A Fresh time to reflect [Progress feedback from a 5 year player]

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  1. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Couldn't agree more, especially about elite gear.

    What this game still seems to not get (and this is a personal opinion), is that not everything should be for everyone.

    What gives that good "real world" feeling to good MMOs is that not everyone is the same, that chance of stumbling into that legendary guy carryng the legendary stuff that makes you go "WHOA!" and the chance to stumble with you average adventurer who is WORKING his way up into legendaryhood(if that's even a word), that chance of finding some guy with maybe not the best armor, but the skill and timing to make the best out of what he has, the chance of finding someone who has an unortodox approach to his powers, etc.

    In short, diversity is what makes a good MMO, that differentiation amongst players and that feeling of "quest", striving to become better and obtain the better gear. To me, current DCUO feels like a chore, not only are things easy, you dont even get rewards for the time, it's random, feels like opening boxes on a conveyor belt looking for the price while going "nope, nope, nope, yup, nope, nope, nope".

    And that's probably ok for normal gear, but elite runs not only SHOULD be elite, they should have at least a guaranteed elite piece at the FINAL fight, but it should be the kind of fight that makes you earn it, that makes you assemble the best possible team and head into a fight that you know it's going to be a hell of a fight and that, should you suceed, will reward you with something that makes you feel rewarded.

    Nowadays elite has two modes:
    1) the pug mode: usually one or more ppl will be clueless and looking to get the free gear, chances of failure and rage quits.
    2) the league run: It will be hardly distinguishable from the normal version and will end up feeling like repeatedly and tediously throwing a dice to see if the piece will finally drop.

    Anyway, that's my "i agree" rant :p
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  2. Backseid Devoted Player

    You're nescience on Solo content and MMO's makes me not want to read further... but I will since I know it's a popular misconception in the consol generation...
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  3. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    If you think about it really the progression now compared to back then it kinda a slap in the face. I mean for most of use vets it took like 5 years to get here and for some people playing a few's to match you it kinda annoying not going to lie...lol.
  4. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I know people who just started playing a month ago already gotten 150 SP while at the highest current CR...so they say....I mean its possible to do that...but still...
  5. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Great post, proxy. I hope the devs actually take the time to read it. It's disheartening as of lately to see so many members of the community take time out to explain the real issues that most of us agree with and get ignored. I love this game, but it's draining me with all the changes. It's now a love/hate relationship, and those never last long. We need ppl who actually play this game everyday, grinding with everyone else to actually have a part in what changes are made.

    Like crappy recently posting about what changes would be best for nature/electric updates.. yet I have this feeling they won't listen to him. The changes will be made and they'll be made by someone who hasn't played these powers for years and knows them in and out.

    I invest in this game heavily, maybe that's my problem right there. If I didn't throw money at this game, I probably wouldn't care about the changes.. I'd just move on to another game. Everyone has a breaking point and I've seen huge active leagues demolished over it.

    One thing monthly content has been good for is making ppl log in more frequently, some ppl we thought were gone for good. But the best gear in vendor requests spawned this crafting best gear concept.. which seemed like a neat idea until we all realized that u will never farm enough scraps to do so in a 3 month cycle. A huge fail. OP items are now attainable, yet what good are they actually doing if cr is more important than stats? We are told that will change.. but when? The game is full of bugs that haven't been fixed for over a year, so I'm confused as to when they will find the time and resources to do all this other stuff.

    Ehh.. I'm done ranting. Thanks for your well thought out post!
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  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Even though this is an MMO, there needs to be solo dailies as all successful ones have them because filler content keeps your characters playing. All other points in the OP statement are spot on but even then those changes won't fix dcuo.
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  7. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player


    You have your opinions and I have mine.

    I agree with some of your thoughts and others I just simply don't care for as the game is designed for players who want to spend more than the monthly sub pricing to enjoy what the developers deliver to us each month. And for me it is not worth that extra each month.

    I know DCUO is not like other MMO where a majority of the revenue comes form MP purchases and it is a shame that DBG has not invested into giving us better MP item, because if the this game actually had some good MP items, we could see the removal or change to RB.

    I logged in last night. Saw a league mate who hasn't been on for 3 months. Go with him and another league mate and we went into BN. However, the league mate that has been away for 3 months had some connection issues so after waiting 5 minutes I left the group. After that, I helped two different league mates each get a feat and than I logged off.

    I knew it was reset day and I did not care. I am not sure if I will log into tonight. I may just play ESO.

    I cancelled my $30 reoccuring sub.

    I hope T8 bring something good to the table. If, than next week might be my last. I will probably log on to chat to league mates and help them with feats but otherwise I don't care enough to continue subbing and paying for a sub when content is not fully engaging or a decent challenge due to the gear progression coming from content.

    Also, content difficulty is not based on dropped gear CR but vendor gear CR.
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  8. biggiedarkghost Active Player

    (Not accusing you of it) But just pointing out the facts of, thats why the game is sinking for those exact reasons.

    And the truth of the matter is really quite simple....
    Hard Work = Success - And further more people appreciate and respect things more, the harder it takes for you to achieve something and its also way more rewarding.
    Problem here is that a large majority of NEW players dont wanna do the hard work to be a great player, they just wanna get to the top so they can go around CLAIMING that they are a great player, when truthfully they arent! Any top notch player/league knows this principal.

