A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. TDSK Committed Player

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on my load-out. I'm only in T4 Raids, and I switch from using Rifle and Bow. Been thinking about using 1H or DW for melee when I get gear.
    My loadout is PF, Menance, MT, TK Bolt, TB, and PK. I've been thinking of switching out TK Bolt because I never use it outside of Gates from Hallway through second boss. My rotation is MT-clip into menance- explosiveshot/grenade-PF-explosive/genade-TB-Trinket or Soda-PK-explosive/grenade-MT then go to town on weapon attacks. When menance recharges, I start it over again. Sometimes I use TK Bolt after the last MT, but it isn't likely.
    I was wondering, would it be better to put Terrorize in where TK Bolt is? If so I would most likely rotate doing Flurry or Flip Shots/Mortar up to at least 65% power and then do TB/MT/PF/or PK for DoT's with Terrorize at the 35%
  2. Clutch_GT New Player

    @TDSK since a huge majority of people are overgeared for T4 content below I'd suggest adding a burst damage power (Psychic Shock/Psy Res/TK Push). As much as I know how awesome Mental is at stacking dots and seeing the yellows tick fast sometimes it's better to just avoid stacking in certain situations(pretty much when majority is overgeared for said content except on boss fights). TK Bolt & Mass Lev are great powers but are very situational especially since majority of players are just overgeared for the content and are able to almost one shot most adds in the game. If you decide to start meleeing Staff has pretty good synergy with Mental. 1 handed and 2 handed are very good choices as well. If you decide to go range JEEBIE & Radium have me hooked on Handblasters but Dual Wields are very good choice.
  3. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I dont touch TK bolt in below T5 content (besides maybe boss fights EXCLUSIVELY)...By the time you get your cast off on adds mostly everything is dead if the group is decently geared (meaning T4, not even T5)

    I like going with all quick cast burst powers and I usually run: Menace - Phantom Flames - Pyro - MT - Psy Shock - TB...Grenade clipping with Shock/PF is great for group damage

    Id leave both Terrorize and TK Bolt off of my bar entirely if we are talking about facing weaker adds only...Boss fights are a different story and I think that you are good to choose whichever you like for those, but I would lean more towards TK Bolt because of the 60% hand mod, and the fact that I could use it throughout the entire fight...However it cost 1 less power point to get Terrorize (barring I have PF) which is why I normally end up taking that, either way it isnt going to be a make or break decision for you
  4. sheensprayshot New Player

    Hello to all!!! Really new here!! I played DC over a year ago, then joined the military and had to abort the mission. Now Im back and am getting back into it. Lots a free time on my hands now.

    Im level 30. But a weak level 30. I JUST learned that I should of took my time and acquired feats.SMH.LOL. I only have like 32. I had to read, and re read many of these post. Then I had to look up many things to know that the heck was being said.

    I want to especially think Green x for his precision in his explanation.I have a few questions.

    1.)The power loadouts KILLS YOUR POWER.lol. For a guy like me, or for anyone on the come up, what are some effective rotations to use that doesn't destroy your power "pool"?
    2.) I picked bow as a weapon before reading this post. Should I switch to one hand or martial arts due to the might increase?
    3.) What are some basic things for us beginners to keep in mind when playing mental and learning?

    Thanks alot!
  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    1.) There really isnt a rotation that doesnt kill your power if youre going for DPS...As a Might based damage power, our big numbers come from using our powers, and using them often...The only thing I can recommend is sprinkling in more weapon combos and using your sodas wisely

    You said you chose bow, so make sure that Flurry shot is a big part of your rotation, for example: Mass terror clipped with Menace > Flurry Shot > Pyrokinesis > Flurry shot > Psychic Shock > Flurry shot, etc, etc

    We stack our DOTs and hammer away with burst powers while they tick, its bound to eat up power

    2.) I use bow and its more than viable, especially if youre a fresh Level 30 and undergeared...You can stay back and still do nice damage whereas with a Melee weapon like MA or 1H you have to be up close and personal to

    3.) Its really the same thing for any Mental DPS: Know what powers will overwrite and adjust accordingly...Pyrokinesis, Thought Bubble, Phantom Flames, Mass Terrors DOTs can all be overwritten by any role (troll or DPS) so know alternate loadouts you can go to if running with another Mental or a stubborn controller that wont switch his loadout

    If you have anymore input/questions, feel free to post more
  6. sheensprayshot New Player

    I was trying this in the war room. I was impressed with the numbers I was getting. Wow. 200 PLUS CRITICAL. I know that isn't alot to you veterans. But I never got that much. A few more questions.

    1.) Is it a good idea to clip flurry shot into pyro, phantam flames, or pyschic shock? Or should clipping stay with menace and mass terror alone?
    2.)Any buying equipment basics?
    3.) Should I put skill points in different weapons for the might? Example, like martial arts, one hand etc.?

