A PC Player's Guide to 60fps and Higher Resolutions..

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    UPDATED 20th/March/2020

    Replaced missing pics, due to Tinypic closing.


    Hi guys

    Do you have a PC that can do more than DCUO let's you? .. are you locked to 30 frames per second? Want higher resolutions but can't get them to appear in DCUO? Well this guide hopes to alleviate and steer you in correct fashion, despite your problems. This guide is for Nvidia users, as this is what I use. AMD is not always agreeable with custom res. as AMD users know.

    So, the current NV Drivers at time of writing were not keeping custom resolutions. 361.43 x64 Windows 10 Pro.
    However this did NOT stop me! and shouldn't stop you.

    Graphics Settings

    In NVCP (Nvidia Control Panel)

    Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings tab> Drop down Menu then select DCUO>

    Depending on your particular graphics card, try each setting then launch the game to see how much it impacts performance.

    find the right balance for you.

    I have a RTX 2080ti and have everything maxed. If you have SLI (I had this before) this may improve graphics even more without the performance impact.


    Higher Frame Per Second
    So still in NVCP, at the Program Settings for DCUO. Turn on the V-Sync. Launch DCUO.. once logged into DCUO turn off/adaptive V-Sync in the Settings (which are Options> Settings> Video). If your desktop resolution is the same as DCUO and your desktop res. is 60fps this *should* give you 60 frames per second.


    Higher Resolutions
    A program called Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) gives you access to higher resolutions, with a caveat. Your panel MUST be ABLE to do that resolution! you can BREAK your panel if it does not.

    Now NV has a downsampling technology called 'DSR' that gives you access to higher resolutions, regardless of panel ability (no panel breaking), I HIGHLY recommend you use that first unless you know *for a fact* that your panel (TV, Monitor) can do higher res. or you do not mind buying a new panel if *you* break yours. you have been warned.

    DSR is available for higher end graphics cards, to turn this tech on:

    In NVCP (Nvidia Control Panel)

    Manage 3D Settings>Global Settings>DSR Factors, then add everything when the little pop up shows more settings, these are extra resolutions. ..once done, you also have access to DSR Smoothness.


    The DSR Resolutions automatically showed up for me in DCUO launcher and in game. so nothing more to do i guess. :)

    I have a 3D panel which maxes out at 2048x1536 *ACTIVE PIXELS* which is *not* downsampling tech. and so needs custom res. setting. for this I use CRU. I am currently not using DSR as I want max pixel count.. but to those with lower pix count, DSR is many many more times more powerful than AA (like x 10 + increased perspective correctness) and should be, rightfully, flocked to! the tech is AMAZING!

    1. Google CRU and download.
    2. open CRU and select your panel (might be a few even if there's only one output).
    3. add standard resolutions.. eg. 2048x1536, 1920x1200, 1920x1440. at 60fps. your panel NEEDS to be able to do it already.
    3b. for custom resolutions, again your panel NEEDS to be able to do it already. but using this custom utility automatically does the pixel maths for you. so you do not have to. just click off interlaced, then put the desired resolution in the two top most boxes.


    save to the extension block also, by checking the box. and click OK then reboot.

    I hope this has steered you in the right direction for improved graphics in DCUO.


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  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Adding some screenshots might help to improve your guide. Take my guide for Radeon cards as an example.

    Also: A higher resolution doesn't look so well when AA and Anisotropic filtering are not turned on in the NVCP. The other options, like tesselation don't seem to do anything in DCUO :(.

    I am very happy that someone finally started making a guide about using the NVCP to improve DCUO graphics.
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    thank you i will try this :)
  5. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    let us know how you get on
  6. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    The problem is that I want to play in Windowed mode and it doesn't allow me to use the same resolution, so the FPS goes through the roof as soon as I change.
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    Hi Prof

    did you match your desktop res and refresh with the in-game? it shouldn't go above the desktop res.

    erm.. try turning V-Sync to ON or adaptive in NVCP main tab. even if you do lower res it should match your desktop.. which im guessing is 60
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    Yeah from what i have noticed once you are in WIndowed Mode these settings don't seem to matter. At least from what i can tell.
  9. Wynrotar New Player

    I any game when you use window mode it will rely on your desktop settings. Considering this game has aged worse than a woman's chesticulars with cancer you can not get more than your hardware can do. Game is Optimized worse than planetside and is what 12 years old? get over it or upgrade your toaster!
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