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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Black Prime OG, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    So I've finally gotten thru all my inventory and bank. I was a horder. I was able to thru so much into the augments. My inventory is happy.

    My little issue. So it seems all crafting material is not XP for augments, cool. This is directed towards the devs. Since you all made zero mention until the Starro stuff was released that you would be effectively making all material from last year worthless. I think it only fair to let us thru that material into our augments also. I was able to put thousands from old scraps and other crap in my bank.

    Why not the Starro material? I know I'm not the only one that had banked that material.
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  2. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Agree 100%. I had lots of Starro mats hoarded from last year and now they're worthless and useless. At the very least they should be marked obsolete so I can feed them to my augs.
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  3. Coffee Iced cream Level 30

    The golden XP things didn't cover this for you?
  4. Schimaera Devoted Player

    It is never enough, ever for some people.
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  5. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    It's not about covering here. These materials simply serve no function in the game anymore. I don't care that all my other old mats are obsolete since I could feed them to my augs for some tiny xp. The Starro mats just don't do anything. Can't even sell them to a vendor for trash cash.
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  6. Domi Well-Known Player

    I have old Starro materials. However, I am keeping them just for nostalgic reasons. I would prefer if I could keep just 1 a piece and feed the rest, but oh well. ^^
  7. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    That's how I'm looking at it. I was rewarded very nicely for saving most everything else. Why not this material?
  8. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Starro stuff hasn’t been worth anything since they released the Deluge content early this year. You didn’t scrap it then? It hasn’t been available for a year and a half...

    I wonder if my Party-Pak Colas give 20xp...

    Really though, no harm done with asking...my attitude is “meh” either way...
  9. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, I keep everything.
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  10. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    "Stay tuned for our next episide of DCUO Hoarders, where we meet BLACK PRIME OG!!!"

    *slow pan over an inventory completely full of things that no-one uses anymore*
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Had like 50k or so in scraps alone. :) I'll continue to horde.
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