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    The issue I see with this is that the type of content people are having que issues with are raids. It’s not really that hard to find a random to help with a duo or at least que and leave. But raids are where people have the most issue with so something like this would be better set for raids. And if you can use your alts than it would mean than if you can program their rotation than it could incentivize players to run with their alts who they can control the loadouts over random players. I’m able to put dps maxed players on my baby toons with 120 arts. So for me I’d find it easier to just que my army of toons over random players lol.

    Just a point of concern to keep in mind
  2. Panderus Senior Producer

    I think this has been suggested by players and devs on every MMO I have worked on and I have yet to see a successful example of this in any multiplayer game. I also think its a solution to players just wanting to have a smooth content experience in multiplayer oriented content.

    The two issues players face is: 1. Friction of getting into the content. 2. Accessibility of content. These issues can be addressed in other ways or in some ways antithetical to multiplayer content or at least make things more difficult.

    This is one of the reasons we created the Omnibus and On Duty menu changes. It took over an hour or never for some content to fire off and or complete. There is still lots of work we can do to alleviate the above 2 issues that help everyone instead of adding a new system that would have its own issues.
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  3. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Sort of. It's a bit of content access, but it's also game immersion.

    The best version of having an IP'd character run content with you was in City of Heroes/Villains in content where you were teamed up with one of their characters. They obeyed "pet" commands just as did any summoned ally and their damage/healing/taunting contribution was pretty much equivalent to that of another player. While they had an actual pets class (Mastermind archetype), there was never implemented a way to summon actual IP'd characters in instances where they were not already programmed into (although I think there may have been a few missions where one ran with you in an open world zone, but I may be mistaken).
  4. GermanM Committed Player

    How about find a way to improve omnibus rewards. Make it more appealable to play more then one time at the weak in the case of alerts and raids?
    Im not saying give us a lot of source mark´s, but there are other things that can motivate players to continue using Omnibus.
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    And praytell? Would a other way be AQS? Adjustable Queue? Basically just turning off matchmaking as group lead?

    I realize this can add to the issue of people who require more people in random queues, but for a lot of players it would solve issue 1 completely. I'd argue that MOST people who would use this feature are feat hunters, who wouldn't be in those omni queues anyway. Omni hunting feats is not optimal.

    And no...this is not a request to remove clamp or adjust things down. It's simply pointing out that many times getting into something you want (especially for a feat or other 'non random' type requirement), getting that 1 final person is harder than getting 6 to go along.

    Just asking....again.
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  6. Wallachia Devoted Player

    Again: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. We can use our alts as AI companions.

    Granted, it's not 100% smooth, because they don't choose the proper targets, and Escort Quests are harder to complete because of that. However, given that you can fully customie your alt, you can make them use builds that will ensure that whatever targets they pick will be quickly taken down.

    I can see this being a problem only in the Typhoon raid, where we are supposed to split the phoenix apart from other adds on the second boss fight and we are not supposed to engage the side-adds on the final boss, but other than that it would remain a largely sucessful endeavour. Think of how pets, allies and back ups behave.
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    Xenoverse is a very straighfoward game, all the AI has to do is lock the enemy target and follow you through portals. It can be done with a simple pathfinding algorithm. Now you don't want a bot dying to Carol Ferris absolute devotion or hitting a reflect ability everytime, or a bot lost in LoLs, or a bot that gets stuck in Throne of the Dead after Hades sends him to kill an add. Or a bot that hits the punisher and wipes the team. Or a bot that doesn't know he has to click a terminal or use a shield for that.

    DCUO has many more mechanics than a fighting game (And AI's for fighting games are already hard enough) and you don't want an AI that needs to be adjusted for every new scenario that might come in the future. I can see them doing AI's like the ones in FPS games (Overwatch for example) that just walk straight to objectives and spam abilities, which could work for a few instances that don't have specific mechanics, but probably wouldn't work for most of them.
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  8. GermanM Committed Player

    They can make bots invulnerable to mechanics, so only the player will have to do things right. if a bot miss a mechanic nothing happen, but if you fail then is wipe, that way people don't have to pay for others mistakes, like in the Dark Knight's raid.
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  9. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Did you ever mess with the Mercenary system in EverQuest 2? That always seemed to work pretty well in my honest opinion. Might be worth checking out if you haven't, even if for a rough idea.

