A request and suggestions for an Earth Artershock AM

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  1. David Ivanenko Committed Player

    I would love if Brick and Crystal were not as... What's another word for extremely dumb?
    For example, I would like if you could target an enemy, press the summon golem button (when your pet is already summoned) and having it attack that enemy until it dies or you make it switch targets. Sometimes I want Brick to annoy a bunch of adds while I'm tanking a boss or want him to stay away so he doesn't get killed by special attacks (since he doesn't block), a dev told me there's a fix on the way, but I'm guessing they're just giving pets more health/defense.
  2. Lacedog Loyal Player

  3. Wanning Comet Committed Player

    Currently AS is only useful in tanking, any use of AS as a DPS is a massive dps loss. The modification of AS to do more damage would have to be done, whether it's something like more damage after so many AS or the addition of a hold melee that does more damage, or something else that I haven't considered. Maybe Unstoppable would trigger a high damage state for AS used during it's cd like the advanced PI AMs have?

    Daze and AS also suffers from a lack of range, making tectonic break full range or making pebble blast do aoe damage would have to happen so that you could set up the PI at range and not lose damage compared to a crushed loadout.

    More powers would probably have to have AS added to them so that the mechanic would be varied and fun to play, tectonic break would be a good candidate for having AS added, I think. Other powers would probably have to be modified slightly to allow for AS, sandblast would be interesting if the AS of it kept the finisher PI, might be too powerful in PVP, though. As suggested earlier in the thread, Localized Tremor would probably have to be modified, if it was a range aoe rather than a centralized aoe, it would work well and could be like a range JH, this would then eliminate the need to make JH full range, making JH full range could do weird things to tank balance.

    Some things would have to be changed for pvp as well, counter mechanics would have to be added for the new abilities as well as added to Upheaval which currently lacks them.

    Currently dazed is pretty useless in high end pve as a DPS and making some changes to the AS mechanic could make it so that dazed could be used with the AS mechanic and be useful while crushed would remain useful to people that are running WM. The changes to dazed would also make the choice between crushed or dazed for the pet AM a little more interesting, although I think Crystal would probably have to exclude the use of the AS mechanic to avoid the possibility of stacking too much damage.

    On a side note, JH AS is probably one of the most fun things to do in game and I've always hated that it's so ineffective in high end pve as a dps option, allowing for changes to the AS mechanic would probably add a lot of fun to the powerset as a dps.
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  4. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I think my basic idea for an aftershock am would be similar to light and fire/gadgets. Kind of a mix. Where we enter some kind of state/set up a pi and just use aftershock powers to do massive continuous damage. The risk being interrupted or countered. The reward being massive damage from the fun earth seismic powers we love.

    An added benefit from this getting added would be more abilities becoming aftershockable, and some other abilities, tectonic break, becoming more user friendly.
  5. Juxes Committed Player

    I support this thread cause cause. /dance
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  6. filatron Active Player

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  7. Veritech Loyal Player

    My input for this great cause :)

    I would like to see a new power introduced to the middle column of the seismic tree "Seismic Inversion" which would basically function like gadget's battle display. Slot the power icon between Upheaval and JH in the T3 gap.
    On activation it induces power-back mechanic and increases damage on aftershock powers but limits combos to 3 max. Dazed PI would be needed for full dmg potential.

    Localized tremor should be made into an aftershock move with 1,2 or 3 high damaging combos similar to the SC supercharge animation without the fire n brimstone.

    Limit Upheaval and JH to 3x shocks max and have dmg output of those 3 to equal an emp crit. Upheaval should be on par with P/dart in damage as it is lower risk to execute.

    All shock powers should be fully interruptible to limit pvp QQ

    If AM is not active have unlimited shock combos as it stands now.

    The earth aftershock AM should be a high-risk, high-reward type of playstyle.
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  8. JZtheDragon Well-Known Player

    Liking this. I am sorely missing shocks as a damager and would be happy to see it become viable. I am curious about Unstoppable as the PBM starter; would that necessitate it being vulnerable to lunge?
  9. Kohina Well-Known Player

    Omg this ^ 11111+
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  10. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Such a lovely thread. :D

    I fully support this.
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  11. pultinski Well-Known Player

    my thoughts....
    first the only chance of any of this would be to roll it out in stages, a tweak or 2/gu. that in theory would involve alot less coding/testing ect resources from the devs.
    second is to keep each as simple as possible.
    heres what id like to see.
    phase 1 (gu x):
    tanking: jh aftershocks providing a self pot, starting at the end of the jackhammer AS, lasting as long as the duration of the damage mitigation, working as any other pot would. the amount of the pot increases for each AS used ( note: this pot would be cumulative with a troller pot, if active ). gemstone shield would work the same, lasting the duration of the shield. i cant think of a way to incorporate a pot into upheaval, and since keeping thing as simple as possible for the devs, maybe leave as is.
    DPS: all aftershocks increase the crit /chance and BASE dmg of next power cast by some number to make it as effective as wm crit ( or better, if u can aftershock jackhammer enough times). maybe have the crit chance at 120%/AS, capping at 360% ( like wm ), and say 50% ( or whatever ) BASE power dmg increase/ AS. risk is its all a waste when interrupted, reward is a nice BURST dmg attack. maybe go back to the old days where each AS costs power or something, to limit the possible OP of somthing like this.

    phase 2 (gu x+1):

    make more powers aftershockable. maybe stone, just a max of 2 powers, again keeping it small and simple for the devs.

    phase 3 (gu x+2):
    add another power or 2, and this would be a great time to consider moving powers up/down in a tree or moving from geo/seismic.
    maybe also a good time to consider some changes to the way powers work ( eg: DF sucks targets into its center and knocks them down, assuming you meet the DOM req of a standard cc move )

    i get im a biased earth player so please shoot as many holes into this as required.
  12. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    I tryed using a aftershock loadout man for dps i lost by like 5m dmg, when i used my normal loadout i won that is extremely sad aftershock sucks!
  13. Judge2112 Level 30

    Please no leave Earth alone ffs. They already completely screwed up my other character.
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  14. o0Fallou0o Level 30

    Aftershock is very disappointing to say the least. Could def use a bit of an overhaul and damage buffing.
  15. o0Fallou0o Level 30

    ^^^ Awesomeness indeed. I would love to see something like this.
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  16. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

  17. Kohina Well-Known Player

    What kind of loadout were you using for Aftershock (Just curious).:)
  18. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    Totem reinforce pebble blast upheaval super charge 50% and unstoppable
  19. Kohina Well-Known Player

    Did Pebble blast got fix? because a few months ago I hear that PB was bugged. If I'm correct PB did absolutely no damage to dazed enemies so since then I haven't used it at all.
  20. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    To be honest i don't really know if its fixed or not