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  1. Dogico Loyal Player

    JH spam can get to max stacks very quickly so Earth users might benefit from the artifact more than other powersets
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    True but i feel like a lot of players who have some of these older artifacts ranked up aren't investing in some of the newer ones. Plus, i see this artifact best for raids and i usually tank raids. If everyone already has Solar Amp with a Grim and Trans Card, there isn't really room for anything as it seems to fill whatever loadout you need. I commend players like you who think outside the box but for me, I'm to the point where I'm okay with the artifacts i have.
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    Planning on coming back to earth power set after years of being atomic when I’d leave and come back … I love atomic but the dps side is so much work with out much reward… it takes me longer to get through the elite solo on my main with all my arts and sp I have than it does on my earth villain who doesn’t have enough sp to max out might/power and zero arts.

    So .. I plan to come back to earth for a while anyway

    Right now I have trans/strat to 170+ quis is about to hit 140 and solar is 180+…

    I plan to use solar for my single target load out. But for ranged/melee im curious if I should be using mercy/source shard…. One of the other or both. And if I do… do I not use the pet buff or do I use All 3?

    Im flight so I won’t be using any super speed abilities and never will. I also would like to really limit the amount of iconics I use in load outs. As I’m kinda tired of using iconic abilities like I have to do on atomic to do decent damage.

    So any advice ? I’ve looked at a few videos and I see most aren’t even using crystal and going for robot sidekick which makes me sad since we have a built pet and it should do better damage than rs

    Also wirh tanking it seems like it’s about the same as it was when I left so I’m not as worried about that l
  5. Gulrick TheWanderer Well-Known Player

    For dps the pet build is not meta nor is it consistent. Eog with trans and strat is usually the go to. The pet builds best use is probably battle tanking. For st range the optimal loadout isn’t very strong and your primary dmg comes from entomb. So building around entomb is a safe choice. Scrap is good with trans and strat too. Optimal rotation is upheval, hv, sandblast, DF, entomb, RBSK or neo venom. Jackhammer builds are no good on elite bosses and you’ll get pummeled by long range eog dps.
  6. Gulrick TheWanderer Well-Known Player

    Solar amp is not necessary unless the heal isn’t dropping greens but even then I’d rather have in scrap.
  7. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I think you helped discourage me from changing … that doesn’t sound like a fun load out like earth was before feels very 12345 so I thank you for giving keeping me from changing ahha

    The tanking looks ok but I really love atomic tanking so that is another bullet dodged
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    What's going on with Earth these days. The guides on the forums seem dead. No theory crafting going on. I took about a year off from the game pretty much and came back at the beginning of April with the PS5 launch. Any new developments ?

    Is making a prec build with pets viable ? Mercy Source + another seem like a plausible route to go? Where do I do to get some comprehensive thoughts now? Is it the Waroom? Nothing seems cohesive over there.
  9. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Sadly those days seem to be over my friend I miss them it was fun theorycraftinhg. Most people just want you to go to their YouTube now
  10. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Yea I have noticed. Everyone has a youtube video up but doesn't really discuss why they have the loadout they do. I get that it's a way to make a few extra dollars but at least put a little more production into it lol.
  11. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah that all follow the 5-10 mins max rule that someone said videos should be.

    I personally prefer to read it … half the time they can’t even stay on a load out page long enough for you to see what they put there lol or what mods they are using and then other times they will linger on one thing and go ons tangent … atleast with reading. I can skip the tangent
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    I typically only tank with Earth because I got annoyed with there being no tanks in the groups for pugs LOL. Because it turns out when there's no tank, The mobs seem to think that my Nature Healer is the tank and swarm to me, yes, I can usually heal my way through most of it. OR... If I'm running with lague mates or a farming group who need a tank. :p BUT... when I do tank, I actually love Earth Pet tanking. Loadout is Earthen Grip/Lasso (depending on raid) or change it out for soothing Hands for the Group break out, Then Epicenter, Fortify Golem, Hardlight Shield, Gemhide Shield, Summon Brick.

