A request and suggestions for an Earth Artershock AM

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  1. Ultimate BioHazard Well-Known Player

    Love these ideas.
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  2. Vyltran Loyal Player

    I know that my dear Lacedog, i'm filling my book of ideas to express it later.. Of course, revamping Earth pet AM would be cool.. that's why i mentioned Sorcery..
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  3. Dogico Loyal Player

    Really like the ideas in this thread. Honestly anything that makes the Seismic tree viable I am all for.

    Capping Jackhammer at three aftershocks (like Upheaval, Gemstone Shield, and Earthquake) has always made sense to me. Aside from some extra cc for tanks there is no benefit to aftershocking past three.

    I don't think they'll add it but the animation for the general in the Wonder Woman solo is just too damn cool not to use. On test there was a power called Sediment Burst, unsure whether or not it would have used that animation for an undetermined damage ability.

    The idea I've had for a Seismic AM for awhile would include making Tectonic Break, Epicenter, Pebble Blast, Localized Tremor, and Sandblast aftershockable powers. Would also like to see Localized Tremor either changed or replaced with a long range aoe power (about the same aoe it is now). It has always seemed like a redundant ability considering that Jackhammer exist plus making it long range would give Seismic two long range aoes vs the one (Upheaval) we have now.

    The way I've seen using Earth abilities was the more abilities you used, the more damage you caused to the ground and your enemies. Escalating damage basically. I can see this being expressed in two ways. A simple way would be for each third aftershock to leave behind a short (3-5 tics) precision based dot. The other option would be as you cycle through aftershockable powers, each third aftershock does increased damage vs what it would normally do. So say you go TB to set up Daze, then Epicenter->Upheaval->Jackhammer aftershocking each three times. Epicenter's third aftershock would do 1.5x regular damage, Upheaval's third aftershock would do 1.75x regular damage, Jackhammer's third aftershock would do 2x regular damage. Basically the idea being you would want to get to that third aftershock with as many powers as you can, as fast as you can. To avoid buffing powers too much cap the increased damage bonus to just three powers, so after that third aftershockable power each subsequent aftershock power would do 2x regular damage.

    Sorry if this sounds like rambling or isn't explained well, I have the idea in my head but words be hard y'all. It's sort of similar to Lace's only it doesn't utilize a power back mechanic (eww haha) and a slightly different method of encouraging aftershockable powers (increased damage with each third aftershock).

    Each third aftershock would be vulnerable to block.
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  4. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    All these ideas are good. I would also like to have earths am restore power like gadgets sets up it's am. I have been earth for a long time and, I would like an am for earth.
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  5. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    All your ideas here are good except. Jackhammer needs to stay unlimited. I have found ways to make it very useful in damage. Totem and, reinforce active and, hitting a wm crit with jackhammer. Can give good critts past 3.
  6. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I like it, and I think I get it ;)

    My question is this. It sounds like you would be missing out on some serious damage to start this thing up. This might be where I'm not getting it. I'm assuming you would have to chain the 3rd aftershocks together within a certain amount of time? If you got interrupted, that seems like it would be no bueno.
    The power back thing I'm fine if we dump it as long as we continue to be power efficient. My other thing is I like being able to get right into the am damage. If it's going to compete with wm and other mechanics, the major damaging aftershocks need I happen sooner rather than later. Rolling right into the big aftershocks seems fair enough to me since they would be counterable. Why wait for the third aftershock if we don't have to right?
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  7. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Also I agree that more abilities should be aftershockable. They just need to be useful and not aftershockable just for the sake of being aftershockable.
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  8. Dogico Loyal Player

    I can guarantee you that aftershocking JH extensively is a loss in dps. The initial might tic can crit pretty decently, but subsequent aftershocks can't keep up with WM combos.
    I figure if we were constantly aftershocking, and aftershocks stay power-free as they are now, we wouldn't need a power back mechanic.

