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  1. Arkuno New Player

    Okay so, I recently started playing DCUO on PC, I used to play wayyyy back on the PS3 when Marks of Disctinction were still a thing, now I have a growing problem that is stopping me from playing further.

    I can't decide on a power, in every Alert, Duo, or Raid, I feel like I am not helping at all and someone with WM carries us everytime, but whenever we have a group around the same Tier armor, I don't contribute anything and I just get constantly KO'd, I am HL, I really like HL but I feel like I can't help my team through the Alerts.

    I want to change powers, but I don't know to which one, this is what I want:

    - Easier time on Alerts (being less KO'd)
    - Contributing the most in survivability
    - Still have good overall damage
    - Not being good with one role, I want variety (Role + DPS)

    So far it seems that I'm best suited as a Healer, but I'm indecisive between Lightning and Celestial, also a friend of mine recommended me going Tank, which I like all powers of.

    I have tried joining a league but all they do is T6 and I have been trying to look for a League thats low Tier for me, but no success, and before someone tells me 'Play what's fun for you' I have the most fun using the weapons more than powers, so yeah.

    Any advice?
  2. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    Rage, Electricity, Gadgets
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  3. Little Sister New Player

    Getting KO'd has nothing to do with your powerset. It's more about your gear. What kind of gear are you wearing ? And are you using melee on bosses ? Are you blocking when necessary or are you just smashing buttons ?

    Also, if you are more interested in using weapons than powers, the powerset doesn't matter too much if you spec into Weapon Mastery.
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  4. Arkuno New Player

    I use full T1 and have about 3 T2 pieces and T2 weapon, I run a HL build from Kaiser007 with Rifle, It's not that I am getting into danger I just get focused down hard by the mobs, yes I block and stuff but in Alerts like Ace Chemicals I get insta exploded by the guys with the flamethrower sometimes, I usually just stay wayyy back now, and I seem to have more success that way.

    I just started I have like a few days of playtime, I know what I have to do and I enjoy this game a lot, but it feels like not a lot of people are playing T1, T2 stuff.
  5. chubbychase New Player

    1. If you use rage mode, I'd say Rage wins that one, if you don't use rage mode (some dps don't), I'd say Celestial
    2. Self survivability would be rage, group survivability would be Celestial (regardless of role)
    3. #1 Rage, #2 (thanks to max damage tac mod) Celestial
    4. Celestial - extremely great hybrid power, even if you don't use mixed gear

    Also, do you prefer melee or ranged? For melee, go with Rage. For ranged, go with Celestial.


    1. Sorc (use a guardian if no actual tank players)
    2. See #1
    3. Sorc
    4. Sorc, tho not as flexible a hybrid as Celestial but excels in both roles
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  6. Skidmarc Committed Player

    All will work. Until you get better with each you should stick with ice or sorc for overall survivability. Rage and electric and gadgets will cut up dps charts but if you are not proficient you will die. Especially with rage. I just started using it and 5 he crashes can be costly. Stay away from that until you are comfortable.
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  7. Sorwen Well-Known Player

    I've had similar problems(T1 with some T2 gear as well). I'm not sure what it is but I'll be going along fine taking damage and healing then suddenly out of no where from full health he takes two hits and my character is KO'd. I'm not sure if the mobs can just suddenly lay on the crits or what. It is like he suddenly has no defense at all.
  8. ChuckLess New Player

    I am going to recommend Earth. That is the powerset I leveled up with and it's even better now. If you DPS as Earth, and have Brick out, he will take a lot of agro off of you. If you're running with a Tank, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use him though. But, at T1-T2 level most Tanks have no clue what their doing anyway. Lol.

    When I was leveling up, I always had "Phase Shift?" on. That made Brick take a certain portion of my damage. I never understood why people always had to repair their gear until I switched powers :p I don't believe it still works that way, but Brick will distract enemies for you which makes a big difference.

