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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Danielle_Tgurl, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    I personally don't mind the $15 a month. Its seriously not that big of a deal. Free players...well it's free and they get way more than they paid for. Premium....its a bit of an ongoing joke. Why not give an option for a membership between Premium and Legendary? Like $5-$7 a month for maybe a million cash cap as long as they pay their monthly fee and a few extras like base mods to a certain level and add a few episodes they can get into. Lets face it...everyone says Daybreak is all about the money...I think that's a bit of a generalization but it IS a business....of gamers. Maybe some players can accept $5-$7 a month better than $15 for whatever their financial reasons. Suggestions on this....that may actually be taken seriously?
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  2. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Sorry to reply to my own thread first...lol...not really...but would also be a great alternative for regular members that let their subs drop when they get a bit burned out or bored to play too often.
  3. BumblingB I got better.

    Adding a new membership further devalues the regular one.

    It's an interesting concept, but not very beneficial to players.
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  4. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    It does not devalue anything because it does not offer as much as a full membership. Its an option for others
  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    2 -3 times a year they offer the 3 month special for 29.99$. Its also much cheaper if you buy a full year worth than go 15$ monthly. Also they just had a big sale where you could get a year worth for 70$ which was essenitially like a 6$ per month value. They will probably have more membership sales in the future, but paying 15$ is a choice not something that is mandatory.

    People just have to take advantage of opportunities when they see them.
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  6. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Its a membership all year round for those who don't pay anything at all right now.
  7. bmce84 Loyal Player

    This is how it's devalued, All Access gets all the episodes while premium has to buy them, but you make a membership where you get a significantly large cash cap and some episode access, and you take away from the All Access benefits.
    The main issue for premiums is cash cap, so Premium should have tiers
    1- own 2 episodes and get 50k cap
    2- own 4 episodes and get 75k cap
    3- own 6 episodes and get 100k

    and so on until we reach the point of the current game with 26 episodes with increments of 25k for every episode you buy (50k to start as an incentive for getting the episode in the first place).
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  8. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Honestly they should have saved the membership offer until days before releasing Ep 27.
  9. BumblingB I got better.

    This new membership gives what benefits, what exceptions? It sounds like a cut down version of legendary that is all the good from it w/o all the stuff we don't need. A subscription should be the amount they set with benefits. Having a cheaper version just incites more benefits for the full version otherwise why not just drop to the low one anyways? Which lowers revenue for the developers.

    You should be advocating more premium options, like a token that permanently increases your cash cap. Remember, the reason why people play at premium level, is because they either can't have a recurring sub or don't want to pay monthly and prefer to always have access even if stripped down.
  10. BumblingB I got better.

    A lot of times, they don't set the times when and where sales go. Who knows, maybe that date was set way before they decided to remove monthly.
  11. bmce84 Loyal Player

    It was a dirty trick to whoever decided it then, people thought they would be getting a whole year of content cheaper, not just 7 or 8 months.
  12. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    I get membership every month since 2011 except for the few times I get burned out. Those months are a complete loss from my contributions. And there are players who are...well poor or kids. The offer seems legit and I see no reason not to allow more access to players you can only pay half of what others do. NOT full access by any means. Fact is players will pay or they wont pay. I personally wouldn't drop to a lesser sub because I have millions on my toons and I really like buying things on broker. I like full access so I pay for full access. Most people know 1 million is basically nothing to a lot of players. I think it just gives non members reasons to become a member at any degree. Game is moving forward and its past time to start making a better effort to bringing those free players up the ladder a bit. All about the incentives. Daybreak likes money and players like access....so its really up to daybreak not us.
  13. BumblingB I got better.

    Think that's bad, I know people who bought another year right when they announced the changes. It really did leave a bad taste. I'm not even playing anything that needs legendary, but I'm on the 3 month system.
  14. BumblingB I got better.

    This is the problem right here. Players that CAN'T will still not be able to use the new membership. Players that will, will just use it as a means to give less money to the developers.

    It devalues the current membership.
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  15. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Less money less access...as of now this targets the players that give no money anyways. So its a good thing.
  16. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    Starting to see a pattern here. Advocates against giving incentives to become a better player in DC and advocating against Free and Premiums from having an option to become a Semi member and have more access allowing them to become stronger players yet again. What does everyone have against players getting better...I mean other than yourselves since that's all it seems drives most of the advocates. I want to promote a stronger player base and come up with an idea to include more players to become members. BOTH seem to leave a bad taste for some here. I'm getting it now. All of the people trying, yes trying, to dismantle my ideas have only one thing in common. They stay on top and all others stay below them. Is this a serious powerplay to not be challenged in game as a good player? Are the Pillars of the OP shaking at the thought of not standing above others?
  17. BumblingB I got better.

    Players already say that the current membership is less than it was. In some ways, I agree with them. The problem is, a lower cost membership will simply devalue it further and be exploited by players. It means less money for the DBG.

    DTG, I'm not trying to poo-poo your idea. I'm just trying to say, it would definitely result in something not beneficial and will ultimately cause more problems than necessary. More options for premium would be more useful, not less options for subscriptions.
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  18. BumblingB I got better.

    I'm not going to say there aren't people simply targeting your ideas, but please don't lump me in them. I've explained myself in depth, I can't help but not understand what you don't grasp of what I'm saying.

    I don't feel above a premium person. I don't feel proud to spend my money monthly and think everyone is a pleb. The problem with your idea is economically not beneficial. It devalues the current subscription plan and will be easy to exploit. Which will result in problems. I said in my very first post, it's not a bad idea, just wont work with what we already have.

    A beneficial idea would be increasing cash cap token or more bundled options for content. Etc.
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  19. Danielle_Tgurl Committed Player

    This membership would be a downgrade for actual members and would serve them no good to drop to a lesser sub unless the alternative was to drop sub for the whole month. This ONLY helps Free and Premium to have incentive to put up a little as well to pay the Daybreak's electric bill. Don't need more Devs fired because they cant pay them. Free and Premium pay nothing as it is. Combine those new memberships with the hypothetical members that lower and it still means increased income for Daybreak.
    Sorry BB you know I like to get dramatic lol
  20. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I disagree. I think they need to work towards removing Legendary and just have the game be a true free to play game across the board.

    There's a conflict of interest there when you're mainly focused on introducing new microtransactions whilst offering a membership option, too. Ideally you should focus on one or the other.

    Despite being an attractive way to play DCUO, some people just don't want to subscribe. Faced with a huge amount of pay walls as the alternative, players are far more likely to just leave the game than get involved.

    Likewise, the developers probably realised a while ago that microtransactions are more bountiful than subscriptions, but because people pay monthly, they feel entitled to access new features for free as part of their membership, which defeats the purpose of microtransactions.

    The developers have probably realised by now that items like Stabilizers, Booster Bundles and Replay Badges are the best money makers for the game, so hopefully they should realise that in order to maximise the sales of those 3 products, they should be doing everything in their power to:

    - Get as many people playing the game as possible on a long term basis by allowing all players to access the entire game.
    - Keep people playing for as long as possible by producing good quality DLCs with solid, non-random progression and lots of other rewards to chase.
    - Get people to form a connection with their characters by focusing on creating challenging content that requires and investment of time to gain skills that transfer over from episode to episode.

    Get those 3 things right and the money will follow.
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