    Edit: They also aren't meant to be a "complete" replacement to a group member, but they can do basic functions and/or temporarily fill a group spot.
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  10. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    In case anyone noticed, I think I fell asleep while writing my post on page 1, apologies for the weird words. (Beef??) lol.

    To my main points-

    Players can be unhelpful, at worst, they’re bullies.

    It’s should not take so long to level up. Because old content takes so much time. And we need those players to level up QUICKLY. For their benefit and for ours. And eg game players shouldn’t mind helping new players, but it shouldn’t take us away for hours doing things we’ve done.

    The stories. I really wish episodes were called “Issues” like a comic book issue and like “issue” as a problem that needs solving.
    The on duty menu should have an “Issues” Tab that has the episodes (or “issues”) blocked together in order of release.

    For example

    The open world (q to warp to patchwork)
    The solo
    The alert
    The raid

    All neatly together. With a blurb of what’s happening in the whole “issue”

    (Using wv as example because I know what goes together.)
    Kind of like the “latest episodes” tab on on duty menu you can q for all instances.

    To go even further -
    Could there be a system that lets us make a group of 8. Then q for all instances in order. (WV for another example)
    So group all q’s for the “playlist”
    We all do the solo
    When everyone is finished solo, the group splits in 2 to do the alert.
    When both teams are finished alert the raid will pop.

    Just a thought. I think it would be helpful for older episodes.

    (Sidebar why mix up episodes in save the universe? It’s would’ve made sense to put all the BOP instances in STU at once, then players that missed that episode would be able to play everything and get the story?)


    Old stuff could be solo, it would take the time waste and the hassle out of those early instances, that kindve get us nowhere anyway. And if you’re someone that loves a particular episode you could spend your downtime in an episode you throughly enjoy.

    Obviously no one’s asking for any episodes from like the last 4/5 years, Yet. But anything older than that, it would be such a handy thing to be able to do.

    People would still get teams for feats I think too.

    I just really want to play an episode like I’m reading a full comic book, or watching a movie.

    Hopefully my spelling and grammar are better this time. Haha
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  11. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    Another idea.

    Make all episodes except the latest 3 episodes, all 1 tier.

    So all players that aren’t at early end game have access to all episodes and can be apart of all omnibus pops.
    If gear is all like scaled now would this help like… everyone?
    New players could start collecting everything and the episodes yellow gear would still be only attainable once you’ve reached the min CR to buy them.

    This is what I thought they meant when they said that “combat rating relevancy is being removed from the game.”
  12. GermanM Committed Player

    Agree, sometimes people just leave after a single wipe, they believe thenselves so important or so pro that they just quit at the first fail. I Usually try to explain, but if nobody listen then i leave.

    Level up the CR here is not that hard, when you play other games like WOW and Guild Wars 2 for the first you realice how easy the level is here, besides doing all solos and duos will help you to not only rise your CR, but to get some feat´s. lvl up here It will take you time, but is nothing that will eat weeks of your life.
  13. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    If it’s a duo I know I can do myself I just ask one of my League-mates to queue with me and then just leave if they want. If I can do the duo myself then I just need to get in.
  14. GermanM Committed Player

    I can finish duos solo too, but why bother people with that when the game could give us a better way?
    Besides no all players have active leagues, sometimes the mine is a desert, and of course some players dont wanna be in leagues (a respectable decision) and can only get access to instances by Q.
  15. Damon Clau New Player

    Best example of this I've seen is the Reven raid in SWToR, players can chose to run it with faction people(PCs) or "solo" it with named NPC's from both sides. The player character is fully responsible for managing the mechanics of the event while the NPC's just follow their scripts. It ended up feeling damned epic... but that's kind of a bioware thing in general.
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Agreed, but lets say none of them are on, and you'd really like to get something done in that duo (that requires precision...so no randoms), your only other option is to spend whatever time it takes to get someone in LFG to get you in. And that might be a lot of time too, especially if you are on a lower pop server.

    Why not an option built into the system vs having to rely on either of these?
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  17. tehDarkNite Well-Known Player

    Or you can just allow us to solo q unclamped. Then we wont need AI
  18. GermanM Committed Player

    I thing they will not remove clamp.
  19. ArrowMan New Player

    Please see Final Fantasy XIV's Trust system...
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  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    When they showcased support NPCs in the Flashpoint Duo I had hoped that was going to be a prelude to something larger.