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    I personally think that EoG and MoF are mandatory after doing more testing in raids. I have tanked all content not including the new elite raids using this new style. I should be doing elite runs today with league and should get a feel for it.

    For CoT reg I usually kite tank the final boss or tank from the air. Last night I just straight tanked the raid pulling everything I could. I didn’t feel to squishy since I just kept popping EoG none stop. With using soul cloak my SC never went below 50% and I was able to keep pheromone bloom on cooldown. Don’t get me wrong, as earth the healers will still need to use ally heals. Especially during adds since brick takes splash damage.
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    I've only seen my Manacles activate much. Am I reading it right that Pheromone Bloom is 25% SC? I've been trying to find a new loadout of EoG but I don't like that I have to use SC. I have been using Envelop for the OMG moments but I am usually dealing with sub par healers. I have to use Totem because my Brick is dying way too much. I am actually running a two shield loadout (3 if you count Envelop). So my loadout is EG, Gemstone, HLS, Totem, Envelop and Brick. Do you think Fortify is better for keeping Brick alive than Totem? I notice he rarely does his Envelop because he is out of power.
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    Yes fortify is better than totem from what I have seen. Since that post I have tweaked my loadout a little.

    Currently I run with:
    Epicenter: I like keeping all adds close for the dps
    Fortify Golem: shields brick and gives him power to heal himself
    Gem stone shield: shield
    Earthen Grip/lasso: range pull/single target pull
    Brick: brick tanking
    Pheromone bloom: this is the key!!!

    For artifacts I use:
    Manacles of force: good tank stats and in case it procs for damageeous moments
    Soul cloak: more sc regen and more overall sc pool.

    Soul cloak does a few things here. It gives you a base of 12700 sc pool instead of 10000. EoG will return 2% sc back every second for 6 seconds. Without soul cloak you would regain a total of 200 sc. with the soul cloak you gain back 254 instead per second. That’s a total of 1524 sc with soul cloak or 1200 without. This might not seem like a lot but it is.

    Now let’s look at pheromone head mod. It gives back 2.5% sc back just for using it. That’s 250 without soul cloak or 317.5 with it.now let’s out this all together.

    With soul cloak and the head mod you gain 317.5 from the head mod and 1524 sc back by being in the circle. That’s 1841 sc back.
    Without soul cloak but with head mod you gain 250 from the head mod and 1200 from EoG. That’s a total of 1450.
    That’s a difference of 391.

    Now lol. Pheromone has a cost of 2500. With soul cloak you have to make up 659 sc back in 10 seconds. This is because of soul cloak also giving PB a shorter cooldown. Without soul cloak you have to make up 1050 sc within 12 seconds. Soul cloak also increases your base sc regen which means that you can make up those 659 a lot faster.

    I went a step farther and replaced my hearty chest mod for extended sc which gives me back 5% back after using a sc. this has a cooldown if 30 seconds. This means that every 3rd sc gives me back 635 sc. during that sc rotation I only have to make up 24 sc haha.

    Because of this high sc regen I have made it so that I can spam pheromone bloom as soon as it comes of cooldown. Between those sc I have the green circle that gives me health back too. At 91000 health I was gaining ticks of 2800 per second to both myself , brick and anyone in the area. And btw, the healing/sc regen radiois is actually larger than the green circle. The exact area it affects is the size of a water healers aoe heal. The water area not the jellyfish area. This is a bigger area that people think. People assume you have to be within the green bubble which is misleading.

    Between the green circle and fortify you can keep brick alive yourself without a healer in almost anything. Elite raids can still get brick killed if the healer isn’t using ally heals. But as long there are some ally heals going off than brick and yourself become nearly immortal.
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  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Tank is CR257 now. Ran the regular raids last night and I was impressed. MoF and EoG are only at 120 but the effects are noticeable. I can stack things up pretty good with Earthen Grip so I use HLS instead. Because of the shorter cooldowns along with Accelerated Gemstone Mod and Absorption Adapter, I have a lot more shields going on. Pheromone is pretty amazing. I ran Silent School as a tank I had half the healing of the healer because I was clicking it while everyone's pets were out.

