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  1. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    It's there any damage difference melee to ranges when dpsing with earth now? I usually would prefer to stay just on the edges of melee & "midrange" but I don't want to be losing damage. Plus for unstoppable to hit you basically have to be in melee range it appears.
  2. The Anxient Loyal Player

    What is the tanking mitigation mechanic for earth now?
  3. Streven Dedicated Player

    Is essentially unchanged. You either use brick and he takes percentage of damage or you use Jackhammer to get a defense buff.

    So you got a default 65% defense bonus when not blocking at all times in tank stance. If brick is out he takes a certain percentage of your damage for you and that's the brick mitigation. The other defense buff is called Stone skin and you get it whenever you use either upheaval or Jackhammer and that adds an additional 55% defense buff when you're not blocking
  4. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    No there is no difference. A move is either a melee move or a range move.
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  5. The Anxient Loyal Player

    When pet tanking should I keep totem and fortify active all the time?
  6. mr maartie Level 30

    You dont need totem, fortify is the must have when pet tanking. But if you have a spare slot, it sure helps pushback adds if they spawn, the healing for,your pet is very small tho
  7. The Anxient Loyal Player

    So just keep fortify on cool down?
  8. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    I use both. But if I use only one it is totem. I found most heals were not helping keep brick alive, not using enough npc heals. But truthfully probably a 50/50 thing. If you are going to only want use one test a few times see whay works for you better
  9. The Anxient Loyal Player

    I have tried both. I feel like I have to be doing something wrong. I just feel squisher with earth than the other tank powers I have used.
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  10. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    Not sure what tank powers you have used. Earth to me is a little different then the others. Very important to have brick out. He will help your survivability. But I find earth tanking is much more suited for kite style tanking. And if you are running elite don't get stuck jackhammering (if you are using JH).
    JH in all regular content is fine.
    Give earth tanking some time it is a great tank, but a different style then most of the other tanks.
    If you are feeling squishy. Try this as a loadout.
    Gemstone, totem or fortify, epicenter or earthen grip, Hard light shield, brick, JH incase brick dies or Soothing Sands.
    I found using HL shield as a good personal crutch as I was learning. Gave me added sense of security.
  11. The Anxient Loyal Player

    I have ran atomic, ice, and rage. Earth so far just seems to be much more healer dependant than the other 3.
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  12. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    Atomic is totally different, i did not like rage, ice is a great tank anyways reminds me of old school PvP.
    Yes it is probably more healer dependent then those. Similar to ice but not as many shields. Healers dont think about healing brick as well as healing you. If you notice brick is going down a lot ask the healer to throw more Hots. Heals can't see bricks health and he is the key. Stick with it i think you will like it. Talked a friend of mine to switch his rage tank who has soloed ZooE to earth. He loves it but took him awhile to get used to it.
    Best of luck and enjoy.
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  13. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I use both Totem and Fortify, SS, Gemstone and EG.
  14. 6ix9ine Well-Known Player

    Earth dps best melee loadout and rotation?
  15. Shago1594 Active Player

    are there any good Petless DPS loadouts? does heat vision work?
  16. L T Devoted Player

    I never use a pet with Earth-- I find the power drain pets now add isn't worth it.

    Pebble Blast - Unstoppable - Jackhammer - sandblast or debris field - gemstone shield - Entomb

    I find the shield is more valuable than a second Dot. Swap upheaval in for pebble when there's lots of adds, or when you can't always Melee.
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  17. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    So I have recently switched to earth and found a tank loadout I really like so thought I’d share it in his thread. Maybe it would revitalize the thread haha.

    Loadout is: epicenter, unstoppable/fortify golem, gem stone shield, earthen grip, brick, pheromone bloom (iconic sc)
    Artifacts: manacles of force, eye of Gemini, mageddon (haven’t leveled my refractor).

    I wanted to test out if eye of Gemini also healed brick or if it only heals players. It does indeed heal brick. Yesterday with fast testing I saw ticks of 3k heals to brick. I’ll have to double check today when I get home. Also, between unstoppable and Gemini sc regen I was able to keep Gemini up almost full time. I’m still testing unstoppable and fortify golem to see which is better overall. I must say that I am loving this set up.
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  18. Avarrah New Player

    I have been lvling my EoG since I seen ur post I plan to use perfect poise for SC but anything to keep brick up is a plus.
  19. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    What are you currently using for your artifact and loadout?
  20. Avarrah New Player

    RN EoG isn't high enough I use Manacles, Distul, and Laz water

    LO is Grip-epicenter-Fort-Gemstone-HLS-Brick

    I have a Aftershock build but I mostly aim for elites