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  1. Hanlower New Player

    Stats Revamp - Earth
    Please use this thread to discuss your testing results of the Earth power set.

    Overall Updates
    All abilities have had their costs, cooldowns, AOE sizes, and throughput rebalanced to Stats Revamp standards. Not much has changed in regards to function!
    All Combo abilities now cost power for the initial cast and the additional combo hits, ultimately improving their overall output!
    Notable Ability Changes
    Gemstone Shield's full shield duration is 12 seconds, up from 6 seconds
    Reinforce is now a standard Weapon Attack Buff
    Unstoppable is now a standard Supercharge generator

    This is straight off the 1.5 earth revamp page. It's not a big deal. Your post was good. It's good to see some feedback. Earth Players have been quiet. I'm trying out the nvb that you suggested. The earthquake super is so boring.. I miss speed drain.
  2. Hanlower New Player

    Fortify is also useful when your target moves out of range or you have to move. You can pop it in the run.
  3. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Ok let me clear this up because your having trouble. When you have the reinforce head mod and cast reinforce you get both a weapon attack buff from reinforce and a 2 percent attack crit chance. Yes the weapon buff is useless in pfft but the crit chance from the mod is for both weapon and powers.
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  4. Hanlower New Player

    My bad Elf.. I see what you're sayin now. You guys think the mod still works like that or do you think they didn't update the mod tooltip?
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Did everyone go for PftT? I thought I would try weapon DPS with DF, Reinforce, TB, Crystal, FG and Entomb. I chose Staff as my weapon. Did Oly with a similarly geared Nature player and topped them. Did GoMr and didn't fare quite as good. Partly because I was relying on melee attacks and we had Arges for first boss so I had to use range weapon combos. 2nd fight couldn't melee much and I ended up getting knocked out after the person who went to pick me up got stoned. Last fight I felt a bit limited because i could pick 2 snakes close together but my melee attacks only affected one. I feel with positioning an AS loadout probably would have worked better.
  6. OhSicks Well-Known Player

    I have an armory setup for playing around with a weaponized DPS. I have it currently setup wrong in that I chose a weapon that I generally play better with 1on1. So it does great DPS in narrow situations, but in aoe and open area with multiple mobs it sucks. I am thinking it may become my 1on1 PVP armory though. Pretty much a Crystal, Rumblecrush and buffs/shields loadout.
  7. Skelter Helter Well-Known Player

    I remember reading an earlier build for Earth during the revamp that having Crystal out lowers your power regain. Is this still the deal?

    Debating rather or not I should bother with her.
  8. Lacedog Loyal Player

    It's either when the pet is out or when you use fortify golem, I forget which one. I don't mess with any of the pets so I don't remember off the top of my head. It's in the description though. While not perfect, they really have done a better job of the power descriptions than any other time I can remember.
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  9. Skelter Helter Well-Known Player

    I just checked and your totally right, it's when ever you're in combat with Crystal. Heh, feel pretty dumb not simply reading the description, had no idea they changed it. Thanks.
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  10. Cacca Well-Known Player

    I ditched the crystal for now. Also running PffT all week
  11. ShadoRaven Well-Known Player

    Any advice on how to spec and mod for tanking now post-revamp? Is dom the way to go or spread it out between dom and health? Do all roles spec pretty much the same now regardless of power or is there still difference depending on power set? (for example would earth need health and rage need more dominance or everyone needs dom now).
  12. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I have enough skill points to max dominance and stick about 30ish into health. I'm still catching up on gear, but when I do, I'm going to mod mostly dom+health. Since there is no defense cap anymore, I say stack that baby up as high as you can. And health is always a good thing.

    I believe each tank still has a different way to spec, but I have only tried earth since the revamp.
  13. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    I would do what lace is doing if i were still earth...

    I know with atomic... im going dom/might in purples and blues and dom power in one yellow might power in the other...

    Ice fire and rage however i have no idea where those are at anymore... ice i used to just stack dom health... but I know for a while people were putting resto in so im lost on that one
  14. ShadoRaven Well-Known Player

    Thanks Lace and jp ... really appreciate all of you who are testing things out since work schedule doesn't allow much playtime atm.
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  15. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    This has nothing to do with what im quoting thats why i removed the quote but just wanted it to hit your notifications...

    But i tested earth out last night for a little while...

    I tested brick

    Then jack hammer

    For brick the only difference i noticed between it and jack hammer is i had more free movement i wasnt having to pop powers as much although this makes it to where you'd want to battle tank as a precision based character which is all well and good but brick is very boring to start off with ..and i can see him in the harder raids having more of a struggle to stay alive... i only tried it out in gates as my character isnt very high on sp... brick didnt have trouble dying but i can see him being overwhelmed pretty fast....

    Jack hammer tanking doesnt seem so bad... although i do feel like the old way i was much more durable mind you i had to be blocking the entire time...

    But reading the powers and the tank description am i not as vulnerable to damage while im jackhammering or is it that the more i jack hammer the longer my stone skin will last?...

    Either way i liked the jack hammer way better it was much more fun ... although i gotta say i hate the earthen grip over low pressure... low pressure is way better when it comes to add pulls that cone really needs to be widen on earthen grip... otherwise thats the one i would use for everything grip looks so much cooler

    But ill still hit you up in game it does feel slightly squiishier though i dont know why stone skin doesnt just do what absorption used to do ... while in block just dont make us block is all.. it wouldnt be too op... we literally were already doing it haha
  16. Lacedog Loyal Player

    The only things that changed from how I used to earth tank is I now use envelop as the oh **** SC, it definitely helped me out in tough spots. I also am attacking with 2H with only the 3-hold combo. It helps crowd control and also maintain my hit counter. I always aftershock jackhammer 3 times, it does make stone skin last longer, I haven't timed it out but I believe it's the same 18(?) seconds it was before. Counter/block when needed. I'm just not a fan of the pets. I never will be. I am sure they both work fine now, but I thoroughly enjoy attacking while tanking and using jackhammer for damage.
  17. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    Do you go hybrid focus ? Or super powered

    On atomic I get away with super powered it's actually better for me

    But earth I went hybrid

    I got all dig crits and put100 in dom the rest in health which is only like 13 points

    It's funny you said envelope I put it on my loadoutnlast night and liked it

    I dropped earthen grip low pressure is still superior

    I have brawling I do the theee hold back fist and it helps my power bar and with damage.

    That's what I'm doing I think when it comes to mods I'll put precision and dom in blues and reds and dom power in yellows as I'd rather battle tank

    For the most part I don't see what he was struggling with still ran more stuff last night everything felt. Right
  18. Lacedog Loyal Player

    I do hybrid for the extra stats and weapon power regen. But yeah, like you said, it feels fine. I'm sure you're friend will be fine too.

    *edit- maybe make sure he's using the right neck mod? That would make a big difference in play style.
  19. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    He was on tonight ... hes using the fortified assault neck mod.. but i know what the real problem is now... he just wants to turtle tank thats the root of it.. he said if its gonna be like this he might just go fire or atomic
  20. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Ahh. Word. Yeah if he's going to play, may as well pick whatever makes him happy.