    But, my Brick died a couple with two healers during last boss of Crown raid (I was going easy on Pheromone Bloom). Both were Water. It seems like Solace is the only ally heal water has and Water healers don't seem to be stacking Solace anymore, that is, if they even got their Solace underneath you. Sorcery and Nature healers seem to have the most ally heals but they seem to be a rarity these days.
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  5. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Yes, unfortunately brick will will die without a healer who knows how to heal pets. The other day I healed CoTe as sorcery with a solo tank who was earth. I was able to keep the brick alive since all but 2 powers in my bar heal allies haha. And yes, just like I’m a Gemini tank im also a Gemini healer lol.

    When i earth tank what I do when brick dies is I’ll use gem and combo gem until brick is up which is usually a 1-2 second down time.

    Btw, idk if you dps but Gemini is amazing for crystal dpsing. (Personally I’m precision). I tend to use vacuum bubble in dps too and will cast it. On top of crystal. The power you give back to crystal will skyrocket your dps as well lol.
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  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Thanks for the advice. I do use Crystal even I don't get much opportunity to DPS but I do use Gemini for that. I have to stick with Entomb though. I have gotten some unreal crits on it.
  7. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Are you on US or EU server? I’d like to test how entomb and vacuum bubble (assuming you are flight) compare for when you use Gemini in dps and have a healer (myself) using Gemini to rev up sc regen.

    Yesterday I was dpsing and was 7mil ahead of the second dps. I switched to healer for the final fight and super charged their sc regen (pun intended) with my EoG in healer role. He was the only dps in my EoG field and his damage skyrocketed because he was able to spam SCs and keep it on cooldown. Without whiling he passed me by 4mil lol.
  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    US but I am not flight. I like Entomb because it is great on single target but also has the AOE . VB just doesn't have the AOE I like. I plan on using Gale/VB on my Electric toon because I don't care for MegaVolt as it is stationary and I'm ho-hum on Circuit Breaker.
  9. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    The main reason I like vacuum is because i can get 2 Gemini fields instead of 1. ATM I have not yet done much dps testing on if 2 Gemini are better over a stronger SC. I have been mainly focusing on the support roles during this dlc. My testing is pretty much done so I’ll start testing the dps side now.
  10. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Question about brick. Does it still absorb only 45% (think thats how much damage it used to absorb) or was it increased to 50% after they removed it from jackhammer?
  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    It's around 2/3 that get's transferred iIrc
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  12. L T Devoted Player

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  13. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    That’s one hell of a buff lol. I remember it used to transfer about 40%-45% before. Can’t remember the exact amount. But for it get buffed up to 66% is amazing. In the down side it explains why my brick has died more than it used to lol. I thought it was just new content. If you have the pet mod for wearing 8 pieces of elite it would buff it up to 68%? Assuming the mod if additive.

    As for brick itself, I believe one of its abilities it uses when it has power is to heal itself. Plus envelope. What are the other powers it uses? Do all of its abilities help it survive?

    And lastly? When I was earth tanking I was Gemini tanking. Because of that I maxed out my health first to make sure that my EoG would heal brick for larger amounts. I also use fortify to apply a shield on him. My loadout is epicenter, fortify, gem shield, earth grip, brick, and pheromone bloom. Since brick takes so much damage for me now I am wondering if I should maybe use totem too. Thoughts?
  14. L T Devoted Player

    The absorption is as high as it is because of the way defense works. They wanted aftershocks to be high defense and brick to be a bit different, so they increased the damage transferred and tweaked brick's health to add risk. I never tested the elite mods when doing the tanks v tank guide, and don't have them on my Earth toon. The way Earth is now, that mod might not help that much.