    And here lies the problem with this game which gets supported by the dev's, is that they are trying to get the NEW player base to be at the same high level to the HIGH level player base, which is never ever going to work. And the majority not all, but the VAST majority like 80% of the new players, dont want to put in the hard work to be good, they just wanna be at the top cr and nothing else matters, like example learning battle mechanics, content mechanics, etc.

    When anyone puts blood, sweat and tears to be at the ELITE level, then the dev's come in and turn the game around to cater for those newbies, then how do you think it makes us ELITE players feel? Ill tell ya, it feels like a kick in the guts.
    Its like the dev's saying to us ELITE or TOP LEVEL players, we dont care about the amount of time and effort you put in to be that great, we will design the game in a way that any NEW player can get to that level to they can play at that level.

    Inspite of that, with that thinking mentality like you mentioned above, is only a quick $$ solution for their wallets and making the game worse, which in turn depreciates the game and when you really think about it in the long term, what makes more sense, learning from the top players knowing the hard ache, aggravation, etc. that they had to go through to get there, or learning from top players that cheated their way there?

    I know when i first started i wanted to learn EVERYTHING about the game, CR wasnt even on my TO DO LIST at all, but now over the past year or so, all the new players i see come in, all they care about is getting to the highest CR and thats it.

    Cause what makes a game survive are the veterans of the game, what cripples a games are the newbies that think they can be at the same level stat wise, but lack the knowledge and wisdom to earn that right or status.

    And being a leader for many many years in this game, i can tell you right now that DCUO makes there $$$ income stream a lot more solid with the old veterans of the game, then the quick buck newbies.

    There is saying in business and im sure many people around here know this and it goes like this;
    "Easy come and easy go"
    Meaning the easier they make the game for its new members, just to make those quick dollars, the members leave just as quick and so does the $$$.

    The only answer i can come up with is, they want quantity over quality!
    And its the same argument between ppl like me and the dev's all the time, the integrity of the game survives when the quality is there, and so far and anyone thats been here since 2010 will tell you, whats changed since then till now, is the QUALITY of players.
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  9. biggiedarkghost Active Player

    LOL, i uninstalled the game like a month or 2 ago, still waiting for an urge to reinstall it, so far cant find a reason or urge 2.
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  10. biggiedarkghost Active Player


    All the new content is doing is making the game more stupid, i remember back in the days where we didnt have 90% of all this BS crap that they are implimenting now, and i would have to wait about almost 30sec to a min on ave to login, cause the que time was so high because back then it was so populated.
    I could click on any members name in the list and continually keep changing phases all day, thats how populated it was and the latest thing out, back then was the HL DLC.

    We all played before because we enjoyed the challenges, but now after the OC DLC, well its dropped down and continually keep dropping.

    and the more pathetic crap that they keep implimenting and trying to convince you all its for the greater good, thats why i had to leave the game.

    2010 - 2014 were the best years of the game
  11. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Yea i got a post deleted yesterday for voicing frustration lol 1st time for me. Truth hurts sometimes, I guess.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha, I'm not a console player if that helps, it's just something we're going to have to "agree to disagree on" :D
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  13. Proxystar #Perception

    I see this statement made a lot "with all the players at end game". I'm sure I saw data from the census that showed "end game" players is actually quite a significantly low number.

    whether or not the 16million other players are active or alts I guess is the critical question and one we'll never know.
  14. Backseid Devoted Player

    Well, I've never seen an MMORPG that basically ignores Solo and Daily content as much as this game now does.

    I mean :eek: it goes against the entire point of an RPG. You and your character!

    I guess someday someone will look at our population numbers and start piecing together why...
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  15. Backseid Devoted Player

    As games get older, more n more of the majority are at end game. This is due to two prime reasons.

    1. Less new people coming in. The games old n out dated and or people are less likely to wanna start from the beginning in an MMO that's been out for a while.

    2. The Devs (and this goes for all games) start making it easier n faster to reach end game, due to reason number one.
  16. Backseid Devoted Player

    Which WILL bite them in the patooty eventually. You can only squeeze so much out of a few people.

    I gotta believe there profits are the worst yet right now.
  17. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    I'm all for difficult content. It's not my cup of tea, but more power to you if it's yours.

    You should be adequately rewarded for completing it. That's a no brainier.

    The problem (in my view) is the size of the reward. Given' the DCUO's community to want max CR for new content a day or three after said content is released, I'm not sure people can be trusted not to use something with a significant boost for anything other than exclusion and segregation.

    On the flip side, if there was no significant boost from gear from super-duper hard content, the forums would be swamped with complaints.
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Agreed, that's why you make the "seperation" insignificant enough to make a difference but enough to give the elite players that special something.

    elite gear doesn't need to be higher in item level or even stats, just the elite bonuses would be enough and the exclusive style.

    People will know who the "elite" are by the fact they're running around with glowing gear.

    That way "stat boosts" are kept to a minimum and the ego stroking can be kept to an aesthetic apperance.