A history of DCUO using FEATS to teach "Not all enemies need to be killed on your way to the boss!"

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    Since you provided an answer to why 1 voice would matter more that anyone elses (your answer was courtesy)
    My response is simply no, its not courteous to value one voice over another. Its foolish and entitled.

    That said yes, 100%. I have seen the trailing many times. What i personaly do (when it happens absent communication) is type to them an rally the group and “rescue” said player and if the group doesnt then i do it by myself (its incredibly easy to solo those adds in ur example).
    Then its a message asking if the group is skippin or fighting.
    If one wants to fight an the others wanna skip then best of luck, we will see u at the boss. Keep up or be left behind.

    Now generally thats not what i see (we all have our own experiences). What i see is 2-3 say we are skipping and one wanders off dying. Welp, thats on them, we all said lets get to the boss, you chose to mess around an thats on you.

    I also see where one says skip and others say fight, in that case, i hope your a good skipper lol.
    I dont take a stand on one side or the other because i dont care. I go with the group and as a general rule of mine, i follow the tank an heal an troll.
    Where they go i go, i dont really care what the other dps’s do tbh lol

    My “batting order” is as follows
    1) follow tank
    2) follow heal (by follow here i mean i quantum tank for the healer but go where they go)
    3) follow troll
    4) follow group
    5) solo everything myself because why not lol
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    "Valuing that voice over others" does not mean that I'll always agree with that voice or follow it. It means that I will listen to it, at least. I thought I made that clear in the remainder of my post but I hope this explanation is clearer to you.

    The absolute MAIN THING with me is NO ONE being left behind - to a reasonable extent. This has been my angst with "Skipping Adds" since this has become a thing here in the forums over the last few weeks.

    As for the rest your play style - if that's worked for you then I'd suggest you continue to use it.

    My play style works for me and seems to mesh well with pugs and league mates. It's also afforded me a continuous level of advancement, gear acquisition and feat achievement.

    At the end of the day that's what matters - right? In this Video Game we play?
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    I honestly think the more recent 'skip/noskip' issues in TD vs when it was first rolled out is because of 2 things.
    1) Back in the day, skipping provided a much quicker run. We were weaker and the content was current...and even though you might run elite now, in a good group, burning evenly not skipping does not add a huge amount of time to the run. Yeah, when a 'bad' skip ends up meaning wipes and stuff, and scattered team mates...it's really bad. But if you went in knowing you were burning everything, it's not a lot faster than actually skipping (not pooling) everything.
    2) Speedsters. Back in the day, speedster movement was NOT as much used as it is today, and like it or not, speedsters are normally the ones who are agro'ing and blowing past. When MOST people were flyers, it was very easy to skip MOST of the adds (top and bottom of stairs and around the flags notwithstanding). Today we have a lot more speedsters...some of which enjoy their "agro? Who cares..I can keep moving anyway" advantage. I'm not throwing shade at speedsters...just saying it kind of comes with the territory of having half the game using the movement...and like 90% of the tanks only adds to that.

    Personally when I'm tanking, I put in chat, "Skip?" and "I'm killing the groups at top and bottom of the stairs". Since the tank normally sets the pace, that seems to make for a much smoother run. If I see someone get caught, I'll swing back and help, or wait at the bosses and fight the pooled mobs before moving on....but that's when I'm a tank. If I'm dpsing, or doing another role, I'll go with the flow...when there is a flow. Most groups skip...most (if not communicating) don't do it 'clean' in my opinion.
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    Here's the way I see it.

    We know that certain adds were designed not to be skipped because they literally cannot be skipped. They must be killed to progress through the instance. Every other add is technically optional.

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with skipping adds and there is nothing wrong with not skipping adds. It doesn't make sense to debate whether the community as a whole should skip adds or whether skipping is intended. The only reason this debate exists in the first place is because people who like to skip adds find themselves in groups with people who don't and vice-versa.

    Think about how ridiculous it would be for me to tell a group of 4 players who all want to skip adds that they shouldn't skip, or to tell a group of 4 players who all don't want to skip that they should skip.

    I was going to say that the important question here is how should we handle situations where we find ourselves grouped with players who want to do the opposite of what we want to do? But I find that to be kind of an odd question because I've never been in a group where all 4 players expressed their opinion on skipping adds before the run. Either one person makes the call before the run or nothing is said and people just kind of guess once inside.

    So perhaps a more important question is, when the group is skipping adds, what can we do to minimize the chances of something going wrong? And what should we do if something does go wrong?

    Skipping adds is great when it all goes smoothly, but no one is benefiting when one player dies alone in a swarm of adds while the rest of the group waits for them at the boss.
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    This. Right. Here.

    This is ALL I'M SAYING, lol.:)

    Just watch out for your teammates. It's as simple as that.
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