A request and suggestions for an Earth Artershock AM

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  1. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    We will get this buff!!
  2. Skirmish Well-Known Player

    Been thinking over ideas for an Aftershock AM and I would like this to happen:

    Introduce and change the amount of Aftershocks you can do on the following moves:
    • Pebble Blast - Aftershock x3 - Tap Range to Aftershock, Hold Range after 3 Aftershocks for Final Aftershock*
    • Tectonic Break - Aftershock x3 - Tap Melee to Aftershock, Hold Melee after 3 Aftershocks for Final Aftershock*
    • Sandblast - Aftershock x1 - Hold Range to Aftershock, Hold Range after 1 Aftershock for Final Aftershock*
    • Localized Tremor - Aftershock x3 - Tap Melee to Aftershock, Hold Melee after 3 Aftershocks for Final Aftershock*
    • Jackhammer - Aftershock Unlimited - Tap Melee to Aftershock, Hold Melee after 3 or more Aftershocks for Final Aftershock*
    • Upheaval - Aftershock Unlimited - Tap Range to Aftershock, Hold Range after 3 or more Aftershocks for Final Aftershock*
    *With the above implemented, I would explain the Final Aftershock mechanic. What would happen is when you Aftershock a power and then Hold Range or Melee for a Final Aftershock, a cast bar appears (similar to when performing a WM combo) as a charged up version of that power. This Final Aftershock will deal significantly more damage than regular Aftershocks. If you use an Aftershockable power as soon as the Final Aftershock hits, all Aftershocks will deal significantly more damage and will continue to do so while you keep the Aftershock chain going.

    When hitting a new power when your Final Aftershock hits, you will also receive a small damage bonus if the power you use is different to the one you initiated the Final Aftershock with (You would receive a small damage bonus if you used anything other than Upheaval when hitting the Final Aftershock on Upheaval). The damage bonus when using a different power to the one that initiated the Final Aftershock is designed to encourage people not to spam the same move over and over again.


    Isn't this just a cross between Weapon Mastery and Hard Light? - In a way I can see what people mean by that, however as many people would agree that Hard Light is a very fun power to use. The cast bar on Final Aftershocks would mean that you would need to time the use of your powers more finely then Hard Light but in return the reward for doing so would be a consistent state of high damage. I feel if done right it could be a very fun and rewarding Advanced Mechanic to use that's more interesting than just using tray powers in succession (Quantum, Mental, Fire, Ice).


    Let me know your thoughts on this, is this a good/bad idea and why? Feel free to ask whatever questions you have.
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  3. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    Yeh that will be pretty cool
  4. Pults Loyal Player

    Sooo, about that AM, can we get it or nah?
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  5. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    That will be a pretty good idea i think it will balance earth out in pvp and pve
  6. Dogico Loyal Player

    This isn't happening guys, sorry. At least not for another year.
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  7. thatguysawesome New Player

    I know where your coming from but I still believe that if we continue to push this idea then it can be made and implemented very easily.
  8. thatguysawesome New Player

    and quickly!
  9. HeavyWeapon Dedicated Player

    No one disagrees with you.......except for the developers and unfortunately those are the only people that matter.
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  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I love Aftershock tanking. But for a DPS side, trust me it is a no go due to it being melee almost. I know from my Rage days that melee AM at end game is hard to manage. We should continue to focus on getting Crystal fixed and getting a true power back so that way we can use our abilities more and weapon attacks less.

    Imagine if Fortify Golem gave us a power back.

    We could use Rumble Crush followed by Striking Stones X3 or whatever. Reinforce we could remove and add Shards or another ability in there, such as Gemstone Shield for protection.

    I'm more about using abilities over weapons for AM but I do not see that with Earth, Sorcery, Nature or Electric. I honestly hope they do fix them so that way these powersets can use abilities over weapons for damage and be a top contender as a powerset.

    If Aftershock makes it way as a AM I will test it out but probably stick to pet AM as I like having a little sidekick helping me out.
  11. Streven Dedicated Player

    I use aftershocking with my pet and the damage is quite good. I know there are better rotations without it but I find the damage is close enough to make it viable. I'd like a little boost to the precision damage but as is I think it's very close.
  12. Pults Loyal Player

    Earth has more than one ranged power. Rage has only one - dreadful blast.
    We have Upheaval and Earthquake (a supercharge). Remove its supercharge cost and we have two fully viable ranged powers with aftershocks. Tectonic break and pebble blast can also be adapted to aftershock, do that and we have 4 ranged powers.
    The thing is earth can achieve a lot with these small changes that don't necessarily change the core function of powers. Like it was suggested for rage, where players suggested more ranged options and it flunked because "it wasn't intended to be that way".