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  1. Little Sister New Player

    Why are you a PC Villain ?? I want to be friends with you lol
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  2. Feenicks New Player

    I love this game. With the possible exception of feat unlocks (Spytle....back me up here)......I've been nothing but supportive of this game. Not seeing "jaded" in anything I posted.
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  3. not_again Dedicated Player

    Then we agree to disagree. I am on the USPS and feel more like the OP. I see you are on the PC and you may be having an entirely different experience, but thank you for the cordial back and fourth.
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  4. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    Yea, they'd never say anything but good about the population.....saying otherwise is bad business.

    Suspicious how you can't find anything on the net about dcuo subscriber info but most mmos have full reports available daily.
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  5. Chicago Bull New Player

    DCUO is strictly only PS and PC. (It's a Sony product, hence the SOE "Sony Online Entertainment")

    Here to inform.
  6. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Nope. Nothing on the internet about how many people are playing DCUO. ;)


    Now of course, eleven million is certainly not the number of paid subscribers nor it it an accurate indication of how many people regularly spend money on the game - the truth is that SOE has been so reticent to release those kinds of numbers in recent years (good or bad), this admission actually kind of shocked me when they mentioned it last summer. (I also wondered at the time if Captain Liberty got into trouble with the higher-ups at SOE for even mentioning a number).

    But if you take into the account that they have recently been forced to upgrade capacity because the game is continuing to grow across all servers, I'm going to say there are a LOT of people playing this game … and far more than this time last year.
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  7. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Sorry but all you do is say "yes" to everything.

    Nothing wrong with that but that's what I observed on these threads.
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  8. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Lol! I might be getting a ps4 sometime this year :p

    p.s. you're one of the 4-5 people in these forums I almost always agree with :)
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  9. Little Sister New Player

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  10. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    11 million? I call bs. If they had more subs than wow, there would be a lot more coverage of that fact out there than some solitary article.
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  11. Anima Committed Player

    Speak for yourself.
  12. lukelucky Devoted Player

    almost a three year vet and bud almost every long time player i have spoken to since the t4 operations have been unhappy. i also hope you know every single time i see a day one original who has a bat drone or an original batman i get thier opinion
  13. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Well, it depends on your definition - from a certain perspective, everyone that has ever played DCUO is still a subscriber to this day.

    That is the beauty of the F2P model: you can sub for a month or two, play as you like, then take a break for a year, and then come back and your character will still be here and you don't have to pay a dime to pick up where you left off.

    I think that the reason SOE doesn't like releasing numbers like that is because comparisons to other games really are apples and oranges. F2P is a different animal and gauges its success on things other than pure subscriber numbers.

    (Also, as an aside, the article I linked wasn't the only article that covered that announcement - it was all over the MMO 'net last summer and it was kind of a big deal. There were half a dozen threads on these boards discussing it - that's why the number 11,000,000 sticks in my head so easily - though I'm sure we're well past that by now).
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  14. lukelucky Devoted Player

    i hate this ninja looting term. i must say i never really rolled on gear that was any other than the role i was running but i still hate the entitlement of the community. dcuo implemented the rules and loot system. who is anyone to think they can change the rules for thier benefit/ i run all alt roles but i like to dps. prior to this change getting the dps gear was all but impossible sometimes. yes i know run with your league or the other ways to offset it but the simple fact is i pay every month. 30 plus months paid for a game and i am SUPER glad the days of crying ninja looter are over. oolong in the fos raid is always dps but as alt roles getting them was damn near impossible. i know iconic and blah blah blah. the simple fact is unless every single person agreed and obviously they did not then the rules are indeed the rules. this entitlement that its "my gear" drove me crazy, again i honored the implameted rule of this ninja looting but thankfully the loot is now as it is
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  15. Grid Ion Committed Player

    OP has some valid points regarding combat mechanics.
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  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    That population #, really what is that based off of. Is it the number of toons created, or the # of accounts created, because there is no way that 11million accounts that are not f2p. If you include f2p then yes I can agree because of 4.2million ps4 users. But I still dont believe that 11 million accounts. Perhaps 11 million toons
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  17. Zernam New Player

    Feenicks may be a die-hard supporter, but was very not in favor of feat unlocks and posted as much...accepted it since it's here but doesn't like it.
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  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    bud this might be one of my favorite posts ever. great great comments. i have a simple question i ask every one who belly aches about dox. how hard is it to stop what your doing and simply move as soon as the boss looks at you. my nephew is nine and he has ice tanked nexus and he has trolled and healed all three t5 raids. yes i am 102cr but he is 9 and he has only been back on dcuo now all of a week and a half. the last time before this he played was the day the shield was released to dcuo. that morning he saw the sheild tried it for all of a min a then he moved away till two weeks ago.
    worse to some clueless bafoon at dcuo and S.O.E they decided to increase the stats of t5 over t4 so much you can now solo gates. i am also wanting to say thanks as a vet for you slamming the guy getting on a long time player. nexus and dox could of remained relavent but the truth is instead its been turned into a kindergarden raid
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  19. lukelucky Devoted Player

    hey bud dox is this simple. when the boss looks @ u immediately stop and move. i wouldnt call me elite but ill be damn if i woould ever cry nerf. not built that way bud. i am old school and believe when hit with a challange i strive to gain the strength to over come it. not run to the devs my mommy the teacher my boss or anyone else saying its to hard. gunny said he tried to teach people so how can you say he would rather tell you then teach you. every thing in dcuo is recycled in some degree so just like prime dont let the dox bosses face you. if so move. if the burn is not there well simply dont bring back ads from the entrance side.
    bud i will tell you so many players are simply dumb as dirt and simply wont think about the situation they are in. i have no problem telling anyone if you cant figure out nexus or dox at cr 100 when guys like me beat it pre nerf at cr 94 and 95 then they are lacking in skill.
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  20. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    That's 1 thing. Everything else has been yes.
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