  7. TDSK Committed Player

    @Greenman_x and Sage_Tui
    Thanks for the advice, it's been great in helping me with my useless Loadout slot! I'm going to try running this in some content tomorrow.
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  8. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    1.) You can clip flurry with any power, just make sure you clip at the right time or youll lose out on some damage
    2.) Buying equipment wont really matter as all the stats are the same for Damage until you hit T5 content and when that happens make sure you buy MIGHT based DPS gear and not Precision
    3.) Not might at this stage, make sure to spec into your Crit attack Chance and Damage before anything else...I always spec: Crit Chance>Crit Damage>Might>Prec
  9. sheensprayshot New Player

    So what you're saying. In regards to question 3. Is to put skill points in various weapons in the critical damage as opposed to might at my stage?

    And on question 1. When is the right time to clip?
  10. sheensprayshot New Player

    Oh. And another question.Thanks for the help btw.lol.

    Since I only have 34 skill points right now. I am trying to use it efficiently. Am I to understand that you are saying to put skill points in different weapon trees for crit chance, crit damage, might, then prec? And what weapon trees? Or should I fill out my bow tree first?
  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I would stick to Crits yea...Id get whatever damage innates are in your main weapons Tree then branch out to the others to get the Crits

    Right at the tail end of the Flurry shot, I cant really say without actually seeing it because its more muscle memory for me at this point
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  12. sheensprayshot New Player

    Ok. So here is my observation. I don't know the numbers like you guys so bare with me.

    I filled out the critical damage for bow, duel wield, duel pistol, and two handed for the critical damage. Plus 2 I think. Is that the way you suggested?

    Still working on my skill points. I finished all the exploration feats. And I have to wait till my higher level brothers do some raids and alerts for me.

    Still can't really mod equipment. I don't think.

    My critical damage is SERIOUS.lol. I kill people pretty fast. But I have a long delay between rotations because my power pool is still pretty low.

    Wonderful guide. Thanks
  13. sheensprayshot New Player

    Can someone explain this to me? Is it saying 2 power points go towards tactical genius, and weapons expert? And...err...IDK.
  14. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Weapons expert, tactical genius, and wisdom of solomon.
  15. sheensprayshot New Player

    I don't get how you all are able to put 3 points in iconic powers, and STILL being able to get other power combos from the illusion and telekinis tree.
  16. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    I think if you use Bigtyme's loadout you only have 2

    Wisdom of soloman is a luxury powerpoint, the 2 tactical are the ones you really want
  17. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    That only works for my load out. People who use the old burst/aoe load out have to grab other moves.
  18. CmRoddy New Player

    So let's talk PVP, shall we?

    I've been building up my PVP gear. I just finished all of the T4 set and I'm starting work on the T5 set.

    Now, up to this point I've purchased all Controller gear. The 8 pieces of clothing, the two rings, the trinket (not that it matters since the stats don't leave the belt), the neck, the face, and the weapon have all been controller.

    Now, with Precision/Vit mods in 6 of the 8 pieces of gear (4 yellows and two reds) I'm doing pretty good damage as a Controller to Healers and even other roles. But I've run into a couple of issues.

    First, it doesn't feel like my debuffs stick to Healers as much as other Controller's debuffs stick. I run 2v2 with a Healer buddy of mine and whenever we run into a Controller that debuff sticks to my Healer for what seems like forever without it wiping away. But my debuffs go away after only a few seconds. There is just no way that his trinket to wipe debuffs or consumable cola to wipe debuffs cooldown as fast as they are being wiped so what is the issue?

    I don't think it's a dominance issue since we ran into a Controller in lair today that was wearing full T5 DPS gear and the debuffs were lasting just as long.

    Which brings me to my second point: Do you guys think it's worth running full DPS gear while being in Controller stance? I mean, with the decent amount of Vit that the DPS gear has the POTS tick would still be pretty high and the damage I would be able to put out in exchance for a few ticks of POTS would probably be worth it.

    So what do you guys run? Full Controller gear? Half and Half?
  19. Alpo New Player

    Me personally I use all controller gear because I like to have as much Vit as I can for my group. Especially now since the tanks can reduce controllers vit now instead of just stripping POT like they used too.
  20. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Ill address the first point first: They should be, it could be that a tank is using cleanses to wipe the debuffs off the healer, or that they are using consumables to wipe them...It could also be that as fast as you are hitting them with a power they are using Heal over time powers, which while the icon goes away, WILL NOT wipe the debuff, just hide it...Just something to keep in mind before you go power spamming to keep the debuff up

    As to the second: Ive noticed a few ways to go...I personally go all Controller gear and mod with Prec/Vit in yellow, Prec/Health in blue and straight Prec in reds so I have the power affinities and am eeking out as much damage as I can from my Troll gear...Ive also seen people go all controller gear and mod normally (Vit/Prec, Vit/Health, Vit) which would be my 2nd choice, b/c Power owns in PVP

    I think you can get away with going Half and Half with DPS gear and modding for Vit as long as you choose the pieces of gear without the Power back affinities as your DPS pieces...That might give you more of an edge in the 1v1s/2v2s but id imagine it would hinder you slightly in anything above

    Its really up to the user

    *Note: I am by no means a PVP expert...if you Q into matches on the USPS3 hero side, theres a good chance youll take it to me, ha!*