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  1. DC-Doll New Player

    I used to feel the same way until I saw the numbers. Apparantly Sony is 100 some odd BILLION in debt. No joke, no lie. They need money. They're just going about it the wrong way, and imho, Weapon Mastery seems "Neat". No more, no less. There are much better things that they could.do.for this game. I don't see it being the apocalypse of DCUO, but I don't think it's such the be all to end all that the devs think it will.

    Since this post is addressed to Spytle however,
    Jens, I found an old video of you on youtube the other day talking about DCUO before it came out. You could turn people into blocks of Ice if you were Ice power and move them around and Doomsday was roaming Metropolis. You were EXCITED about this game, and I was EXCITED. To put it bluntly, that's the Spytle I want working on this game. I honestly woulda had a beer with you (And I don't even drink.) The way you spoke, it seemed as if anything was going to be possible in DCUO. What happened? I want that Spytles back working on this game please.
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  2. Ghostof91 New Player

    That Spytle was a god in his own right.
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  3. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    Link, please!
    Sounds fantastic!

    Although I think we've spat on Spytle and his work so much he can't help be a little less excited.
    (we as in the players and the posters on the forums.)
    For the most part, IMO, Spytle (and all the devs) has tried to give us what we have asked for.

    And, I agree, I want an excited Spytle working on the game again!

    So, sorry we're such ****s, Spytle.
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  4. DC-Doll New Player

    I think I searched "Sony Online Entertainment. cant remember, but yeah.
  5. Fruity Reaper New Player

    Ah those that cry nerf would just be heavily mocked and told to stump up and buy the mod themselves as there is already one that exists that prevents interruption for select powers anyway so cannot see why weapons will be any different. ;)
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  6. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    Guess we shall see I just want for once something to be added without someone or pvpers crying and just adapt
  7. Fruity Reaper New Player

    Me too but with this community even if the devs dropped 500k cash on each player someone would still cry and call nerf ;)
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  8. Davon (Crisis Core) Well-Known Player

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  9. Dump Truck New Player

    After so many changes to the combat... slowing it down considerably as block will be the new OP move... I don't see myself playing DCUO when Amazon Fury hits.
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  10. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    First, as a day one player, I understand your sentiment but I just think we misjudge our importance to SOE regarding our “loyalty” to DCUO plus there isn’t even a consensus amongst veterans regarding the direction of DCUO.

    Second, people are sorely mistaken if they think the transition away from the PS3 is going to be easy or quick. There are still WAY more PS3 out there than PS4s and removing it from that platform at any point in the near future just for performance issues would be the same as removing it from the PS3 and making the game a PC only a couple months ago.

    Third, while catering to new players at the expense of veterans have doesn’t seem like a good decision, you have to factor in the business model of DCUO. Micro transactions have changed the game, it is no longer about keeping people subscribed for the lifetime of the game, having tens of thousands of people come in and spend cash for 6 months is more important than having thousands of players stay for the entire time.

    In the end, I’m not saying there’s no hope for DCUO to be the game we want it to be. But if you’ve been here from day one, you’ve seen the change in the direction of this game from its business model to its content design.

    This gives us perspective and while we still have grand expectations for DCUO, we need to temper them so that we are able to make effective changes to DCUO instead of setting ourselves up for disappointment from expectations that a way beyond what DCUO is or will be.
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  11. BumblingB I got better.

    Why aren't you PC anymore?!
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  12. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Only thing i can say here is what ive said before.

    The game is still very much so in beta.

    I dont think any other mmo has gone through this many overhauls/changes in such a short amount of time.

    PVP revamp , PVE changes , Graphics , level 1- 30 redone, loot system, league management , skill points , combat system , etc , from what i know these are all things that are usually changed due to feedback during beta testing , not 3 years after the games been launched.

    ALOT of the things being added into the game should have been there from day 1 but are only being introduced now or have been introduced recently.

    Im not sure what SOE are doing , especially adding more and more changes whilst not only so many bugs are yet to be addressed but also the PS3 is already unable to run the game properly.

    Ive excepted DCUO wont be complete anytime soon, especially while the devs are working with such memory restrictions.

    Eveything about it feels very uncertain and unstable at the moment.

    Like i could literally see a gaming website post an article about DCUO being closed down in 6 months and i wouldnt even be surprised.

    The game just needs to settle on a stable course and just add DLC content.

    The worst thing is people think the game is changing too much now , lol imagine when PS3 support is dropped and SOE have all that extra power to work with.

