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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Juiceman936, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Straight to the point... Is it possible for the ps4 and pc be able to share the test server or make ps4 its own separate test server. Legendary subscription should grant access to a separate test only server. Player has the choice to pick if they wanna play live or test whatever new game update is available for test.

    I don't not know the population numbers, but there are a lot of hardcore players including myself that only play on Ps4 who would love to test and offer feedback.

    This feature would vastly improve future updates and the commited player base would feel like their 15$ a month is actually worth something again.
  2. comrade sonya Committed Player

    Ps4 players have access to the pc test server. The main reason they dont have a ps4 test server is because every build would have to be sent & approved by playstation which would be very expensive unless they decided to do less changes to save money which wouldnt be good either.
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  3. Surtur Well-Known Player

    You need to ask Sony that question. Trying to get updates and HOT fixes through Sony is a joke compared to PC.
    PC does not have to get approved by anyone except Daybreak itself. PS4 has to get approved through Sony.

    That's one thing that I hate about PC merging with PS.....THE FIXES TAKE FOREVER. Before PC /PS merge the PC server would get fixes ASAP.
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  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    It's not likely to happen because as others have pointed out, the updates the developers make to the client have to be approved by Sony first, to ensure that they aren't bricking consoles and other console specific tests.

    The whole process is time consuming and is rumoured to cost money, so it's not really ideal for establishing a test server.
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  5. Hraesvelg Loyal Player


    Yeah, tell me how your $15 a month is going to pay for multiple 40k patches. Go on. LOL

    Edit: Just for clarification, that is a bit of an older article. There is some scuttlebutt that Sony/MS only charge large publishers for the patches and/or only give them a few free a year. It probably doesn't cost quite that much any more. But still...they DO have a cost involved.
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  6. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Updates blah blah, can't do it blah blah, cost blah blah blah... nonsense, other games do it, so can DCUO. Separate the servers into PS amd PC only and let PS join in the last week of the important stuff. Screw seasonals etc, nobody cares about them to the extent of rigorously testing them.

    So there you go, less updates, less cost, can do it. Thank you to the other games/companies that prove it.
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  7. Cardinalist Well-Known Player

    Funny to see all the regulars regurgitating the answer the devs feed them. Destiny 2 will have a test server on console.
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  8. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    Comparing Apples to Oranges.

    Also, what other answer could anybody give if that's all we've been told??? All of this begging, blaming, bashing hasn't gotten us any new answers...so we work with what we know. If you have some secret truth, please, by all means share with the rest of us.
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  9. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I for one would like it very much, but if Sony is preventing it from happening I understand. Maybe one of these day
  10. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Got any information about this?
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  11. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    "Sony won't allow us" has about as much meaning as "we don't have the tech."

    Both are excuses that mean other things than what they actually say.
  12. Owl Devoted Player

    Do you have a link that states Destiny 2 will have a console Test server once the game is Live (after the Beta)?

    Note that DCUO had a PS3 console Beta in 2010 before the game went live in 2011.
    A Beta build before a game is Live is different than having a Test server that is concurrent with Live servers.
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  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    Its all about them dollar signs yo $$$ :p
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  14. IceRaven198 Well-Known Player

    I kinda get where ps4 players are coming from since we basically see a mega server with pc and ps merged into one so couldn't they just do the same thing with their internal test server? And the whole it costs money explanation really don't hold any water because there are a few games that are new and never heard of running their own test servers internationally within the company and just funnel players to their own servers
  15. Derio Steadfast Player

    Destiny 2 will have a closed test server not public and that is also part of the sony deal they made in the contract, huge difference.

    Destiny 2 is a major Sony profit so Sony can invest heavily in.

    DCUO on the other hand does not have over half a million players playing daily.

    Some people dont even know that an update patch for any game, especially f2p games are not cheap and run in the thousands of dollars range. If you dont believe me, just google it.

    Its a big reason why many titles dont do cross play due to certain companies taking so long to certify patches and publish them. Nintendo being a well known company for with-holding patches.
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  16. Backseid Devoted Player

    You have access to the PC Test Server. That's all you can do. For a long time PS players had to pay for a separate PC account to have access, so consider yourself lucky.

    Plug a PS4 controller into a PC, and there ya go. Zero issue.
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  17. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    If only I had newer computer... I've sunk so much money into this game, I feel the devs should chip in and buy me a new laptop for my birthday.
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  18. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    MEeee too....... I needs a new PC.:D
  19. Mazahs Loyal Player

    In todays world there is ZERO need for a pc...
    Its not necessary for business of any kind.

    So to have to log in to some outdated server to test is ...well STUPID.

    Not asking for ps test server but lets be real here folks. Is there anything your tablet, smartphone or app cant do? That really requires a PC. NOPE
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  20. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    I can't play DCUO on my tablet or my smartphone.
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