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  1. Lightful New Player

    I would like to state up front that I love the new power set, celestial. It has been great so far and I can only point out one flaw and that is getting knocked down during combo.

    As a healer, getting stunned can easily cause a few to die. Attempting to combo a power is time consuming enough, along with the ability to get knocked down during this combo is down right cruel.

    What's the point of implementing a combo system for healers if I can't utilize it in raids?

    Solution: Make a new tactical mod that's similar to Empowered Channeling.

    I'm not taking away from the effectiveness of this power. I've already solo healed nexus with it. However, I bought a respec token with the idea that I can now combo and change my play style accordingly as a healer only to find myself a bit disappointed.

    - Thanks for reading.
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  2. Thatguy New Player

    Celestial healing combos, like Earth's Tanking aftershocks, needed the white flashing immunity from the beginning. The time to combo is already a punishment enough when the combos are only bringing the powerset up to what the other powersets can do instantly.
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  3. spack2k Steadfast Player

    hm i think celestial would be op on pvp if u cant knock back, atleast the dps role...
  4. Lynx Committed Player

    This has been one of the most frustrating aspects of celestial for me. Even in lower tier content (t2-3), I constantly get knocked down, knocked back, stunned, juggled, or whatnot by enemies. Hell, even going through one of the low level quest areas to help a league member, fighting level 15-20 enemies, my cr 76 celestial character was still getting knocked down/back constantly.

    In any group content where aggro drops or AoE exist, you can pretty much throw out the combo system entirely, it isnt going to work - there's just too many ways for your combo casts to get interrupted. As Thatguy said, this is also a problem for earth characters - I regularly have to deal with not being able to use my jackhammer or upheaval aftershocks when tanking on my earth hero because as soon as I activate the initial ability I'll get knocked down or stunned or interrupted.
  5. Lightful New Player

  6. Lightful New Player

    Perhaps but I'm referring to PVE healing anyway.
  7. BLK Well-Known Player

    we have a group shield we could pop before any combo...i really dont see the issue..or even if you didnt spec into it our powerset has one of the longest range for movesets to hit so just play ranged imo.
  8. Lightful New Player

    Feeling is mutual. I hope they consider a solution if not my solution.
  9. Lightful New Player

    That's not the point. Like hardlight, you're in a constant combo of constructs. I was expecting something similar to hardlight. I thought they were going to bring something new to the table for healing, however, they did not. When I heal, I'm forced to use instant heals just like every other power set.
  10. BLK Well-Known Player

    so if they gave you what your asking for you know how broken this power and hl would be for pvp content?
  11. Lightful New Player

    Perhaps this "fix" could be strictly for PVE only.
  12. MARK2099 New Player

    Op why need to combo the heals in celestial? the heals are almost the same as the rest of powersets, play like the rest of powersets, if you want combo make sure you adjust your playstyle, because even hl can be interrupt and block, is not like you can use combo over and never get interrupt.
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  13. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Celestial healing doesn't need combos. Combos are just for two extra hots or damage. If your spending all your time comboing and people are dying, your doing it wrong.
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  14. Lightful New Player

    This was my initial impression when I heard of celestial. For hardlight, it appears you're thinking more PVP. Also, healing is a critical role unlike dps. Now I'm not saying dps aren't important but like my initial post states, a single stun can cause a few to die.

    Edit: read my response to bigtyme. That will answer your question.
  15. Lightful New Player

    I've noticed but I still want to implement them into my load out when I want to have fun. This game isn't all about getting in, getting out, need, pass, que up, leave. I actually want to enjoy my time and do something innovative.

    For difficult content like T5 raids, I will adjust accordingly if need be. For easier tier content, I want to be able to mess around. (While still doing my job as a healer, of course).

    What is the point of combos if you can't use them?
  16. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    You can use them but they aren't going to save anyone's life. Comboing is just for extra damage or for using two extra hots. If people are dying don't combo, clip your burst heals.
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  17. Lightful New Player

    That would be the case in harder content.
  18. Zpred Dedicated Player

    This is the real downer to celestial especially for dps, It's great when you can pull off/spam the combos, raids seem the best, but anything other then raids you just get interrupted too easy too often. It's understandable in PVP but when in PVE no matter the duo/alert/solo/under 30 missions your better off just using your weapon. The problem is the combos are not exactly fast and I know there not meant to be but it makes celestial too easy to predict/counter/interupt ect.

    The thing is the powerset isn't at fault here, the devs are for trying to force people to play and learn PVP/mechanics... Cough cough cough.... I meant the combat mechanics that was suppose to be in PVE from day 1.

    I know this is for another thread but why on earth was they brought in to PVE lol, they said for more of a challenge? No way it's more of an annoyance then a challenge, maybe increasing the npcs health/damage output would of been a better choice.
  19. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Yea, precisely it all depends if you know your power, its all about train.. but creating a new tact mod would be kool for initiates ones.. no problem on adding one.. but every celestial power got their own effect besides their own combos... practice practice practice! :D..