    Edit: This is especially useful in solo/duo content.
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  9. Sbel Devoted Player

    I'm going to second the Sorcery and Earth recommendations. There are a lot of really good power sets, but the pets can be handy when you're trying to survive. And they're both good at both roles.

    I wouldn't delete you old character though, you might want to play it again later.

    About the difficulty in general: the missions are generally hard to complete without a balanced team if you're at the right level for them. If there's no tank, the boss often focus on the healer. If there's no tank or healer, the boss will usually focus on whoever is doing the most damage. You may be having trouble surviving because you're actually doing pretty well. You just don't have the health and defense to survive your success. :p

    If you're going to keep queuing as a low level dps you should invest in survivability. Consider getting a personal shield and changing yu super charge to a group shield or healing supercharge. Get a Sidekick and a supply drop from your base, an absorption adapter for your weapon (good at low levels. not so much at higher levels). Work on skill points and get Weapon Mastery.

    1) The Patrolmen do that sometimes. Staying back is a good idea.

    2) Do you mean Kaiser's old, pre-WM rotation?
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  10. nutterz72 Active Player

    i personally would go sorcery. My main is a sorcery healer and dps, mostly dps, with hand blast for ranged. But, honestly, you would think sorcery would be a might based power, but, now it's not really might rather than precision as long as WM functions the way it currently does. I honestly don't think it matters what power you have, if it's thought to be might based, it's all about WM and precision. I mod everything with precision, currently, and I do very good dps at cr 106. But I also have 124 skill points. I recommend hand blast for the fact of survivability. Most of the time you will be just using your weapon anyway and the further you are from a mob or boss, the more you survive. With bosses, you can tell a strong attack will happen towards you sooner than if you were melee. I find more melee die on boss encounters than ranged. Hand blast into explosion shot is nice, two aoe's in a row. Most would probably recommend duel wield. I tried that and it is one less step to explosion shot, but a lot of times I missed the WM rotation and did a strong ranged duel wield attack instead. Hand blast just feels easier. So really at this point, it's not the power you choose, it's the weapon and ease of WM conversion and how many skill points you have that gives you that extra damage.
  11. Twilight Man New Player

    Be a Sorcery Controller.
  12. Lazarux New Player

    Being low level, WM isn't an option to start. Once you get up to 45-50 skill point, then you can focus on weapon attacks more.

    I would also suggest earth or ice. Both deal solid DPS and both have great survivability. Tanks can be a blast to play if you learn your role well.

    As far as a league goes, try asking your current league mates for assistance gearing up, advice on load outs, feat hunting and general game play. If no one shows interest or if they flat refuse, shop for a new league. Me up front about what you are looking for before joining. Make sure your goals coincide with what the league's play style incorporates.

    Being new can be rough in a game as established as DCUO, but be patient and enjoy the game. Don't let anyone force you to play just 1 way. The best players in this realm are those that invest the time and effort to learn the nuances of their power set and think outside the norm.

    There is also a forum dedicated to league recruitment. Be sure you post which system and server you play on for the best results.

    As harsh as some in this community can seem, don't get discouraged. There are a ton of good people that love to help others. It can take a bit of time to really find the right power/weapon combo for you, so don't be afraid to experiment with several until you find your niche. Despite what some may say, there is no time limit to level/gear up and racing to the top end only guarantees that you miss out on the best aspects of the game.

    Again, take your time, play around and above all, find what's fun for you. This is a game, not a job (unless you're Mepps, then it's both!)
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  13. X-zero Loyal Player

    Going to agree with Ice and Sorcery suggestions as well. But the first one that came to mind when reading your post was Ice. Ice has great survivability in both stances. One of the most popular tanks. A very strong dps. and since it has a ton of shields you could use the power defensively and attack primary with your weapon. But if you don't have weapon mastery you still probably won't be that well off on the scoreboard against someone who does.
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  14. kobetory08 New Player

    i say rage if you want to melee relentless anger makes it possible to melee and berserk has little to no range so the powerset stays true to its design. tanking is very good as well it has very good pulls the shield is ehhh but if you get knocked down after rage crash its good to help you recover