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  13. Cadens Dedicated Player

    I haven't been able to log in for over a month. The last time I logged in, 5 people were online on raid RESET day. Remember when reset day was actually exciting? The issue is simple.

    1. They have no idea what they are doing. Thats completely obvious. They cant balance the powersets, so they put in a new combo system to offset the issue. If they make everyone relatively the same, success will be due to gear! Awesome concept....

    2. Replay badges started this decline. They are simply a money grab and allowed players to race through content quickly, leaving them nothing to do. So to augment this, they added transfer of feat points. Now you can replay even MORE to help them with their money grab. Its a nice cycle. They simply cant put enough content out, so they added the fact that alts share SPs. This will make you want to spend more money keeping them all at the same level.

    3. No content - You hit this one. The DLCs are too small, and too boring to keep interest anymore. They are just a rehash of earlier alerts, with slightly different concepts. The game needs an expansion pack with 5 raids, 5 alerts, 5+ duos, 2 solo missions, and a new power. Leaking out tiny content every 4 months, and basically having people pay to win in this game, has drained the life out of it for me.

    Thankfully, ESO comes out for the PC at the end of the month, and I can stop putting time, effort, and money into this game. :)
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  14. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    Boom. Nailed how I feel 110%
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  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    the wait time screen you see when logging is in no way reflectant on the numbers the devs actually see signed in and subcribed to the game let alone all the micro transactions that are made on a daily basis you are deriving your information off of how a que bar shows you server conjestion as you log in. also your logic is flawed in this way also the simple fact that as servers are added to keep up with demand that que list you are going of off would apear to be smaller as the doorway would be larger making the size of the que drop. your lack of information and making determinations off of that lack makes you seem arrogant and rude. you have no factual numbers just making assumptions were MM who you have been talking too was actually giving you information straight from a DEV's mouth through actuall conversations with them
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  16. Feenicks New Player

    Maybe you don't know the definition of "jaded". And there's been several things about this game I'm disagreed with. Almost had a full blown melt down on feat unlocks! Came close to rage quitting! I've posted well over a thousand posts and, yes, most has been supportive. But not all.
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  17. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    Rushing through content is not a good thing as many have already said. Ive learned even in games that werent MMOs to prepare to make this game fun. This isnt Borderlands 2 but i Made one of each character (6 characters) to the max and i got in soooooooooo many gameplay hours in that game. I hardly EVER GOT BORED. I did the same here and honestly if you are legendary and CAN have 16 toons why the hell not? I made 13 just so i wouldnt be bored. I have rushed content a little here and there partly cuz ive been attempting them with pugs several times already and another i really wanna run the higher tier raids with my league as my many roles i can choose since i have so many alts. I literally switch toons every 2-3 days and i am far from bored. Frustrated at times with things but never bored.

    Im still not high enough to run gates or dox or any of them. Sure i re run these lower Raids and alerts many times as my alts but what has kept me playing is the different powers and roles. Especially when each role requires different ways of playing with the powers you are given. Learning about every tiny aspect of the powers themselves has kept me playing this game thus far. Of course in all fairness some of you have been playing for 3 years and i am like how in God's name did you manage to play the same game for 3 years? Not straight through im sure which most likely what i will do. Play another game after my sub runs out then after i have had my fill of that game i will come
    Back to only resub and enjoy. :3

    The only time i got bored with this game was when i was leveling my toons to 30 and having to play those same missions hero or villain many times. I have played all the mentor missions by myself a several times simply cuz there is only 6 mentors and even playing a slightly different side kept me entertained. However i was only playing DPS which got boring after doing that so long. Not many ppl have the patience i do (or the will to keep myself entertained, that being my drive) as me. Learning every aspect of a power, unbalanced or not i still enjoy learning about them. When i get up there in tiers i may even give the DPS side a chance to learn even more about the DPS abilities of each and every power. Perhaps i am just easily entertained... Maybe its Maybelline?
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  18. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Feats unlock are not even close to a deal breaker in this game since you had to earn them them on one toon.

    I'm saying in general.
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  19. Dj_T New Player

    Man you guys are blind, way to many poeple arent even on the forums to support this and we have to deal with these folks. I wish all the players that are leet came here.
  20. Feenicks New Player

    Feat unlocks damaged an important concept of this game for me. And in general I do support this game. Not seeing "jaded" in that going back to what started this back and forth with you.
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