A Glitch that should win a Feat!

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  1. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Hey guys....
    Well since I started playing at the game's Release I had heard of the glitch where you can get out into the space Outside the watchtower
    When I first read about it I tried like mad to pull it off but could Never Get it to happen for me.
    Tonight I reached the stars by accident and I don't think I've ever had a cooler experience
    I mean, Beating Brainiac's Dear-tick from Hell inside the Daily Planet Was Cool!
    Then Saving Superman and Getting My Justice League Emblem Was Very Cool
    And Finally! Getting into the Hall of Heroes to hangout with the Trinity was Mega Cool
    But There is nothing in this game as cool as getting to look out over the watchtower from above!
    All along the Watchtower takes on a whole new meaning!
    Plus I altered My character to resembler my true self and suddenly It's Hi Mom! I'm a Space Cadet!
    aaaaaaaaannnndddd.......I'm back! I flew down to sit on top of the main hub and instead I found myself inside the Hall of Heroes .......
    (I wonder if that would work for the un-initiated players who hadn't made league status yet?)
    Personally I feel that while it's an unintended glitch, I think that it's cool enough to be recognized as a feat when it's achieved
  2. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Anyone using a PS3 n traveling at super speed can end up in space ,
    Now try the lil boh hospital area , end up under ground , u can annoy bizzaro n he can't touch u
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  3. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    So interesting Note
    I decided to follow up on my experience last night and see how a character who was not yet lvl30 would re-enter the watchtower from s
    space using the power dive trick (It landed GD inside the Hall of Heroes but as he was a fully authorized member of the Justice League that was only interesting...Not really "remarkable")
    My secondary character is Blonde Banshee who is as of right now only lvl 13
    and here she is in the Hall of Heroes
    (Interesting Note number 2: If you are not an authorized Leaguer the trinity will NOT interact with you)
    here's Banshee in Her secondary look (Black Canary inspired)
  4. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Have been in both the Hero and Villain 'inner sanctum', and that characters' mentor did talk to them (even if it was simply the equivalent of "I have nothing to say to you right now", like any other NPC if you are either too low or have completed their missions already), maybe it's because the game still considers you outside of the station