A little bit of positivity in regards to the Time Capsule

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    Leave time capsules alone! They are the only available progression for fremiums beyond item level 242 if they've not bought one of the two latest episodes. They can now play the splash-the-cash RNG wheel of gouging to try and push their way towards 289CR.

    Am I doing it right?

    More seriously, not been back long but is this a general thing in the game now? To lead fremium progression with TCs?
  2. Brit Loyal Player

    If Premium players are actually spending cash on Time Capsules for progression, then they are doing it wrong. Instead, spend that same ten dollars and just buy the episodes so they can get the tier gear.

    Personally, I like Time Capsules. But...
    1- I spend no real life money on them.
    2- I employ smart use of my free stabilizers, as well as the broker, to complete the things I actually want to display.
    3- I ignore all Time Capsule collections unless I get the rarest piece to drop for me directly from a box.
    4- I already have more than enough skill points to max my role, so I do not feel obligated to complete every single feat in the game in some sort of OCD.

    When you approach them as what they are, just another optional feature, they're pretty great.

    If you feel compelled to spend thousands of dollars on styles you won't display and skill points you didn't need... well... okay then.
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    In reality, by putting a flat fee for a package would be removing the TC RNG and just putting the styles into the marketplace. Sure, they can offer each style and reward as individual items as well, but from past offerings I feel they would likely put each at a higher price resulting in an higher total price. As you point out a lot of people are asking to put styles into the marketplace.

    Would it generate less money? We can't really say that for sure until they try it. as you say other people may decide to buy multiples and put it in the broker. The same group of people who spend hundreds of dollars would definitely see the value of getting 2 sets of rare items for $140? It could be that the lower price could generate more sales: lower price point, larger quantity.

    Never underestimate the power of greed and delusion of luck. We both may not see why people would rather buy stabilizers and try their luck at RNG but I believe even as you offer a flat fee, others will still opt to try their luck. Plus, we do still get those free stabilizers so might as well use them as another option to acquire the tc items.

    It is all speculation in our part. In the past, one thing I have always liked from the Devs is the willingness to try new ways, for good or bad; they have been willing to change and experiment even if it means losing population.

    p.s. You know what's funny? Those gotham, lantern and starter packs are almost the same concept as what we are discussing. They contain auras, pets and styles and some of the are even feats. The only difference is that for the majority of the players the styles are old and has already been obtained and they are non-tradeable. So I think that affected the allure and sales of those Starter packs, I think offering the TC package would generate more sales than those.
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    my only complaint here is the the lack of cross-trading between PS4 and PC.
    I won't be using the styles all that much but that either hurts my margins in the broker or creates a scenario where the chroma or collection pieces become absurdly expensive due to the smaller overall pool of them available.

    I probably won't whale on this nearly as hard as I did on the last one but I wouldn't begrudge anyone who likes the styles and decides to.
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    Please stop justifying unethical business practices with calls for positivity. Just stop.

    I'm really tired of companies exploiting users. They are great styles. Each and every one of them is well done and the creative team should be proud but the problem is *STILL* the business model. So, instead of grifting players out of their money, put them in an online marketplace as individual a la carte microtransactions so people can get exactly what they want at the point of purchase. /discussion. The reason that doesn't happen is because they know they make more money with people gambling to open multiple capsules than if they could just buy what they want in a single shot. It's just that simple.

    As long as you support this model they will continue to offer it. People buying into it enable it.
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    I will try be polite, as much as I can.
    The problem with the time capsule is the drop rates or should I say *RNG*.
    Ps, keep in mind, that I do love spending, and i absolutely love the time capsules, I really do.

    Now, I ain't no expert with the RNG. But, The way RNG works, there is a chance, albeit ... A very low one...., that you never get something.. . Now, what charms this RNG got? make a player brave a spend?? I'm sure I don't know. But Lantern_AdamK4 wasn't saying anything wrong. and he sure enough layin' in the forum. Just like anyyyy one of us. But* it's the "RNG from time capsule" that's got me thinkin'.

