A request and suggestions for an Earth Artershock AM

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  1. Lacedog Loyal Player

    When the earth update was on test, no one really knew what AM's would become. All people really knew was that the new fury was pretty sweet and if earth was getting something like that along with some improvements to the tanking side, it would be a good thing.

    But with all of the other am's that have since come out, the pets have fallen waaaaay behind. And with weapon mastery still primarily being the go to damage method for earth, this aftershock mechanic has to be considered.

    Please continue with constructive ideas.
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  2. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Still thinking about aftershocking mechanic.

    Upheaval - same
    Tectonic Break - add aftershock mechanic, aftershocks only available with power back mechanic active
    Jackhammer - add tap range aftershock, add damage to close to midrange aftershocks (tap melee), mid to max range aftershock less damage (tap triangle) cap all aftershocks at (5 to 6) to compensate for increase in damage. Allow he abity to go back and forth between range and melee. Add increase damage effect of a building effect so the 5 and 6 always hit harder then three and four.
    Localized Tremor - add 3custom aftershock ability

    Get rid of the rock bands and add the rock shoulders for reinforce, the Rick hand animation is terrible, I would rather have no animation then the rock hands
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  3. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I like the idea of capping the number of aftershocks to insure higher damage. I just don't see that getting us enough of the high end damage we want without making the aftershocks interuptable or counterable. That's why I suggested the hold melee, or range, to give larger aftershocks than what's on live.
    How about cap all aftershocks at 3 for both upheaval and jackhammer. Give the hold melee aftershock option to both powers, make those aftershocks counterable while also ensuring more damage with each successful aftershock.

    I feel tectonic break should be used here. It can be the flame cascade of our am. Instead of it spawning around us, have it spawn on the targeted enemy and spread the dazed pi in an aoe.
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  4. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Or for jackhammer specifically, cap the hold aftershocks at three and leave the unlimited tap aftershocks for those who like doing that?
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  5. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Thinking about the power points and power tree layout. I'd like to see reinforce and sandblast swap places in power trees. This would make it easier for this new am proposal to grab both damage innates, any supercharge, and then everything from the seismic tree. This would however leave out debris field unless you wanted to give up one of the innates. To me that's ok if this am works how I think it does, but it is a downside to some.

    If you still wanted to run the geo wm loadout all you would be giving up is a couple innates that aren't much of help anyway. Same with the pet am.
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  6. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Would really like range aftershocks with Jackhammer, you could do a hold range tap range, cap the hold at three (interruptible), tap range unlimted no power cost till after three and the range jackhammer is smallish (Sphere?, Circle?) aorund the targeted enemy.

    Range of course doing less damage then melee

    EDIT: Still think the most valuable change to earth would be getting reenforce and debris field is the same branch of the geo tree.

    The biggest hill to climb IMO is when you look at census data, earth is the least picked power class, and the disparity gets even worse at endgame content. It is a big resouce allocation for a little used power on the DC side.
    They could make it extremely OP for a few week :), then tone it down to make it just real good, wouldnt hurt my feelings a bit
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  7. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Yeah I don't mind them mixing it up with earth. I was thinking upheaval would be like gadgets sleep dart and jackhammer like emp. But mixing it up to keep things fresh and different sounds good to me.

    I'm pretty meh about debris field. I of course would use it if I had the power points. But it's power cost and lack of damage if the enemy leaves the field just don't do it for me. In my head with this mechanic, my loadout would be tb, reinforce, upheaval, jackhammer, meteor shower, unstoppable. So I wouldn't have room for df anyway.

    I wouldn't want them to make it op, I'd want them to make it right the first time. Obviously testing and tweaks would have to happen. But if you make this mechanic correctly, more people will try it out. The more people that try it out, some are bound to stick around.
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  8. ACW37162 Loyal Player


    I am totally with you Ina seismic earth AM. Pets are cool, some people love them, has a high degree of pvp functionality, and I'm sure the very very casual players who actually make up a majority of the game players like have sidekick type pets.

    Endgame content their functionality decreases and players who like to in general have more control actually have less control. Even if you had a perfect pet AI and a perfect system to control how your pet behaves I still would not enjoy pets, so I am very biased.

    Bias aside, after shocking is so unique and set just to eat earth I was really bummed when they didn't have earths AM related to aftershocking in particular jackhammer. I really felt like that was a true missed opportunity. Would love it if they came up with something for the seismic lovers.

    What is actually absurd right now, jackhammer is a final tier ability that is melee range, upheaval is a full range ability second tier and the damage difference between the two so laughable, it favors upheaval. Range > melee, they should look at a seismic AM for that one reason alone
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  9. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I'm with ya.

