A Mental Breakdown V3

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  1. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    What kind of parse?
  2. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Wow you are long winded... and quite conceited
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  3. Elusian Crowd Control

    I find it amusing that you think I'm not able to pull it off when I'm in fact did that for fun long time before you even tried (pre-GU47 era) and just after hearing from the vid (speaking of Nexus) went in there for fun and done it faster on my beta-modded alt Earth (mind this was before the buff, guess I would do it faster by now) and just recently on my Celestial toon.

    You can keep going on via PM but I gonna leave the rest of the mental community to their more important things that needs to be discussed.

    That brings me to:

    3-5 mins. League Hall Sparring Target (solo one). Can use the ingame parser. Standard AM Mass Terror close-up rotation (no glitching, the normal way). CR131 and normal modding as a Mental would do so these days. Thanks.

    Still trying to figure whats wrong with my test installation and probably trying a fresh installation on weekend. =/
  4. BigDaddyDru New Player

    Contributes to the thread nicely..... It's always refreshing to see Mental's potential. And what better way to showcase the Power's potential than by showcasing it Soloing an immensely difficult situation? Just shows the power is amazing once fully mastered. :cool:
  5. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    stop feeding the troll
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  6. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Agreed Darth. I have no issue with someone posting relevant mental info in a meaningful manner. I DO have an issue with people constantly posting nonsense about how great they are and whoring out a youtube channel.

    Post constructive feedback about things, or don't post in my thread at all. Loadouts, questions, advice, etc are all fine.
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  7. BigDaddyDru New Player

    Showing the Mental Community how powerful Mental can be at full potential is Constructive Feedback Greenman. Not because you or your followers hate the guy in the video (Who me? :D) , doesn't mean other Mental players out there won't learn and be uplifted by the power's sheer awesomeness.

    Think of me as the Mental Guy who will pop in every now and then with a Video showcasing the Power's TRUE Potential.

    Can Mental Solo this? Can it Solo that? Just how strong is Mental compared to Power X? These are all great questions that BigDaddyDru can answer with Videos!

    You can talk a great talk, but we both know nothing says more than a Video Greenman. ;)

    As always > Stay Competent! :cool:
  8. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I think what everyone is trying to say is you come off as a *********. Your condescending and arrogant. You may be a highly skilled and COMPETENT player but your method of getting your point across leaves alot to be desired.
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  9. Greenman_x Steadfast Player


    You're just trying to get people to click on your youtube channel showing the exact same videos you've tried to post 1000 times about you soloing Nexus. It's not constructive, it's you trying to show off. Go make your own threads if you want people to see you solo stuff, but keep it out of my thread, especially if you're going to be combative and argumentative with EVERYBODY. There's no discussion that branches off of it, its just "THIS IS THE BEST. STAY COMPETENT. WATCH MY VIDEOS".
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  10. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    BBD, you always make me smile. Look I'm not gonna hammer you cause I've run with you many times in game and spoken with you in voice chat ( Teamspeak or Raidcall, can't remember) enough to know you are smart enough to know full well that your direct communication style can be abrasive - no one is telling you something you aren't both fully aware of and to some degree intentionally trying to do. Having said, and if someone can get past that, you do offer some constructive insights and I've found your mantra requiring "competency" to not be the worst in-game perspective I've come across in my 3 years,for instance some players lack of desire to become more competent especially in endgame group content irritates me more to be honest.

    Many will reject you and your self serving style and others can see past it....but you already know that, don't you
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  11. Reaper501 Well-Known Player

    Big Full of Shtt should be your name, every time i come to this guide to see if something new is happening there's lot of post arguing with these guy, please just ignore him or get someone to delete his posts, this is becoming so annoying
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  12. Grvv Redwig Well-Known Player

    Too many vibrant colors . If only they bought more markers to maths class.
  13. Fighter Well-Known Player

    Getting back to the topic at hand.....what are people's thoughts on using invincibility for another dot and supercharge? I did a little testing and liked the numbers.
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  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I know of people using it, but it's nothing too amazing. The damage difference isn't much different from pure Menace, but it's not as strong because of the longer cooldown on Invis. Situationally it's fine, but I prefer menace. In a perfect world, you can hide resonance in there, but it's risky because you could possibly lose your resonance for a few seconds if you get KO'd or knocked out of it.
  15. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Thing is, you can put both menace and pyro there and if you do it fast enough you can do: Invis -> Pyro/>Menace, but you can easily mess it up during raids and Menace will not activate, so you need to practice the timing. If you dont want to risk it, just use Menace as Greenman suggested.
  16. Fighter Well-Known Player

    Thanks Greenman and E Clip. I have been practicing with it and I agree it is more situational. I may save it for longer boss fights. The clipping of Pyro with Menace has to be super fast too!
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  17. Grvv Redwig Well-Known Player

    It does require precise timing and sometimes invisibility breaks off before you clip that pyro with menace.I like how this makes the rotation a tad bit more interesting especially with resonance in the invisibility loadout but its hard to keep it up once you get c'ced .
  18. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Yup. I'd imagine it'd be almost impossible to do in that last room of DC. I can barely get off my regular rotation with Menace in there.
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  19. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Thanks for this I will Try it out.
    Also Do you use WM anywhere in this loadout?
    Do you Happen to have a Beastish Loadout for The Troller Side?
  20. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    No room for WM. You can use it at the end, but you'd just be losing overall damage, as the point of the AM is to hit the 3 powers as quickly as possible to get the big hit for MT. 1-2-3-4-5-2-3-4-5-2-3-4-5-etc.

    Tendrils - Phantom Flames - Grandeur - Empowerment - Bastion - Whateverpoweryouwant

    That last slot is situational. I personally use Shock for the extra damage, but really anything can go there. An extra shield, debuff, F***ing Batarangs, you name it. Anything you want.