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  1. Feenicks New Player

    L33Ts give me headaches.
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  2. OGM_Madness New Player

    I would hate if the Devs bring back grindy feats like 500 CC Bounties or 1000 Duos, etc. Lately, I just run A&B, Nexus & Dox, as those are the best content DCUO has at the moment. I do these raids loot locked and only to help mates. I have 4 toons, and usually during the weekends I get the loot with all of them. After that, I complete my league's groups as a Wildcard (I have 4 toons, each one can DPS or Tank, Heal or Troll).

    I really like that they will put more emphasis on Raids, but hate the changes they are doing to the core mechanics.
  3. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Ya I only had 76 sp's at the time and 85 gear but I loved tanking dox. As a tank it made you feel useful in a raid for once instead of a punching bag that pulls.

    No other role really determined if a raid was gonna pass or fail. I was nervous when I first started since I hate being the weak link in the raid and I hate failing. Ya I've been kicked from DOX/Nexus when they first came out but that was a learning experience for me and it made me a better tank overall.

    No other raid made a tank as useful and DOX/Nexus did and I hope the devs read this post and make an other raid similar to what we had.
  4. Feenicks New Player

    If you're talking about Weapon Mastery, yeah, I'm on the fence with that one. But from what I understand you won't have to spec into it. I hated the feat unlocks.....HATED!!!!......but it's set up to where I don't have to do them. And I won't. If Weapon Mastery is a bust for me (me personally.....I understand many see it as an up) I won't be speccing into it.
  5. Dj_T New Player

    L33Ts dont alter whats giving to them.
  6. Feenicks New Player

    I'm not sure I understand. Clarify, please?
  7. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    i have 5 tier 5 toons ... no need to replay... but you have to admit since may 8 2013 till now over 10 months later we've had OC and trigon and war of the light DLC and for that content i only care of the 8 man raids and ops which we only got 3 of them since then and not to go on a rant but if i point out the obvious i've been legedary this entire time and with power repect tokens i would estimate i've spent nearly $300 on DC over this span .... now i have to ask myself did i get my money worth and i really do have a hard time saying yes
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  8. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    An important thing to note for those who would accuse the developers of lying about subscription numbers. SONY is a publicly traded company, and misinformation about revenue, or subscriptions would be a violation of securities laws. I'm more inclined to believe someone on the payroll of the company with a legal stake in the fire, than I am a disgruntled superhero.
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  9. Dj_T New Player

    L33ts dont alter (Whats giving) to them especially gameplay.
  10. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    to me honestly i think DC needs to meet date rather than dragging us on or let the community more aware of an exact timetable .... it probably wouldn't be marketable to do so but to not hear whispers from the community when we can hear it from the horses mouth.... for what its worth the amount of money that this game makes it doesn't seem to be producing content in a timely fashion and i think thats an internal issue ... to be honest after i've seen the last year of how this game has been handled i can see me haning up the helmet and boots soon to explore other games ... DC always disappoints constantly and at some point i got to ask myself do they deserve my support ... and on a Thursday (reset day) i can say it's just not that exciting i ran Epic Odd feat maybe 5 (lootlocked) times last week and PVPed so much about to get my second Elemental android suit on my other toon and after that imma get it on another toon because what is there to do ? i do not have as many SP as you but at over 140 the diminishing returns and with the ridiculous stats increases per tier making SP's mean a lot less IMO
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  11. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Love how the players have absolutely no responsibility to take care of their actions. Ugh. Actions have consequences. No one is forced to use replays, you choose to use them/buy them. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
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  12. Cadens Dedicated Player

    This is like saying you wont push the red button in the center of a circular room, simply because someone told you not to.

    If the option is there, people are going to use it. End of story.
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  13. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Yeah, and when you do, consequences happen.

    You can push the button, but you probably shouldn't because of x reason. If you don't want x reason to happen, don't push the button. How about, people should take responsibility for their actions.

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  14. not_again Dedicated Player

    Not sure why replays are the blame for lack of content. I have replayed A&B three times (which is 3 times to many and I am ashamed, but I did not buy extra they were part of the perks for being legendary). Currently on raid reset day I beat Nexus, Dox, and A&B in under an hour. That has nothing to do with replay badges. I have finished all the feats in WOTL, OC, and just a few primeval demons away from finishing SOT feats. I also only play for a hour or so a day and sparingly on the weekends and consider myself more casual then hardcore.
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  15. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    That's something an elitists aka "L33T" would say!

    Lol jk but I feel you.
  16. Cadens Dedicated Player

    Consequences? Like not paying for the game? Thats not my consequence, that is theirs. So to "fix" this issue, they put MORE ways into the game to make up for their lack of content. Their answer? Giving alts the same amount of skillpoints for, you guessed it, replay badges. This entire game revolves around replay badges, new powers to making people spend 10 dollars, and then impending nerfs to said class, to get another 10 dollars.

    This is also the motive for making raids easier. If you can't beat a raid, you surely arent going to reset it. Therefore, making them easy = resets. Listening to players whine about how difficult dox was made me laugh. I knew they would nerf it because in the end, people weren't resetting it as much as they should.

    Think about it. Say 1000 people run Dox, and beat it. There is a HUGE likelihood that they will want to run it again in said week. Each of them will spend replay badges giving SOE an instant money grab upwards of 2 dollars per person. They instantly make 2000 dollars simply by making the raid easier. This is only given 1000 players resetting the raid.

    To make it simple - Replay badges run this game. Making a raid too difficult means less replay. Look at A&B. This is a culmination of this mentality. We beat that on the first night it was out, in 88 gear (some of which still didn't have full 88). Why was this so easy without having the new gear? Simple. They are betting on the fact that people will replay this because better loot was dropping in the operation, than anywhere in the game. Then the onset of replay badges for feat points, and you have yourself a nice little money circle for all of your alts too since they will not be on par with your main.
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  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    People I know stop playing wave because the drops were crap
  18. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Who is forcing you to change your power type?

    Who is forcing you do buy replay badges?

    Who is forcing you do spend replay badges on SP/raids?

    Raids are "easier " now because OC caused many people to leave the game due to "the Devs catering to the super elite" which is silly.

    To be honest, I don't even know why you are upset anymore, you refuse to take responsibility for your own actions and blame the Devs for doing their job. Which, in case you didn't know, is to make money for this game, so they can continue to have a job.
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  19. Feenicks New Player

    This is, after all, a business. They found a way to make more of a profit. Can't really fault them for that. Personally I use very little replays. But then that's me. Don't want to burn through content to the point it gets boring.
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  20. Feenicks New Player

    Quoted for truth! :)
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