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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Gunny, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Gunny New Player

    Well... That great feeling of contributing as much as humanly possible to a common goal among a group of people.

    The funny part is that we accomplished plenty of things together even in the short few weeks working together, and all of the sudden.... I find a knife in my back today as I am no longer part of the effort and was removed.

    The reason they claimed for removing me was because they said I have issues that I never brought up to the group.... which is rather strange considering they turned around and removed me - behind my back. Never brought it up.

    Black listing is forbidden in the forums, so the group will not nor ever will be named by me... but for you guys out there that I know full well that are reading this... You guys really stabbed me in the back, and I hope karma does come back on you guys down the road - Be it by future issues caused by your inner circle of players, or people rising up against such favoritism.

    I'm sure some of you might even come after me in my post here, but I really would advise against it for your own sakes because you'll very much incriminate yourselves.


    If anyone would like any sort of direct one-on-one assistance - at all, for ANYTHING - with Survival Mode, please don't hesitate to ask. You guys might have went and made amazing accomplishments, but you're sadly mistaken if you genuinely believe no one else in the game or the server can do the same - or even do them before you.

    Just remember though.... even the best groups of people will have faults and issues to be worked out.... and whether you choose to work them out or not is up to you, but failing to do so can result in missing out on exceptional people down the road.

    Good luck guys.... I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure you're going to need it.
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  2. Santheum New Player

    You got removed from a league? The game? SOE?
  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Locked. Not gameplay related.
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