game card, think planet side still has them. I recently moved and found old used soe cards when I was packing stuff lol
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  11. Juvenile Active Player

    Idea will never work or even considered. People on this game use stolen credit cards to get free items. They'll do the same with MP cash.
  12. myandria Loyal Player


    Heh.. this is true for practically every online game out there and yet many games do have a way to *gift* memberships or Game cash. This game has had the option before and the devs could consider pushing for it again. However, in order for it to be *profitable*, DCUO could consider a *digital only* gift format, as this would eliminate the cost of producing physical cards and allow customer service to track purchases should something go wrong or seem amiss.
  13. AquiloFury Well-Known Player

    My wife gets on IMVU from time to time lol. As far as the OP goes...I support this idea.
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  14. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I thought I was the only DC players that played IMVU haha. Usually played with people who speak my native language tho,
    so not sure I met her there. But yeah, I think you probably get the idea better now if you know IMVU^^
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  15. AquiloFury Well-Known Player

    I used to get on too, but it was a long time ago lol. I doubt you two have run into each other lol.
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  16. L T Loyal Player

    I miss those cards. My kids used to get me a card for father's day and another at Christmas. Now I get movie tickets instead.
  17. L T Loyal Player

    It would be totally awesome if they sold tradeable replay tokens. Replay badges get re-sold now, but you never know when you'll get scammed.
  18. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    i actually posted an idea to implement this quite some time ago but somehow almost everyone was against it :eek:

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