    Yeah there would be a window of time between third aftershocks that would need to be reached to keep buff going. I think a window of 5-6 seconds would be long enough; time to recover from a counter, get a weapon attack in, reapply Daze, or pop a cola. Basically enough time to allow for the occasional goof but not enough time for a ****** dps to keep using the buff.

    I'd be fine with each aftershock doing the same amount of damage as the last, so long as each aftershock is doing good damage. The idea of escalating damage was just a way to incentivize using multiple aftershock powers.

    I guess my idea of damage ramping up was inspired by HL combos getting stronger after four seconds of use. From what I understand they don't keep getting stronger the longer they go, just once they get to the four second mark they're gravy.

    Also, sort of unrelated but sort of not, I'd really like to have each method of applying Daze (Tectonic Break, Pebble Blast, Stone, Unstoppable) be aftershockable into a precision based dot. I just like the idea of precision based dots, it's inherent, there's nothing I can do about it. Another aside, we have four different ways to apply Daze and they all kind of suck.
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  9. Lacedog Loyal Player

    yeah i think each aftershock should do more damage than the last one, id just prefer the first one be "advanced" right away. the risk is being countered, the reward is if you get to the third one, damage is huge! and i think i follow now, so the next power you use gets a damage buff as well from reaching that previous 3rd aftershock, and the damage would continue to increase. thats exactly how the new light is working. and i like it!

    id like some kind of dot from this as well. it just feels like it would also help out in damage. my ideal loadout i have in my head doesnt use s ingle dot, as the powers work now, so any extra damage is cool to me as well.
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  10. Dogico Loyal Player

    Yeah cause right now Earth only has one real dot (Debris Field), and even that is kind of difficult to get to when using a Seismic loadout. It's not the end of the world, it would just be nice to have. Totem spawning on enemies rather than our feet would help but that's for a different thread.
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  11. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    True but, I don't normally use jackhammer past 5 or 6. If the crits are not flying I stop at 2 or 3.
  12. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Was playing around with totem last night ... I miss using that power... It looks do cool and it's fun... I hope if they do look into giving us a new AM that's incorporated ...
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  13. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I meant tectonic break ... I can't think today
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  14. Cognac Staxx New Player

    I Completely Agree
  15. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I know we all would like for this to 1. Happen. And 2. Work exactly how we each have individually imagined it too.

    I think if we can get anything at all that resembles our ideas it would be awesome. Keep the creativity coming!
  16. Dogico Loyal Player

    For Tectonic Break I've seen people suggest having it cc in tank role, giving it a dot, making it max range, or doing more damage to Dazed opponents. Why not all four? Take it from being one of the more lackluster pi appliers to the best. Making it a knock up/down would just adds to Seismic's somewhat lacking crowd control variety (there's Jackhammer and not much else), keep the same size of the aoe as it is now but have it spawn on your targeted enemy, have it do more damage to Dazed opponents (more abilities in Seismic tree should take advantage of this pi, Dazed was created for Earth initially), and allow 1-2-3 aftershocks to leave behind 4-5-6 precision based dot tics. For as expensive as TB is I don't think adding all those things would be unreasonable.
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  17. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Preach my brother
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  18. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

  19. Veritech Loyal Player

    AyersRock approves this thread.

    Devs please consider A/Shock AM.
  20. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    Well ... Just some thoughts:
    Debris Field: It should be increasing to a 50% attack!
    Striking Stones: Also in my opinion should be increased to 50% and should have some interaction with Debris Field.
    Rumblecrush: I believe that should introduce the two versions as well as the Meteor firepower.
    Meteor Shower: I think you should go up to 100% Supercharge Cost.

    Epicenter: I think you should increase the aria accuracy. One thing I've been noticing when I'm as tank is the difficulty for the other tanks for failing to pull all the enemies that are far from me. The coverage area is small.
    Earthen Grip: He should always bring the enemies to me. And do not throw them to the side to bring or to random places ...
    Gemstone Shield: It should give me immunity as the ice shields.