    What if RNG from time capsule will stay, but there will also be some sort of? i don't know? maybe?? super-extreme RNG system in place?? I mean as in a system that will guarantee that you'll get all the items in the list. Yes, yes* I know:rolleyes: call me nuts. / But hear me out /. So (of that specific key) after a specific set drops (And ^ no, I don't mean 100000000 drops) This way, you'll still have a chance of getting it, in 1st try and then show off about it on the forum, and on the other hand there won't be extreme cases of people spending 400$ or 600$ for keys with 0 luck. and don't say this "you want to make something rare that you'll need to work hard for it to obtain?" i'm fine with that, not going to say anything about that. ... Now, I ain't even open this the new time capsule, so I ain't no expert. But, that sure is .. no luck. So if you want it rare in time capsule, then make it the same level of rare for everyone ( :) oops::rolleyes: which RNG fails to do, hmm)

    "Sincerely, Batrederik.
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    The simple fact is this; the only reasonable objection to the TCs is the fact that there are feats skill points locked behind them. Full-stop.
    Anything else is cosmetic and isn't really the end of the world and anyone implying otherwise is either a contrarian or they're simply dead set against loot boxes of any kind to begin with. And as long as this game s F2P, we'd better get used to seeing them or something akin to them in one form or another.

    There's nothing wrong with the RNG. It's actually a bit more forgiving than other titles. I got 3 neon chromas and 3 droid boxes in the last month. Trust me, I've seen way worse.

    The main argument seems to be that it's not possible for everyone to get everything easily. Hence why the most requested "alternative" is to sell the individual items you want a la cart in the MP so people can just buy the individual item they want without popping boxes.

    Having said that it's now time for the unpopular opinion portion... if everyone who wanted them could get their hands on them I wouldn't want them. Part of the entire appeal, to me and others like me, is that tiny little sliver of exclusivity. That rarity. That flex. They wouldn't see a dime from me if they started selling that stuff piecemeal. And what does that mean to DBG? It means they just lost another whale.

    I've been lusting after an OG smoke aura forever now. I had a crappy job and/or no job at all when it was introduced so no real chance to try and obtain one through in-game means. They're rare as all get out now that they're out of circulation. I haven't seen one for sale in such a long time I've been telling people in my stream that I'd give actual money to obtain one, to no avail of course.

    Am I disappointed that I missed out? Sure. It would tie together a style idea I've had for over a year.
    Am I ***-blasted about it? No. Not in the least. I also wanted a fully restored '98 Toyota MR2 but hey, it is what it is.

    Believe you me, there are a couple of holes I can poke through DCUO's monetization being predatory. The most egregious of these being having all your in-game currency locked behind a paywall to the point that even making simple equipment repairs is next to impossible. That's a dick move. But the TCs aren't among the worst of it.
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    Whoops! Wrong thread.

    Move along.....move along.....
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    Lmao, one of the Devs liked the OP post.
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    Open a couple a week doing the stabilizer daily. If I get things great if not oh well.
    There's the huge money spenders
    (Have everything likely elite geared out)
    then there's the other members
    (Some of the good stuff mostly ignoring elite for lack of hundreds of replays).
    Once the time caps run out and the content is done no one plays it anymore.
    Exactly why I don't bother with elite.
    I have 100's of every time cap released and will likely never open most of them.
    Is what it is.;)
  11. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    Everyone knows who Oracle used to be. Oracle is a central figure of Birds of Prey. She created the team. It started with Oracle. Not Batgirl. That aside, whether you have hair or not, Daring Vigilante is a Batgirl inspired style.

    Also because my toons are all male, and not Bat-people knockoffs, yes. I’d rather have this than a batgirl suit. This particular gear is great for my lantern.
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    I don’t think that time capsules ARE unethical.
    Time capsules are a CHOICE. People who spend money CHOOSE to spend money. The Devs aren’t “grifting”. If you make the choice to pay, you pay 90 cents and get to choose one of what? 4 items? 5? If it’s not something you need, you can sell it on the broker.
    If you DON’T want to spend money, you can run the stabilizer duo and get fragments free. The feat points associated with time capsules are not only relatively easy to achieve, (as of today) but they’re optional. The feats in time capsules do not make or break anyone.
    That whole narrative of these evil greedy devs forcing people to spend hundreds of their hard earned money and getting absolutely nothing in return is over dramatic and is getting old. If this is that big of a problem, and you’re that strongly against these business practices, this forum and the game are optional. You can protest by quitting both. That sends a stronger message.
    But hey maybe they can make everyone happy and just make money on subscriptions and replays! The game will of course shut down because of lack of funding, but at least nobody had to spend money!