    As for Brick, Fortify Golem gives him a shield, and Totem heals him. I'm not sure if he self-heals at all. They're both helpful, but Totem isn't as strong as you'd probably like, and its range is a bit limited. Other people's totems can heal brick also. Certain healer healer abilities also hit brick-- electric's Galvanize, Arc Lightning, Overcharge and (when used just right) Electrogenesis. Sorcery's Soul Bolt, Circle, and Soul Well. Water's Tsunami Strikes and Solace of the Sea. Nature and Celestial are WAY less brick-friendly. I think only Celestial's combo heals affect brick (and they tend to be weaker) and I can't think of any Nature heals that hit brick. Also, a lot of the abilities that help brick I listed also do damage, which makes them Taboo among the ignorant.

    There's nothing wrong with your load out. Depending on the content, you can ditch either Epicenter or Earthen Grip for Totem to help brick out. But talking with your healer before the raid starts about keeping brick alive will probably do more for you if you don't run with each other a lot. I don't see a lot of Sorcery Healers using either Soul Bolt or Soul Well, and some Sorcery healers use their Circle on the group and then use their priority heal on the tank, which doesn't work well at all for Brick tanking (though it works pretty well for Ice, Atomic, or Fire).
  15. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Brick does heal himself with the power you give him through Fortify Golem.

    Castor's Watch is also okay and fairly decent to heal Brick. His health is around 100k so it heals him for a little bit more than 3k per tick and the final tick is even stronger the more allies you heal with it. This also counts grouped Henchmen and other pets as well as every player in the circle. Though I'm certain it does not heal friendly not-summonned NPCs (like other heroes/villains fighting at your side).

    How I see it you have basically two ways to utilize the Eye of Gemini. Either you use it mainly as a shield (like Perfect Poise) that also heals brick, or you use Pheromone Bloom or a 1s CD SC to mainly heal brick. He will still die for sure (especially if you're add tanking in elite) but it's more managable that way.

    I haven't seen the number on totem yet because how I remembered it, it was a sh*tty heal. If someone could provide me with more numbers that would be great. If the number is anything less than what the EoG can do, you should use the Eye imo.

    Having the headmod for your SC and a soul cloak allows you to basically use a 2500SC around 13 times without doing anthing before you run out of SC.
    I ran with Unstoppable as tank in alerts and normal raids and never ran out of supercharge and basically could use it on cooldown.
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  16. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Yes I am aware of ally heals by healers. Unfortunately not many healers actually use ally heals which affect earth the most. When I sorc heal I always run wih soul well and soul bolt. In arbiter I use soul well, shard of life and transmute that all do ally heals. While I am in arbiter which is 75% of the time I can almost guarantee no brick does haha.

    Nature has flourish which heals ally a little and cross pollination that heals a good amount, not great but good. The best healers for earth tanks IMO are water with double solace, and sorcery with the above loadout. Next I would be celestial IF they use both ally HOTs which together are very strong. Electric can be good with ark and nature’s ally heals are ok. In the descriptions it says that savage growth is an ally heal but I’ve never seen it heal an ally just group members.
  17. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    I already do that on my tanks. I always run EoG. On ice I run a slightly different set up thou. I personally use pheromone bloom but will probably switch to vacuum bubble because of the OP head and I don’t want to have to worry about switching head mods every second I tank or dps. I was pretty much curious about what people thought about totem but it seems that I was right to not use it since the heals aren’t anything to brag about.

    I also should test healing aura from elite set mod. It might be more beneficial to healing brick if it also heals allies.
  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Totem is an interesting power. I think it's heals were stronger in the past than they are now (the nerf to HoT) and they were based on Dom. But it does so many other useful things. During Bombshell Paradox first boss, if you stayed by the add spawn and kept Totem up, as soon as they spawned they would be knocked back and you would have instant aggro.

    I was using two shields because I assumed that meant less damage was transferred to Brick because I thought the order was shield>defense>transfer. Maybe LT will comment.
  19. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    I always thought it was defense > shield > transfer. At least I hope it is lol. How is defense calculated again? I didn’t see the formula j see the description.
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  20. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    IDK. I never understood any of those formulas which is a shame since I studied maths.