    To add to my tectonic break improvement suggestion above, a small dot similar to rumble crush would be nice as well.
  10. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    We didn't even know much about wm and I think at the time we were being fed that wm would compete with the existing system ... Then they went through and neutered everything no one expected celestial to be killed as it was .... Hardlight was getting changes but no one expected that much... Then wm came out fury was still able to kind of compete the mist a lot of Walpole wee getting at 103 with wm bonus was around 3-4k and that's what fury was doing already then 106 it was getting more telling fury and crystal would not stack up... That said everyone expected aftershocks to be the AM after Larry liberty said that earths combos would be used in these advanced mechanics ... I really wanna see an Aftershock am that just us a powerhouse... Not op but that can compete with electricity gadgets and soon to be hardlight and possibly mental and ice from what it seems... Fire needs somevwork

    at this point reinforce could easily be a 35% tier power with max dam mid and you could move striking stone down in reinforce place..

    And swap places of soothing sands and debris field...

    That way everyone can grab the necessary parts they need in both AMs and still get the innates...

    I'd also like to see pebble blast work for both dazed and crushed enemies...

    I'm also remembering that at one point I envisioned tectonic break to work sort if like plague (not with the same damage numbers tho...

    But if you after shock it .. It could lay down a nice dot on all the adds infront of it at max range... A dot that competes with debris field in damage but with precision numbers and lasts as long as debris field... While also setting up the pi...that way we wouldn't gave to bother with debris field... And this would be the first move in the start of the pbm...

    Also I'd really like reinforce to be a mobile power I'd like to be able to cast it while moving .. And yes I still want the animation changed to dust swirls around the hands ...

    Ok one more idea ...

    Make both trees almost completely independent if one another ...

    So the geo tree is a might based powerset with pets etc and the seismic tree is a precision based tree...

    Geo tree they won't have to change much id just suggest moving crush and striking stones in to one a others spots ... Then move the pets down to where totem is and move totem up to where the pets are or just move the pets down one and move fortify to the 50% spot...

    Remove all of reinforces current properties in dps stance... Make it a replica of wired.. Give a group 15% might buff along with the critical attack chance (change animation to dust swirls cause no ones gonna be happy with rock hands when someone near you ...

    Move rumble crush to where shards is and move shards to the seismic tree...and move sandblast to the geo tree

    That's pretty much it for geo tree..

    Seismic tree.. Move unstoppable to where tectonic break is then move tectonic break to where epicenter is... Move epicenter to where unstoppable is now ...

    Unstoppable no longer sets up a pi it is simply a self buff along with the changes lace dog has made the rock shoulders to indicate pbm... And now rick hands to show self buff.. Shoulders stay while pbm is refreshed but the hands go away when the buff does... Unstoppable now applies a 15% prec buff along with a 10% critical attack chance buff ... Or magnitude.. (Do they even do that?. Make unstoppable cool down match reinforces..(sadly this leaves earth with just one break out)

    Make tectonic break a knock up in tank stance ...and change to my dot aoe pi spreader I have mentioned before...

    Make shards a strong single hit...

    Essentially with this set up both trees have their own am and wm set ups .. And dontbhavevto rely on each other..it would also make it extremely hard to pick up both buffs with out running outta power points... They could even make it to where unstoppable and reinforce can't stack ...
  11. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Forgot to mention the setup above includes laces changes to aftershocking
  12. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    To be honest i don't think the devs will take a second to pay attention to this thread, out of all the earth threads i seen this month its pointless they don't care its sorry to say :(
  13. Lacedog Loyal Player

    The idea, at the very least, has already gotten a response. Anything positive to add to the idea?
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  14. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yes everyone please stay positive and hopeful this thread is a great place for all earth users to come and give their opinions on how earth aftershocks can be the am...

    Keep that in mind focus on the aftershocks and not pets... The goal is to get enough responses and ideas flowing so this thread can be sent to some devs to read .. And trust me the devs are listening
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  15. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    Spytle we ran together once so I now consider you my homeboy... as one's homie I am suggesting you listen to Lacedog. He knows his stuff and he wrecks and he dances and dance-wrecks... and this idea is awesome, like the word not his dog... Got it? good
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  16. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Earth + Sorcery -... some pets AM.. it will make us happier than ever...
  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    this us not about pets
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  18. Lacedog Loyal Player

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  19. CaptainPoptart Committed Player

    If jackhammer had a range aftershock what is the use of upheaval o.o?
  20. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    A ranged clip rotation especially if the aftershocks were capped