A Hard Goodbye to everyone, Bye Dcuo.

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    This exactly was the conclusion I came to. I have nothing to strive for currently as player. I’m not a role player and I have tremendous respect these days for those who pleasure come from gaining that new style or new accessory. My pleasure came from those days we struggled getting our butts kicked learning the new phases to fights I swear it took days to learn how to beat Sub Construct. It’s funny but something simple as blocking in has first phase to not die to the rockets was so achieving only to get to his next phase and see a scorpion running loose and wiping the group. That stuff was a real experience.
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    Different people like different things. Some might want a game with extreme challenge every step of the way that they can spend 16 hours every day of the week for months trying to beat. Some want to relax after a day of working everyday or all week and just play with friends and family. Some treat their game as a job many treat it as fun that should never feel like a job. Some want something in between.

    The companies that own these games have to walk a line between their main money making base and the rest. If causal bankrolls it then casual it shall be. If hard core gamer with no job (not judging they might be independently wealthy) that plays nearly every waking hour funds it then that's who they cater too. It's highly improbable that any game will balance someone that wants an all time consuming game of extreme difficulty with the majority of the working world's players. That's just how it goes.


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  3. hhussk01 New Player

    Well said. No matter how we disagree, we're all part of the same community. It's wise to listen to each other.
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  4. Roocck Committed Player

    A lot of this could have been prevented by simply giving the clamp option. Yes, there are those that like a real challenge and then you have that don’t. If everyone would of just agreed on making it optional everyone would’ve been happy and we would not be seeing threads like this one. Seems that this was a poor decision and players are leaving because either the game is to easy or to hard, lol… Some can adjust and some can’t…. Either way it’s sad to see anyone go…. Good luck
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  5. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    I'll be popping in until the year sub ends in Feb. Will be departing too. It's become a systems game and less gameplay. Not interesting enough to me to continue. The rustling at the exec level of the company has me quivering at the prospect of the future of the game (piss shiver quality of quiver). They've gone full free to play, instead of the "free to play" change after launch of 2011, and that is the beginning of other changes to come. Time will tell what that is, they're not going to announce those changes ahead of time.

    PacMan and Donkey Kong were fun, and repetitive. I'd not play them for a while because of the repetitiveness and come back now and then for the gameplay. DCUO is pacman/DonkeyKong with a boat load of systems. Lots of games are PacMan with lots of systems? ok. I don't play those games either. If I'm spending more time with the UI than gameplay, that's a deal breaker. If inventory is an issue, it's a tip off that it's gonna be a game design that I'm less likely to enjoy because I will be spending time interacting with that inventory. I have tons of items in inventory for Warframe and never have to sell them to make room for other loot. Materials are endless stacks. mods are endless stacks. weapons and warframes, not endless slots.

    I was pro-pay to play that they had at launch. Leaving pay to play might have repelled the gold spammers in chat*. Was opposed to sub when the content was so very short listed instances and time gating, weekly. It was a popular consideration at the time, leading to the new tiered model of availability (free,premium,sub).

    Having a publicly accessible test server is not often an aspect of a game. Usually you'd have to register an account and then have access to a test server. DCUO test server used to be limited to members, now anyone can get in? Feedback is basically useless? How/why did they release Allies in the state they were in? That's a quality control issue that I'm simply not ok with. Let alone, old content has not been fixed. Shirley, the whole new-owners every 2 or 3 years is a stressful situation and I'd also be thinking how long do I have a job? If I were in there. Adding to my customer relationship with the game as being, how much time do I want to spend doing it, when they have been acquired again and who knows if this means a new direction or cancellation coming soon? Ya might be thinking, It's a DC license of course it'll be utilized well and maintained forever..... *cough* [IMG]

    edit: also, https://mmos.com/review/marvel-heroes
    Having played Marvel Heroes for a few months before it shut down, it was not that much different from DCUO. All instanced with NPCs in the exact same place every time, & inventory management with systems to rank up things.

    Meanwhile, the dear diary that the forum is, I'm gonna end this entry short of more reasons I've considered and say, YUP. If it's still around in two years, I might feel nostalgic and visit for a month. I think I could catch up in CR and try the newest instances in a month.

    I'm here this year, after a 5 year break.
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  6. zNot Dedicated Player

    Best wishes gabe! Really enjoyed your videos and your comments. Sad to see more and more players leave for similar reasons regarding difficulty.
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    I never really understood the general idea that good players or aka hardcore means a player must live on the game be out of shape, or jobless o_O Dc is one of the easiest games to play lately tbh it requires very little skill. Esp since nexus wave prime and throne. I actually been able to play dc 1-2 hours a day some days the past few years, serve in the army for some years, work a job manage a relationship get married and still be decent at the game over the years. Honestly most the good players ive played with over the years since 2011 all in the same boat live normal lives. a lot of mmos not about how much time you are on it them more so then how you spend your time when your on them.
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  8. GameOnGabeYT Well-Known Player

    Take care Nova been good over the years.