    Arts and Allies are where I do things a LITTLE different. I run Everyman Prototype (helps with increased Defense which is Earth Tank's bread and butter), M.E.R.C.Y. Amazotron Matrix (Heals and shields Brick making it survive longer and easier to manage), and Dilustel Refractor (increases group health pool whenever you Pull). For Allies, I run HoL Bot for single target damage and the stun and I run passives with Poison Ivy (the shield Proc is REALLY good), and Cyborg to help with power.

    For my Trinkets, I run the side kick for the extra shield and power, suppy Drop for the "oh p00p" heal, plus it benefits the group, The Tank Trinket for extra Health, and Orbital strike as I di=o have to do SOME damage, or people can peel mobs away. I would use the breakout trinket, except it only works in PVP now for weird reason, was SUPER handy to have

    I don't typically do DPS with Earth as I'm not to good at it (I know my strengths and high numbers aren't it lol)

    And again, I will state, I don't play my tank often, Just when my League or Item Farming group needs a tank because others are busy. So if my insight isn't helpful, I'll understand hahaha. But yeh, this is what I'm personally comfortable playing
  13. Wiccan028 Active Player

    That's half the problem with coming back to these days.

    I quit this game when a lot was going on in my life and while I do think I could have perhaps made better choices about leaving, well thats a whole different story... the main point I am making is while I am getting into the game again it doesn't feel the same and thats also making me a little sad.

    I use to actually post in every single power thread (either discussing or asking for advice) and I am finally in a position where I could be apart of setting things up and even testing things out to a degree) but the community for that just seems to be gone... and the problem with youtube videos is they seem only okay... and I can sometimes find things that work better versus the advice I'm seeing given, which also bothers me.
  14. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    This are different for sure. I didn't think a year would be that bad.
  15. Wiccan028 Active Player

    From what I;ve seen I'm pretty sure a lot could happen in a year.

    Granted iM coming back from like seven, lol
  16. L T Devoted Player

    Making a prec build with pets is definitely viable, but most people pair pets with might due to the way the source shard ability resets.

    I think the biggest impact to pet DPS in the past year or so is the zatanna ally: with her your pet gets powered without fortify golem. But again, because she triggers on the number of abilities you've hit she favors a might build. Worse, I'm pretty sure aftershocks don't count, so you have to get creative to get her to trigger fast with Earth. Unlike Sorcery, Earth lacks a really fast spam ability, and sadly, also lacks any kind of really strong ranged burst. Can you make that up with clips? Iconics/SS abilities?
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  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Interesting. I'm not sure on how Zartanna works so i have to do some research but are Striking stones and shards not quick enough?
    Do the abilities have to deal damage?
    Do MERCY and Zatanna now conflict with eachother since Zatanna is supposed to replace fortify and Mercy is supposed be a better fortify/offering?

    I'd imagine wit would allow you to play like back in the day and cancel you weapon combos with attacks.

    Something like WM > Debris Field xx reinforce > WM > Striking Stones >

    Throw in Source shard off cooldown.

    Unless the idea was for Zatanna to work mostly for Sorcery like Poison ivy does for Nature.
  18. L T Devoted Player

    I don't think the abilities have to deal damage, and Mercy and Zatanna don't conflict with each other. A generic might rotation using both would be something like:
    ability1 - ability2 - ability3 - Mercy - ability1 - ability2 - ability 3(zatanna triggers here) - repeat
    so you're getting a pet burst every 3ish seconds instead of every 6 seconds (cooldown of mercy/fortify golem/offering).

    If you're using Source Shard, and you have it leveled decently, it's got a 25% chance to reset-- so about every 4th ability (ish).

    If you're looking to maximize pet damage, zatanna and source shard point you towards going might and hitting powers as fast as you can. If you want to use precision with pets, I'm thinking zatanna can help but I'm not sure pet-focused artifacts will do better than precision focused ones.
  19. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Are Strat and Trans the go to for Precision? IS Venom Wrist dispenser good again? I fed my 200 leveled one into amulet lol.
  20. L T Devoted Player

    Strat and Trans are pretty much good for everything. Venom Wrist is indeed good again, but not so good that you'd want to re-level it.

    If you use a supercharge, Quizlet is really good. Sound effects get annoying though.

    Grim is really good also-- especially if you really want to avoid using a PI applier.

    Mercy and Source Shard are also viable, but you're obviously really leaning on your pet if you use those.