A request and suggestions for an Earth Artershock AM

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  1. Lacedog Loyal Player

    *Of course I can't edit the title.....

    This thread is being made to differentiate from the suggestions to improve the pet am.

    Earth needs other options than Crystal and weapon mastery. Both light and nature are getting more advanced mechanics and I don't see why earth can't too.

    My suggestion is an aftershock and power back mechanic. I'm sure other better ideas will be given, and those are welcome, but heres a start.

    Unstoppable - using unstoppable starts our pbm. The dazed pi and power back will continue while any aftershock is used in a set amount of seconds. The rock shoulder armor can be used as the animation to let us know we are in this mode.

    Upheaval - continues to work as is, but a hold melee option for aftershocks is added that is counterable. These new aftershocks do significantly more damage to dazed targets at max range.

    Jackhammer - continues to work as is, but a hold melee option for aftershocks is added and is counterable. These new aftershocks do significantly more damage to dazed targets in the same range it does now.

    For jackhammer I thought of two options. These hold melee aftershocks could be unlimited, kinda like lights new combo mechanic, where they would get stronger with each one. Or limit to three and have a set amount of damage. I see good things with either option.

    There are more ideas and suggestions out there. Let's hear them.
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  2. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Who knows, maybe earth and fire will get their second AM while Qauntum gets their first in update 44. I hope.:)
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  3. xXS0EXx Committed Player

    And sorcery lol... or atleast improvements :rolleyes:
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  4. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    I've been thinking of a way to incorporate the combo mechanic with earth. A way to make aftershocking more potent. Basically, clipping an aftershock power with an aftershock power would increase the damage. With this you'd also add after shocking to other powers in the aftershock tree.

    This mechanic could be added to celestial rage and HL.

    And yes unstoppable would be a great candidate for the power back option. Gem stone could be used to refresh it?
  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Not much I'd add to what lace did there... It sounds really good...

    The few things I would add

    Tectonic break would be a pi set up with max range and adds a small dot... And have it hit infront if you opposed to 360 degrees around you...(Currently it's mid to clues and adds no dot) before I used to nit want tec break to set up pi... But I'm no longer thinking that ..

    Upheaval I'd like it to where we had to do all three or atleast 2 aftershocks befor being able to get that hold melee advanced hit from unstoppable ...

    Jack hammer id like it to be a three after shock then hold melee attack to do one last "nail in the coffin" type attack that dies massive aoe damage...
    Or you could just continue to aftershock like normal but as long as you hit three you can do the hold melee at any time...

    For both after shocks I'd like the final hold melee to be the last move before you have to reset up unstoppable and your pi and dots...

    I'd like them to adjust the geo tree to make it easier for us to pick up reinforce and debris field for a dazed aftershock small ...

    Currently if we were to pick up reinforce debris field unstoppable jack hammer upheVal and tectonic break that takes all 15 power points... They'd need to place reinforce at a 35% power and move debris field under it so we can get all those powers and the iconic innates on top of that...or they'd need to rearrange the seismic tree to make it easier on us...

    Either way this needs to happen after shock am would be so awesome
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  6. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I liked your idea in the other thread of making stone work like sticky bomb and spreading the dazed pi in an aoe.

    Also, why do you want it to take longer to get to the hold aftershocks, therefore making it longer to get to the massive damage?
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  7. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Also to specify, I do mean the hold aftershocks would refresh the pbm and dazed pi's.
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  8. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah I like the stone being like sticky bomb I just didn't know if that was askin to be op ...if they do stone as a pi spreader on multiple adds including a small dot then I'd want tecbreak to be a heavy aoe attack no pi spreader, and increase in damage a bit...

    I was suggesting the longer cause would it be op if it was faster Hittin massive damage ? I'm thinking with set up we should get the same damage as dart in gadgets with upheaval and jack hammer Hittin like emp on the massive attack... I just was doin it to avoid being too fast and considered op ... Using 111 cr what kinda damage are you thinking coming from these powers?just curious
  9. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    So we wouldn't have to hit unstoppable unless we miss the time frame ?
  10. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I was thinking we wouldn't be able to use to many weapon combos since we would have to continue to make sure those aftershocks happen in the certain time frame. Therefore those suckers definitely should be hitting hard.
    Yes. Right now unstoppable works similar to burning det from fire. I'm sure there would have to be other options to apply the pbm, I just don't know what it would be.
  11. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I agree I def want this to make sure we don't ever have to use our weapon .. And I want it to keep up with wm ...we would have to stop to reapply dots etc .. As I feel we would be losing out on damage through dots...maybe like someone suggested above in order to maintain the pbm after you hit unstoppable you have to atleast after shock gemstone shield once to continue the pbm..it fully after shock it but at the same time .. That is a lengthy aftershock with no damage til the end ...
  12. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I don't see it that way. Say the window is 3-5 seconds to keep the pbm and dazed refreshed. You could actually do a short weapon mastery combo as well as throw out debris field well before you have to hit the Artershock of either jackhammer or upheaval. It would be easy.
  13. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I like that so for get some of my suggestions above hahaha..
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  14. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Think of how fire is now. With a short wm combo like dw or 2h you can get another mass det off easily and keep the mechanic working.

    I would think our window would be smaller though since it would be easier to keep our mechanic going.
  15. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Something I loved about celestial when I played it for that short little bit was how I neve had to touch my weapon... It was so fun but sadly it wasn't a tank power so I didn't stick around long ... If love for that style of game play for earth I want it to keep up in damage with all other ams and allow me to be a mega style character where I just use powers ... However i won't mind doing a fast hand master solar flare between aftershocks ...
  16. Azrael New Player

    agree 100+

    most of this stuff is already there and aftershock AM suits earth so much more. I really want to push this for a future Update.b/c i don't touch my earth toon anymore...love earth tanking but dpsing is a bore...its just WM... if earth doesn't change i might just change to experimental serums
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  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I am already planning going experimental serums as I've been advocating for a physical strength power set since I started this game so I can't wait for t... As much as i Iove earth and will use my alt that is also earth a lot when I miss it...I'll be switching ... That said in the mean time I want to be no other power but earth... It's a gorgeous power set that unfortunately some of the powers after shocks in particular are so weak as of now ... This really needs to happen what lace is creating here ... I suggest loche or any other dev look at this and deliver us something as close to this as possible .like you i don't really enjoy the wm borefest.. And the pet mechanic is not fun nor did most earth users want the pet to be our unique mechanic.. Almost everyone who were creating their own fixes all focused on the after shock side...

    One of the coolest characters in dc that they even used as the earth inspired character is geo force ... And he would be more aftershock centric...
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  18. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    This sounds amazing! !!!
  19. iSmashly New Player

    I don't approve of most mud stompers. Lacedog however, I can always get behind Lacedog.
    Nothing to add about a power I dont understand just wanted to.... /dance
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  20. Lacedog Loyal Player

    That's the truth, truth! /dance